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Are you thinking about where to go in Switzerland? Switzerland has beautiful scenery and a small population. The city and the country always look comfortable and quiet, and have a rural charm. There are many medieval buildings in the city, and Gothic and Baroque buildings are particularly eye-catching.

On the Swiss side of the Alps, it is a paradise for skiers. Geneva, Lucerne, Basel, Zurich, Jungfrau, are some of the best places to visit in Switzerland as each place is nostalgic. When you walk through idyllic mountains - dotted with lakes and upholstered green meadows dotted with colorful flowers - riding a luxurious high-speed train, you know that Switzerland has to be among the best countries in the world to visit.

Several Swiss cities have tram networks. And on top of all of that, there are passenger boats crossing many of Switzerland's picturesque lakes. Many train routes are outstandingly scenic. There are mountain passes, deep valleys, rivers, high viaducts, glacier, forests and charming settlements to enjoy from your train.

Swiss public transport fares are expensive. Numerous travel passes provide for more affordable visit. These passes offer complete flexibility, allowing you to travel as you please.

It has one of the best financial systems in the world, pristine cities, modern infrastructure, good job opportunities and a good location in the center of Europe. Among many other things you have an excellent place to live. In fact, many of the Spaniards who left Spain in the 50s and 60s of the last century went to try their luck in Switzerland and remain there (and their descendants).

Despite being in the heart of Europe, Switzerland has always held onto their own unique customs and culture. From yodeling to Alpine horn playing, Switzerland has a distinct identity which is all its own. This country is dominated by its Alpine mountain range, with the imposing Matterhorn having tempted climbers for generations.

Switzerland has a variety of landscapes and not just the Alps. You can enjoy some great Lakes, vineyards, citylife, snow capped mountains, mountains with lush green terrain, excellent hiking trails, forests, waterfalls. So, prioritize.

Of course, Switzerland is also famous for its clocks and watches, and it seems like everything runs on time here. As a solo traveler in Europe you can set your own agenda. Make sure to soak up as much of the atmosphere as you can on your visit. Winter is the best time to travel to Switzerland.

places to visit in Switzerland

Here in this Switzerland travel guide and blog, you can find some unique places to visit in Switzerland and fun things to do this winter.

1. Geneva

Geneva is in the southwest corner of Switzerland, and the largest lake in Switzerland is in its north, also known by its name - Lake Geneva. Geneva is a modern city, but the main attractions are concentrated on the shores of Lake Geneva, which can be visited on foot. The United Nations European headquarters is also here, so it is not only a Swiss city but also a city of the world and is one of the best city to visit in Switzerland.

2. Gruyères

Take a trip to Gruyères, where you will find the incredible H.R. Giger museum. This is no ordinary museum. The creator of the monsters from the Alien movies having designed this place in trademark Gothic style.

Fribourg is built on a canyon wall and the Poo line connects upper Fribourg with lower Fribourg and it is powered by human waste. The passenger cars has sewage tanks in them. The tanks are filled with sewage on top, released and then pulls an sewage-empty passenger car to the top as they descend.

At the bottom, the sewage tank is emptied into a sewer and the car becomes lighter than the passenger car at top that is currently being filled so it ascends and halfway up it meets the passenger car going down.

In the ultimate twist of gourmet mac and cheese, conchiglie pasta is baked in a mixture of Gruyère Surchoix, aged Emmental Swiss, Parmigiano Reggiano imported from Italy, and White Cheddar imported from New Zealand.

3. Montreux

Enjoy riding the Golden Pass panoramic train. Reservation isn't compulsory, just that you cannot sit on a reserved seat. On weekdays the train is usually not crowded. Hence you will get a lot of unreserved seats. You can head off to Montreux, the Swiss riviera, explore the nearby vineyards, and then take this panoramic train from Montreux to Zweisimmen.

The train passes through some picturesque valleys and towns like Saanen, Gstaad. Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, Montreux has a natural romantic atmosphere and is one of the best places in Switzerland. The Chillon Castle on the lake is a model of the Swiss castle. You can boat on the lake, or stroll through the town's old buildings, and breathe its romantic atmosphere.

The mild climate, plenty of sunshine and pleasant temperatures also create a good environment for a road trip to Montreux.

4. Brienz

Located above 3,100 meters, the Brienzer Rothorn is a peak collection, and you can walk through the sculptures surrounding Zermatt and take the Alpine world within one visit. Brienzer Rothorn is famous for adventurers who want challenging hikes and see the Alpine peaks.

You can go through the trails and paraglide if you're going to take your experience to the next level. Unique with adventures, you can take the skiing pistes and get to enjoy fun activities.

5. Ascona

Among all those small towns in Europe where jazz rhymes with summer, Ascona is usually the first and the best place in Switzerland. And your postcard is enviable. Imagine this cocktail: Lake Maggiore, summery mountains, good music, festive atmosphere but without lag and that intergenerational cultural halo that surrounds this musical genre.

Oh! And a last incentive: the scenes that are mounted in Locarno and that invite to visit, also, this city.

6. Lugano

Lugano is the largest city in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland, and it also has the casual, romantic and warm Italian atmosphere. The southernmost city in bohemian Switzerland has some colourful markets of the world, unique antique shops, a small park by the lake and the best places to tent in Switzerland. There are no unique attractions in the mountains and lakes, staggered alleys, and the whole city is a famous painting.

7. Lucerne

The Luzern lake, fresco-adorned historic houses, art gallery, the old town are all amazing places for a leisurely walk. Mt. Rigi is one of the best short trips from Luzern. It has hiking trails, breathtaking views of the snowy mountain tops, adventure sports and is accessible through the most ancient Cogwheel train in Europe.

Take the SOB train from Wädenswil which goes via Biberbrugg for some of the enchanting views! Explore the city, take a boat ride in lake Lucerne and head off to Mt. Rigi to get the Swiss Alps feeling. If skiing is not the main purpose of your visit to Switzerland, presumably you are coming to enjoy the architecture of the Middle Ages and the laid-back idyllic scenery.

You can see beautiful fields, charming country roads, magnificent snow-capped mountains, old towns. The HTMi, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute is located in the small town of Somberg in the Canton of Lucerne.

8. Zurich

Zurich enjoys the reputation of being the richest city in Europe, European millionaire city and financial center. Not only that, but the environment, the architecture, the culture, the atmosphere of life here exudes a unique charm. There are mountains and lakes, and there are lights and hustle and bustle.

Zurich's city center, the toboggan runs for the playful and has spa with outdoor hot tubs for relaxation. Top it with a day trip to Grindelwald and Interlaken, a mix of spectacular scenery and shops with handcrafts.

9. Basel

This city is beautiful and full of life, but at the same time very calming. There isn’t much noise or anything in particular that could disturb your inner peace. Midnight walk around city is definitely a must. But the real beauty of the place is when you are standing at one of the bridges that are made on river Rhine and watching the sun going down.

Basel is located at the junction of the Rhine Bay and Germany and France. It is the most important transportation hub connecting France, Germany and Switzerland. The highways of the three countries meet here. The city retains the characteristics of the German-speaking city, and the combination of modern and classical is perfect and very orderly. And here is the birthplace of King Federer.

It's a cute little city which is not too crowded or too lonely either. When Fasnacht parade is around the corner, whole of the city gets decorated around the same theme. Big handmade masks features at every shop.

10. Bern

Bern is in the Bernese Oberland, surrounded by the Swiss Alps and the Aare Rive. The capital looks least like a capital. In the streets and alleys of the city, you can feel the warmth of the country and the elegance of the nobles. There are many street springs in the streets of the city of Bern. So Bern is also known as the spring city.

Ride the nostalgic two-person chairlift up the mountain from the village. The chairlift has wooden seats and grey canvass curtain attached to the side that is used to protect you from cold crosswind, rain or snow. The chairs, not mounted conventionally straight, are mounted sideways on the cable so on you have a wonderful wide view of the mountains on your journey.

On a chilly day, you can grab a classic Swiss wool blanket before boarding and drape it across your legs. Just getting to the top of the mountain is a joyful experience in itself. In winter you can go up the lake for snowy walks and race down the steep 3.5 km sled run (Tobogganing) back to the village.

11. Kandersteg

Oeschinensee can be found in the Bernese Alpine village of Kandersteg, Switzerland. The lake is a magical retreat away from everyday life. Lake Blausee is a romantic and pretty forest lake of an intensely blue colour which gives it the name: Blue Lake. A paved path leads from the gift shop at the entrance down to the lake through a thick forest. Quickly, the striking blue lake appears and and will amaze you you with its beauty.

There is a five-lift small family friendly ski area in Kandersteg. In summer, you can fulfill your need for speed on the Rodelbahn. It is a fun 750 m long Summer Sled Run down the side of the mountain. Once the snow melts the hiking trails open and offer a slower pace of fun to take in all the fresh air high in the mountains. Adventurous hikers can climb high above the lake on one of the many trails and visit one of the Swiss Mountain huts.

The lake is always a magnet for a full day’s fun. There is a lodge alongside the lake (Berghotel Oeschinensee) where it’s possible to spend the night. In winter, you can have coffee and apple strudel on the open outdoor deck overlooking the snow-covered lake. With backpacks filled with food and wood hike to the back side of the lake where you can have a BBQ picnic on an open fire.

You have to pack in your own wood if you want a fire. On the back side of the lake is a small, but tall, icy cold glacier water waterfall that is possible to stand under and let the water soak you like a rain shower. At the hotel go down to the dock and rent row boat to experience the alpine views from a whole new angle.

Ride the railway (car train) through the mountain tunnel to the valley on the other side. You can head south to visit Zermatt or go glacier hiking at Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietschhorn or travel further south to Italy. In winter you can go over the next valley to go skiing.

12. Interlaken

You can go through the lauterbrunnen valley, Gimmelwald, Murren with a magnificent view of Jungfrau without spending anything extra. Interlaken, the important stop of the Swiss Golden Pass train, connecting Lake Brienz with Lake Thun, is an important gateway to the Jungfrau and Schilthorn, with the best natural scenery in Switzerland.

With turquoise blue waters, mountainous peaks of permanent snow and a fresh breeze on the face, Interlaken is guarded by Lake Thun and Lake Brienz and is one of the beautiful places to visit in Switzerland. The first is the best known, with famous mountains such as the Niesen or the Harder Kulm and the views of the powerful and well-known Jungfrau, Eiger and Mönch.

13. Thun

A water trip through the Lake Thun and Lake Brienz will take you through bucolic fishing ports and castles full of history. Be it the Mediterranean air on Lake Thun or the journey through the transparent glacial waters on Lake Brienz.

Close by are the Giessbach waterfalls, which are truly impressive and can be accessed from below through a walkway. They are in a forest where there is a luxury hotel that has its own zipper to the lake. It is a paradise for skiers, and with the wildflowers in the best mountains to visit in summer, it is the best time to hike in Switzerland.

14. Lauterbrunnen

Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen is 13 km by car. The funicular is in the middle of the town of Lauterbrunnen, but you have to park in a paid parking lot at the end of the village, where the waterfall is located. Lauterbrunnen valley is one of the most spectacular of all the Alps and a landscape dominated by vertical walls of mountains and waterfalls of meltwater.

Lauterbrunnen is also known as the valley of the 72 waterfalls. One of the most impressive is the Staubbach Falls, which with almost 300 meters high, becomes the second highest freefall waterfall in Switzerland, and one of the highest in Europe. In summer, the warm winds disperse the water in all directions causing it to spray.

15. Wengen

If you are craving for some snow capped mountains then you can visit either Mt. Titlis or the Jungfraujoch. With the Swiss pass you will get some discount in the extra money that you have to pay. Visiting Jungfraujoch is much more expensive that Mt. Titlis. Watch out some YouTube videos to choose.

Take a cog railway that go up to Wengen. From this village you can enjoy a beautiful view of the valley. Take a cable car to the Männlichen. The Männlichen peak, at 2,343 meters, is an excellent viewpoint between the valleys of Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald.

From there, a mountain trail starts up to Kleine Scheidegg, a walk that allows you to see an excellent view of the Bernese Alps, always guarded by the majestic peaks of the Eiger, the Mönch and the Jungfrau, the three highest heights in Switzerland. Kleine Scheidegg is the starting point of the cog railway that goes up to the Jungfraujoch and is also one of the places in Switzerland to enjoy alpine horn playing or alphorn.

Nearby, the glacial waters of Trümmelbach Falls traverse the crevices of the mountains beyond the viewing platforms. A cable car runs from the village of Stechelberg to the Schilthorn mountain, from where you can see the Bernese Alps and is an easy road trip in Switzerland.

Take a cable car up to Grütschalp. Breathing the alpine air and overlooking the highest peaks in Europe, is something that would not change even for a meal in the best restaurant in Switzerland. Consider visiting the town of Murren. To get there from Grütschalp there are 2 options by train or by taking a pleasant 1-hour walk on flat terrain.

16. Verbier

With a tradition that goes back more than 150 years, Switzerland is one of the most elegant and complete ski destinations in the world. Its great variety of stations, makes Switzerland an ideal destination for all types of skiers. One of the best ski destinations in the country, it is undoubtedly Nendaz that together with Verbier, Veysonnaz and Thyon form the mega station 4 Vallées, one of the largest ski areas in the world of connected tracks with more than 400 km of slopes.

Nendaz is quite the opposite of the renowned Verbier, one of the most cosmopolitan destinations in the world ski. The neighboring station overflows fame and when from the Col des Mines or Les Ruinettes you can see its overcrowded slopes, you choose to continue on the outskirts, or return to the quiet and familiar Nendaz slopes, rather than having to battle with the mass of skiers.

Nendaz, the secluded station is part of Les 4 Vallées, the largest ski domain in the Swiss country, where it competes with the cosmopolitan Verbier. Here, on the other hand, tranquility and family tracks prevail. The quietest corner of the largest Swiss ski area hangs high in the Rhone Valley. To get to its domain, you have to take the precise bus that departs from the Sion station, where you can get to a railway.

Nightfall and a constellation of lights scatter the rigorously untouched slopes. They point to the position of Anzère, Crans Montana, Les Diablerets, Leukerbad, Ovronnaz and other ski centers that the traveler cannot identify. Next to Nendaz are Veysonnaz, Thyon, La Tzoumaz and Verbier. Nendaz is made up of two cores: Nendaz resort and Siviez.

Perhaps the most recommended is the long descent that joins the Mont-Fort, which starts at the same roof of the station, and continues along the rugged slope of Mont-Gelé to Tortin.

17. Engelberg

Beautiful Village along with the magical Lake Sarnen, Obwalden is a place where you can just relax and see the beauty of nature with lots of colors.
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