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Being in the middle class is the trickiest place to be. You seem to have your life well figured out but even so, you may not have enough money to do the things you dream about. Factors such as unfavorable economic conditions and inflation make life even harder for this class. But not everyone in the middle class is uncomfortable with life.

The key to surviving in this class without any stresses is to live in a city and by the standards your paycheck can guarantee. If you live in a city where buying a house is almost impossible, why not move to a smaller city with lower property costs? And by the way, you will be surprised to know that there are tons of major cities out there that are very affordable for the middle class.

In 2019 alone, the housing market in the USA has been rising by a steady 3-4 percent every month. But even with this trend, experts say that the house prices in America aren't too high for the middle class. The average price of an averagely-sized modern house is standing at around $300,000.

America's west coast has the hardest living standards for the middle class, particularly in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose. On the east coast, however, buying a house isn't too big a mountain to climb. Here are some famous cities that are affordable for middle class to visit and live in USA.

best cities to visit in usa

1. Des Moines, Iowa

The finance sector in this city has thrived in the recent past which means that the economy is looking up for the residents. Jobs are also in plenty here and the wages aren't that bad. For a middle-class family, therefore, you can do pretty well here. As a matter of fact, you will love this city if you are in science, engineering, and tech industries. Buying a house, residential or rental, is well within your means here and the cost of living isn't a big challenge per se.

2. Houston, Texas

The average income of a middle-class household in this region is about $63000. That is to say that you can make at least $5000 per month. Now, this is where things get interesting: The average cost of buying a house here is about $700 per month. That added to the cost of life totals to about $1500. That is to say that you will have enough money to buy a home, live comfortably, and still have a good retirement saving.

3. Madison, Wisconsin

If you can cope with the severe winter of Madison and Wisconsin as a whole, then you will be impressed by this city. The University of Wisconsin has made this city prime for new graduate and seasoned job seekers, so this city can even be great for business. Having a young population also means that you will never lack good, cheap entertainment options as well as good food and music. What’s more, you will have the best outdoor experience of your life living in this city.

4. Austin, Texas

Within the last decade or so, the finance industry in Texas has grown by over 45 percent. That makes this state an ideal place to live especially for those in the finance industry. In Austin specifically, finance jobs are paying tremendously well for the middle-income earners. And knowing that this city is famously known as The Live Music Capital of the World, you can be sure that the entertainment options here are many and appealing.

Hamilton Pool Preserve is a natural pool located on the outskirts of Austin. This place is so popular with travelers that you should make a reservation, if you want to take a dip in the summer months. The Santa Elena Canyon is one of the most popular options in the area for those who wish to move in kayak, canoe or raft quietly downstream. The high cliffs reach up to 305 meters. You can also camp along the road.

5. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Middle-income earners in Minneapolis make at least $75000. That is more than $6000 a month, which is probably the highest in this bracket for the entire USA. House prices average at about $30000, which is also higher than most cities in the country. But if you are to average the cost of houses in this region, you will be paying a little less than $1000 per month. That leaves you enough money to plan for your medical, retirement, and education plans.

6. Raleigh, North Carolina

This city is alive with young people, making it ideal for you if you have a young family. And of course, you understand that cities with a huge influx of job seekers and new graduates mostly have low costs of life and affordable housing.

7. Chicago, Illinois

The hub of the Midwest is not only an affordable destination but flights to its O'Hare and Midway airports are reasonable, too. Chicago is, at heart, a working-class town, where locals know how to have fun on a shoestring. It also has cheap public transit, and, since many of its trains are elevated, they allow for great and affordable neighborhood tours.

Don't miss trying the city's famous deep-dish pizza in one of the best places to eat in Chicago, and remember one slice of it is like two (or more) slices of a regular pie, saving you money, though not necessarily calories. Hot Tix sells discounted theater, comedy, and cabaret tickets, and cards such as Chicago CityPass or Go Chicago are worthwhile, flat-rate investments.

They get you discounts and head-of-the-line perks at the SkyDeck in the 103-story Willis Tower, the Chicago Art Institute, and other attractions.

8. Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland is a city on the shore of the great lakes that has an important cultural offer. Bet on a visit in summer, as the weather in Cleveland can be particularly unpleasant during the other seasons. Cleveland offers its visitors numerous cultural attractions. It has two important museums, a zoo, numerous concert halls as well as impressive parks and green spaces. The city is not called "forest-city" without reason.

In addition, Cleveland hosts many festivals. As in Chicago, the Saint Patrick's Day is very famous. The famous Cleveland fashion week is the most famous in the United States after that of New York fashion week.

9. Columbia, South Carolina

The city of Columbia could say that it does not have a river. It has three rivers! At the height of the downtown, converge the Saluda and Broad rivers to give origin to the Congaree river. Stroll along the Three Rivers Greenway that runs between the confluence of the three rivers and the Columbia Channel. The Saluda River reaches Columbia from the east and flows here from Lake Murray.

Not only is it a leisure place to sail or fish, but it also has Dreher Island State Park. Among things to do in Columbia, in the rivers, canoeing is practiced or just walk or ride a bicycle. On the northeast, the Broad River, which rises in southwestern North Carolina, flows into the Columbia and flows southeast until it joins the Saluda River to form the Congaree River. And here we have Congaree National Park which protects bottomland hardwood forest.

The Congaree River together with the Wateree River form Lake Marion on the eastern bank of which is the Santee National Wildlife Refuge. This lake through a canal supplies Lake Moultrie, from which rises the Cooper River, to the east of which is the extensive Francis Marion National Forest. And finally, this river empties into the Atlantic Ocean north of the city of Charleston, where you can taste the delicious Lowcountry cuisine.

10. Williamsburg, Virginia

Visit the historic city of Williamsburg in Virginia. Among the things to do in Williamsburg is a mandatory stop within historic Williamsburg at the Governor's Palace.
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  1. I don’t what to say. How did New York City not make it on this list? Please help me understand. I’m so sad. It’s the greatest city on earth! Lavern Moore

  2. I've been to a few of these amazing cities and yes you're absolutely right, they should be on this list. There is a lot more for me to see...Can't wait.

  3. I would like to visit texas.. its more country right? Been to the big cities and just for a change..;)

  4. Wow they all looked interesting to visit! I really should start saving, thanks for sharing!!

  5. I have been to US many times. From your list I have visited only Virginia. Will plan the others too. Thanks for sharing.

  6. USA is one of my bucket lists. Those cities you've mentioned are really beautiful and I love to visit there also. Thanks for sharing this information!

  7. These cities seem wonderful. I would like to visit some of these x


  8. I love everything on your list and it seems like an interesting places to see and explore. Hope to be there, one day!

  9. I hope to visit US next year again and your list has a lot in common with what I want to see. Texas is on my list, I am fascinated by that state

  10. USA is the best place to traveling and enjoy our vacation in many cities. hope to be there in one day.

  11. I would link to visit this cities!


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