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Boston is one of the historic cities in the United States. It is a place where the American revolution began. You just cannot visit Boston believing that it will give you a glance to the most historic sites, but it offers much more than that.

If you are planning to book flights to Boston, here we are going to give you several effective reasons that would make up your mind to visit Boston. You can also work with a reliable Indian travel agency to take care of all the aspects of traveling for you.

One of the excursions from New York that you can do is to visit Boston. In this practical guide to the capital of Massachusetts in the New England region I tell you everything you need to know before traveling to Boston. There are dozens of activities and tours to do for free in Boston and on foot. Boston City Pass can be a good alternative for those who are determined to travel the city from head to toe.

You can always get cheaper snacks or options in the fast food chains. Boston is a university city, so it is not difficult to find places to eat to go, or with a student menu. Personally, if you are on a budget, I recommend adjusting the belt, but do not deprive yourself to try some seafood (especially the lobster sandwich or the clam chowder, which are typical dishes of the city).

With prices that are around US $ 10 per serving, and a typical midday bustle, the Quincy Market is a good option for eating cheap and local style. There are stalls with meals from around the world, including desserts. Whether traveling alone or with friends, airbnb or couchsurfing is a good way to maximize the trip and make new friends.

Boston has many green spaces, which besides being very well maintained, are completely free. A picnic is a good way to save on food, in addition to enjoying the outdoors. This city is on the coast and the best way to schedule the visit is to think about the means of transport to use, the attractions to see in Boston and the accommodation because to make the most of it, you have to stay one night in the city.

To go from New York to Boston you can take the american airlines, train, bus or go by car. The Amtrak service links NYC with Boston and also with Washington. The line is Acela Express and it makes several trips back and forth although not every hour. The cheapest round trip ticket is around $ 200. The best months to travel to Boston are from May to September. Uber works wonders, and it's worth a lot less than the taxi.

fun things to do in Boston

Here are reasons to visit Boston once in a lifetime:

1. Exceptional Museums

Boston is said to be the home to some of the best museums. It does not matter whether you are into art, science, or maritime history, Boston has it all. There is the Institute of Contemporary Art, The Museum of Science, The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Children’s Museum, The Harvard Museum of National History and the USS Constitution Museum, to name a few.

2. Beautiful Parks

Boston is known for beautiful parks, gardens and outdoor venues. There are various fun outdoor spaces to enjoy in the city. The Emerald Necklace is a system of connected parks which winds through many Boston neighborhoods. Some of the parks that hold their own charm and beauty are Back Bay Fens, Franklin Park, The Riverway, Arnold Arboretum, Boston Public Garden and more.

3. Freedom Trail

There is no denying that Boston played a crucial role in the American Revolution. Because it is during that time 13 North American Colonies broke free from the British Empire. You can get to know more about the city’s involvement in the American Revolution by taking a walk on the Freedom Trail. You can join one of the free 60-minute tours led by a national parks ranger.

4. Duck Tour

The duck tour is an entertaining way of seeing the city. You can spend 80-minutes in a bright-pink amphibious truck, which is being looked at by the passers.

5. Harvard University Tour

Harvard was established in 1636 where students could pay their tuition fees with livestock. The campus has got an incredible sanctuary of red-brick dorms and manicured lawns.

6. The Black Heritage Trail

By following the Black Heritage Trail, you can explore the lives of the city's community of 19th century African Americans. The Boston’s involvement in the American Revolution tends to get all the glory, but some people know that Massachusetts was one of the a few states to abolish slavery.

7. Bunker Hill Monument

Bunker Hill Monument is located at the end of the Freedom Trail and is a perfect panoramic point to have a view of the city. On the 50th floor of the Prudential Center, you will find the only 360 degree panoramic view of the city.

8. Travelling by Amtrak train is a recommended experience

The journey is comfortable, relaxing and can be scenic. It’s makes a pleasant contrast from cramped and disorientating airline travel. And for the motorist, makes a welcome change for hours of driving. Check Amtrak’s national network map and schedules. There are train services to most of the lower 48 states.

In the North East, there are many daily trains. West of Chicago, there may be only one daily service on each of the lines heading to the South and Pacific Coast. This means many railway stations will only have two daily Amtrak trains: one travelling in each direction.

Book ahead. Train tickets are sold like airline tickets, with better prices for advance purchase. I’ve booked train tickets several months ahead. Amtrak offers through tickets for journeys involving connections.

For an overnight travel, consider a sleeping berth. You’ll have your own bed and usually access to a shower. Meals are included in the ticket price. You won’t get all the sleep you want, but it’s great fun to sleep on a train through the night, waking up somewhere new.

When booking a sleeping berth, Amtrak quotes the base fare plus an upgrade to a room with your bed. The upgrade is for the room which can between two who want to share. Rooms are small but are arranged allowing for twin bunked berths. Amtrak meals are fine. You’ll eat in a dining car and you’ll be seated next to other passengers, which makes for convivial conservation. But there’s a good enough selection of cooked meals appropriate for the time of day.

Arrive at the railway station at least 30 minute before, use the destination board and you’ll find yourself in a queue. Eventually, you’ll be directed to the train and your car. Amtrak trains are often late, sometimes by several hours. This can often happen on the long trips of several days from Chicago to the West Coast.

Why Trust Online Travel Agents in Boston?

If you are someone who is confused about whether you should take a plunge in the online travel agencies, go for the reasons mentioned below. Below we are going to give you several reasons that would clear the air.

User-friendly: The online travel websites have an user-friendly approach, hence making it easy for the users to navigate through different pages. The easy navigation not only enables youngsters but also old peeps to use technology easily.

Easy to Register: Registering on travel websites takes just a few minutes. All you need to do is enter your full name, your email-address, password and you are ready to go. After you have successfully logged in, you need to complete your profile in order to be searchable to the airlines who might be looking for a offers like yours.

Advanced Search Modes: Online travel websites offer their users various search modes to start their search. You can update your profile to get the best offers and deals. The more information you update, the better the chances of finding a deal of your choice.

Saves Time and Money: If you get to follow a traditional style of finding the travel offers, you need to invest a lot of time and money. Moreover, the process is very tiring and bothersome. On the other hand, online travel agents in Los Angeles enable you to save a lot of time and money which you would have otherwise spent on performing other tasks.

Unlimited Options: The biggest drawback of the traditional way of finding the cheap airline deals is, you get limited options. But when you expose yourself to the world of online travel agents, you get endless options to choose from.

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