7 Top Campervan Adventures in Belgium

Belgium is a small country in western Europe which is nestled between Germany, The Netherlands, France and Luxembourg. It has three primary language regions, Dutch in the northern section, French in the south, and German in the east. It is a member of European Union with its capital Brussels playing host to the official seats of the European commission so travel rules throughout the country follow EU guidelines.

People joke that Belgium is boring or plain probably due to its high urbanisation and lack of countryside and that Belgium’s Motorway system makes the country visible from the moon due to the fact its completely lit. Belgium can be easily spotted from space but it is definitely not true.

It is a fascinating patchwork country full of interesting buildings and a quite odd culture. It has strong elements of French and Dutch culture blended into a unique Belgian one. The best thing about it is hands down the cuisine.

While a small country, Belgium is culturally diverse and offers a broad range of activities for the campervan traveler. First, let's establish a don't when campervan traveling in Belgium. Do not go for wild camping in Belgium. Information on the topic on the internet is sketchy but the general consensus is that it is illegal to wild camp throughout the country.

There are websites that post areas where people have stayed successfully without issue, however there are many stories where people have been levied hefty fines. So unless you can confirm otherwise from official sources it is best to avoid attempting to wild camp anywhere in the country.

Fortunately, there are a number of private campgrounds or campervan parks located around the country that make excellent stops along any campervan adventure. These include everything for simple campgrounds with few amenities to higher end resort style locations. Let's take a look at some of the top campervan adventures Belgium has to offer.

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1. Het Zwin

Our first Belgium campervan adventure will take you along the coast of Belgium where the land meets the North Sea. The trip runs from the border with the Netherlands in the Northeast to France in the Southwest. There is a main road that runs parallel to the coast all the way across Belgium which provides easy access to the main points of interest along the route.

There are also a number of campgrounds along the route which provide great places to set up a base camp for exploring. Interesting areas to explore include Het Zwin which is a protected nature preserve near the Netherlands border. It is a very popular place for hiking and bird watching.

2. Oostduinkerke

In Oostduinkerke you can witness the fisherman on horseback. This is actually the only place left in Europe where you can see this traditional fishing method and it has been recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage site. There are several cities along the route including Oostende and Blankenberge, each offering its own feel to Belgian coastal life.

3. De Panne

In the far western end is De Panne which is a very quiet beach region that is perfect for a relaxing getaway.

4. Brussels

Next is the major city tour from Brussels to Antwerp to Ghent. These are the three largest cities in Belgium and each offers its own unique experience. Brussels is the largest city and is the capital of Belgium. As such, it offers many activities geared toward history and the regional government. Also being a historical center, there is significant art and architecture to be found and admired here.

5. Antwerp

Antwerp is a port city that has similar attractions to Brussels. Great architecture, art and history but the city itself is smaller and easier to navigate.

6. Ghent

Ghent is the third largest city and like Antwerp is a port town. It contains a lot of medieval architecture and is generally known as a student town. As such it has some of the best nightlife of the three major cities. We recommend crossing the St. Michael's Bridge at sunset while the buildings of the city are illuminated, without a doubt, one of the best things to do in Ghent.

The St. Michael's Bridge, located over the Leie River, between the Graslei and Korenlei streets, is one of the best places in Ghent for photography lovers.

7. Namur

The southern tour of Belgium. Traveling through the south is a stark contrast to the experience you will have in the north. The northern sections of the country are primarily industrialized and metropolitan. In the south, the landscape turns decidedly rural and mountainous. The Ardennes Mountains run across southern Belgium from France to Luxembourg.

Within this region you will find mountains, caves, valleys and rivers. The region offers many activities for the outdoorsy type traveler. There are also several small, quaint towns that dot the countryside that offer visitors many unique experiences. The town of Namur offers a great gateway to the region. Other must visit areas include Dinant, the Meuse Valley, and Rochefort.

From the beaches and major metropolitan areas in the north to the serine wilderness and quaint small towns of the south, Belgium offers the campervan traveler a great variety of activities to choose from. With ample camping options throughout the country, a campervan trip through Belgium can easily be planned to fit your lifestyle. Happy travels!
Kalyan Panja