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Do you have any plans for a foreign tour soon? The airlines industry has experienced a recent boom of international flights to cater you. Due to the impeccable offers, it becomes confusing to choose the ideal one from this myriad number of flights. Considering the comparative exclusive features may help you to narrow your choice list.

Furthermore, all these international flights strives to provide the best flight experience to flyers through extraordinary comfort and hospitality. Here is a list of top international airlines which may help you to come up with the right decision for your next tour.

best airlines for international travel

1. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is one of the prominent names in the global aviation industry. The outstanding feature that Qatar Airways provides passengers is the in-flight service. You can also expect excellent operations while choosing Qatar Airways. The majority of the Qatar Airways flights operate to and fro Doha.

If you are someone who has to fly extensively all around the year, Qatar Airways can be the best option for you. You can get a lot of promo codes for Qatar Airways that can help you to easily buy the tickets at a cheap price. In India, Qatar Airways operates from the leading international airports like Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

2. Lufthansa

Lufthansa is an airline company from Germany which is also known as Deutsche Lufthansa. It has the largest passenger base in Europe along with the size of the fleet. Presently, this airline company is serving in 78 countries. You can get the opportunity to choose from three classes of flight during the journey. They are the Economy Class, Business Class and First Class.

The A380 Airbuses are used by Lufthansa. You can access internet on board even if you travel by economy class. Deutsche Telekom delivers the internet connection on the flight. Apart from an international destinations, Lufthansa has services in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Pune.

3. Swiss International Airlines

Swiss International Airlines belongs to Switzerland. This airline service provider is a subsidiary of Lufthansa. It operates in different continents like Asia, Europe, America, and Africa. The Swiss Airlines might be the best choice for you if you want to travel to Switzerland as most flights reach Zurich. The classes are divided into lounges.

They are known as First Lounge, Senator Lounge, and Business Lounge. You can enjoy the marvelous Swiss hospitality on board. The airlines also concentrate upon the quality and personal service. In India, the flight service is available in the airports of Delhi and Mumbai.

4. Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines has won the Best Airline Award in 2013. This airline provides the services in six continents. Among the best features, you can enjoy while the flights are the cuisines they serve and the hospitality they offer.

Emirates Airlines also provides you with the amusement facilities in the flight. Traveling in Qatar Airways, you will fill like home while traveling to different destinations. The major airports from where the Qatar Airways operate are Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Thiruvananthapuram, and Hyderabad, etc.

5. Turkish Airways

Turkish Airways belong to the Republic of Turkey. This fight also delivers three classes of the tickets while you travel. They are known as Business Class, Comfort Class, and Economy Class. You can get the Miles and Smiles award tickets while you purchase the tickets.

There are a number of discounts offers that you can get on becoming a regular passenger of the Turkish Airways. There are several Indian destinations from where you can fly to avail the luxury of Turkish Airways. They are Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad.

6. British Airways

British Airways is a prominent name when it comes to foreign airlines operating from India. You can easily choose British Airways if you need to fly to the UK. You can also get a chance to use Ixigo coupons while purchasing tickets for British Airways. The flight operates from most of the prominent airports in India.

You can experience a heavenly flight from British Airways if you need to reach Heathrow Airport from the country. Four classes of tickets are available in British Airways. They are the Business Class, First Class, Premium Economy Class and Economy Class. In the airports of Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad you can find the service of British Airways.

7. Air Asia

Air Asia can be your best foreign airlines if you desire to travel in a budget airline. It operates across 22 countries. The number of destinations you can visit is over 100. It is a low-cost airline so you will not have to panic about high prices while travelling.

8. American Airlines

American Airline is a standout. The aircraft as of now has 950 operational planes which help a large number of client to traverse the globe. The carrier offers a traveler with virtual travel point under the Advantage Program. American Airline Customer Service Number is the one-stop shop to snatch Cheap Airline Ticket, American Airline Deals and to make American Airline Booking.

By calling American Airlines Reservations Customer Service you can get American Airline Flight data, American Airline Flight Status and American Airline Flight Schedule data. Despite whether if Customer has any issue with ticket reservation, if Customer need to check their flight status, or if client need to purchase another ticket, American Airlines Customer Service is there to assist the client.

American Airlines customer services number gives distinctive assistance lines to offer help to their Customer require it most: Flights and Reservations, Online Assistance for delays, cancellations, and diversion, AA Credit Card Assistance, Refunds, Baggage Tracking, and General Assistance.

So, these are some of the leading foreign airlines. Hope that you will ponder the exclusive features of all of these airlines to select the ideal one for your upcoming tour.
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  1. I used to fly with Lufthansa or Turkish Airlines but I will definitely try these airlines (especially Emirates) one day. Great post!

  2. These are really good airlines. I love Air Asia. It allowed me to see Asia on a budget. =)

  3. I've heard Air Asia is great!

  4. I've never flown to India before! I've heard that Qatar is a great airline though!

  5. I have friends in India always travelling with Qatar Airways and Air Asia, comments and reviews say those are the best. Also people traveling from India to Europe using Air France, always say they had terrible experience (not sure) do you agree?

  6. Thank you for sharing. I am always looking out for which airlines provide better service.

  7. These are very good airlines, I haven't used myself but might consider. Thank you!


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