7 BEST Places to Visit in USA

We're used to seeing movie stars and reading about science fiction characters that travel through time to bygone eras, but you don’t necessarily need futuristic technology to do so. The USA is full of towns that have stayed true to their customs and lifestyles. So next time you have the urge to escape the modern, fast-paced cities, consider these wonderful towns scattered across the country.

America is blessed with a wealth of national treasures from archaeological sites where Native Americans dwelled to one-room schoolhouses to modern architectural masterpieces. Each one reveals a unique and compelling chapter in the American story. If you're planning your next trip to the United States, and are curious to know where to start from. Here's a glimpse of the best places to visit in the United States.

Are you looking for some cheap places to travel in United States and take a cheap vacation? Even the richest souls can appreciate cheap vacations. In travel, smart cents spent wisely can make for a more memorable vacation than a pricey trip walled-off in a luxury resort. No matter where you go, it really is possible to live large without spending a lot as long as you can mix one part pleasure with two parts travel savvy.

Some places, though, make it easier to go big on a tight budget. While travel prices are expected to increase this year, due to higher rates and more expensive hotels, it is still possible to travel on a budget. Many low-cost destinations are fashionable because travelers' economies combine excellent tourist attractions and adequate service standards.

In most of the United States, public transport is a joke. Many places can only be effectively reached by private car. Car dependent cities like Detroit and Dallas still have cabs, but it can be nearly impossible to get one. If some how you arrive in some such city without a ride, it may be a while before you get one.

For example, Detroit has a lot of car rental agencies, but almost all of them except the majors deal solely with insurance companies to provide replacement vehicles for people who have lost theirs in a crash. Some cities have really good public transit (NYC, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago) but assume none of the other do.

These are some of the cheapest places to travel in USA that are currently a blessing for both the senses and the wallet where you can travel for cheap.

best places to visit in USA

It is extremely difficult to narrow down the list. However, some of the best places to visit in the USA are listed below:

1. Wyoming

Discover the state of ‘forever west’ and bunk down on a ranch for authentic trail rides and a taste of classic cowboy culture. Explore America’s 10th largest state containing mountains, prairies, and the alpine lakes of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, as well as Devils Tower National Monument.

Most people only know Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Devil’s Tower, but there is so much more that Wyoming has to offer. From old mining towns and Wild West forts, to sand dunes and alpine lakes, to Chinese temples and medicine wheels. Wyoming is the stereotypical image of the American Wild West. And with the lowest and sparsest population in the country, you have plenty of room to venture beyond the usual tourist attractions.

Wyoming is among America’s most brilliant gems. Most of Wyoming is either desert or mountains. Much of Wyoming’s climate is either alpine, subarctic or cold desert. In much of Wyoming, Winter temperatures can go down to -60 degrees Fahrenheit. Even in Wyoming’s largest city Cheyenne, temperatures can go below freezing for six months a year. Try driving through Wyoming in winter!

Most of Wyoming’s cities and towns are spread out. The nearest large cities from anywhere in Wyoming are Salt Lake City and Denver.

2. Montana

Adjacent to Wyoming, Montana is easily one of the best states to visit in USA, especially for the stunning beauty of Glacier National Park! Like Coeur D’Alene, Missoula is really more of a small town, but for the states they’re in, they can be considered big cities. Anyway, Missoula also has vast skies with big mountains. In addition, there are a lot of wildlife here. You can actually see deer roaming around people’s front yards!

The neighboring town of Whitefish, MT is a great place to visit with a clean, welcoming native American town center and plenty of dining and entertainment options to choose from. The nearby town of Whitefish has a great western/artsy/mountain vibe with some great restaurants, bars and stores to visit.

A beautiful ski town is a pretty cool location. Forget Las Vegas and all the casinos it offers because this town is the place you head to when you want to get away from everything. Breathtaking scenic beauty, a great ski resort on Big Mountain, excellent local shops, and a winter festival that will blow your mind!

3. Alabama

If you have decided to travel to Alabama, you should know that this American state will not leave you indifferent due to its great natural wealth. Surrounded by the Mississippi River and neighboring Florida, Alabama opens the doors for you on a journey into American history. Known as the deep America, it must be recognized that the south of the United States is a world apart from the rest of the country.

The state capital, Montgomery, has a Museum of Fine Arts that houses fascinating works by American artists such as Edward Hopper and Leon Kroll. In Alabama they have a Smithsonian-affiliated rocket and space center in Huntsville. Enter the NASA Huntsville Rocket Center, and transport yourself to space! This center has a collection of rockets and space memorabilia that is the largest in the world.

In the Space Center, you can see the space capsules of the Apollo mission, a life-size model of the Shuttle and the "Spacedome", where films recorded by astronauts are shown. Also thanks to the NASA bus tour, you can admire the great room, where the absence of gravity is simulated, useful for training of the astronauts.

The most popular attraction is the "Us Space Camp", where you can become the protagonist of the conquest of space. You can guide the computer of a spacecraft, take part in a shuttle flight simulation, and test the lack of gravity.

The shores of the Gulf of Alabama are the ideal setting for lovers of the sea. Orange Beach, in turn one of the jewels of the Gulf of Mexico, boasts beaches and offers a wide range of water activities. Relax in one of the Gulf Shores spas and be seduced by the splendor of the magnificent white sand beaches.

Located in the north, Russell Cave National Monument is a perfect national park for hiking and brings together vestiges of the culture of the prehistoric inhabitants of America. Delve into the Eufala National Wildlife Refuge and discover nature in its purest form. Watch out for the alligators!

The city of Mobile keeps the secrets of the first celebrations of Mardi Gras, the famous carnival that is celebrated in several southern states and that you can know if you arrive in February or March.

In Birmingham, the largest city in Alabama, you can go to the Jazz Hall of Fame, a space dedicated to the most important figures of this musical genre. Go shopping in Birmingham's Five Points South shopping area.

In addition, the state of Alabama offers us a wine route, with family-operated wineries located throughout the State. In these wineries you can taste their wines.

4. Hawaii

Waikiki is backed by various retail establishments and resorts like Alohilani, Hilton Hawaiian Village, Outrigger, Hale Koa etc. Ko ‘Alina is a resort area out at the southwest corner of the island, with a series of hotels that includes spas, golf, swimming, tennis, boating and some amusement park thrills planned for the future. Disney has the Aulani hotel there.

A perfect beach is the one you will find at Aulani Disney Resort in Hawaii, awarded by the Travel+Leisure magazine as the best family beach in the world. Its beauty alone is enough, but if you don't have enough with it, several activities are also carried out here.

The resort is located on the beach of Ko Olina, in the western part of the island, which is perfect for those with children! There is a workshop to learn how to make sand sculptures. The little ones will be able to play games based on the “menehune” and teenagers will enjoy music and traditions of the region at dusk.

5. Delaware

Coastal Delaware. Surrounding states know about it but that's all. Lewes, Rehoboth and Bethany are cute beach towns and Cape Henlopen State Park has beautiful family-friendly biking trails. Weekends in the summer can be a mess, but weekdays are pretty calm and off-season is super relaxed.

6. Nebraska

We're also fascinated by a little-known animal migration that happens every spring in Nebraska. It's one of the largest animal migrations in the world, with more than one million individual animals passing through each March and April. It's truly a photographer's dream (and everyone knows Nebraska is low-key cool, anyway).

7. New York

New York is a big city formed by five districts of Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. During winter in New York in all of them you can discover fascinating places that make this city such a special destination. Among them visit the Italian neighborhood of the Bronx, see the beautiful views from Brooklyn Heights or Long Island City in Queens, Coney Island in Brooklyn or simply take the free ferry to Staten Island and take a bike ride along its beaches.

New York is surprisingly hilly, and has Olympic quality skiing in places. As such, once you get off the State Thruway, the roads take some interesting turns. Some of the other destinations in New York State are Lake Placid, home of two Winter Olympic games. The Northeastern part of the state is full of small communities.

Ausable Chasm, near the Vermont border and right off the interstate route to Montreal is one of the oldest tourist attractions in the United States. Saratoga Springs, which isn’t that far from Albany and has a short horse-racing season that, nevertheless, features some of the most important horse races in the country.

Blink and you'll miss it. City Island is just a mile long and half a mile wide and located along the western edge of Long Island Sound, which is easy to access from anywhere within the borough. The area comes alive with the hustle and bustle of fishing boats going out every morning and returning each evening with the day's catch, and a range of restaurants serve up fresh seafood for you to get your fill.

The advance of vaccines, the withdrawal of restrictions and the relative return to normality in leisure are returning the Big Apple its status as one of the most attractive cities of the world to live, which has triggered rents that fell through the floor by New York standards. As per latest rental statistics in New York, new residential rental contracts in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens have skyrocketed to their highest level, making succulent "pandemic promotions" disappear with up to 8 free months rent in some cases.
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