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Are you looking for some cheap places to travel in United States and take a cheap vacation? Even the richest souls can appreciate cheap vacations. In travel, smart cents spent wisely can make for a more memorable vacation than a pricey trip walled-off in a luxury resort. No matter where you go, it really is possible to live large without spending a lot—as long as you can mix one part pleasure with two parts travel savvy.

Some places, though, make it easier to go big on a tight budget. While travel prices are expected to increase this year, due to higher rates and more expensive hotels, it is still possible to travel on a budget. Many low-cost destinations are fashionable because travelers' economies combine excellent tourist attractions and adequate service standards.

In most of the United States, public transit is a joke. Many places can only be effectively reached by private car. Car dependent cities like Detroit and Dallas still have cabs, but it can be nearly impossible to get one. If some how you arrive in some such city without a ride, it may be a while before you get one.

For example, Detroit has a lot of car rental agencies, but almost all of them except the majors deal solely with insurance companies to provide replacement vehicles for people who have lost theirs in a crash. Some cities have really good public transit (NYC, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago) but assume none of the other do.

These are some of the cheapest places to travel in USA that are currently a blessing for both the senses and the wallet where you can travel for cheap.

best places to visit in USA

It is extremely difficult to narrow down the list. However, some of the best places to visit in the USA are listed below:

1. Michigan

Within the huge borders of the Great Lakes region, which crosses north to Canada, is picturesque villages in the style of Dutch villages, idyllic islands that keep pace with horse-drawn carriages and romantic beacons, such as the Big Red Lighthouse (Michigan's most photographed), which stand out above the cobalt-blue lakes.

Spend some time in university cities par excellence, such as Ann Arbor or East Lansing, or explore the wonders of the Upper Peninsula, which include wrecks, colonial forts and miles of snowmobile trails.

Immerse yourself in one of the most historically important cities in the United States, Detroit, full of authentic neighborhoods and diverse cuisines, eclectic shops and outstanding museums.

Here, Motown's legacy in the city remains alive at Hitsville USA, Motown's first home, while its automotive heritage is preserved at the Detroit Historical Museum and the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant. Watch the Detroit Industry Murals by Diego Rivera at the Detroit Institute of the Arts, take a walking tour of Corktown, the oldest ethnic area in the city, or appreciate the iconic architecture of Fisher Building.

Find a Petoskey stone, a fossilized coral that is often found on local beaches. Sail through one of the thousands of lakes in the summer and ice skating in the winter. Walk through the woods in the fall, and head to the Traverse City wine area in the spring. Here the recreation lasts all year, from fly fishing to flyboarding, sleigh rides and swimming.

Visit natural wonders like Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Places like Sleeping Bear Dunes, a paradise formed by glaciers thousands of years ago, embody the wild spirit of Michigan.

2. Maine

If we had to choose two summer icons in Maine, they would be a lighthouse and a lobster. The Atlantic coast of this area of ​​New England gives us cliffs, endless beaches, remote islands where cars do not circulate and postcard towns where you can get lost and enjoy this area in northern Massachusetts.

After a hard winter in which the greatest snowfalls in history were recorded in Boston, the locals count the minutes until the time comes to make their annual escape to the neighboring state. Portland, capital of the state of Maine, known for its gastronomic offer and for the production of beer, is two hours north of Boston.

From downtown Portland you can take a ferry to an island in Casco Bay, such as Peaks Island. Visit the oldest lighthouse in the state, Portland Head Lighthouse. South of Portland, and only an hour and a half from Boston by car, the Ogunquit city, which in the language of the Algonquin Indians means pretty place by the sea, is a popular holiday destination, especially among Canadians in Quebec.

With good gastronomic offer, hotels and Bed & Breakfasts to spend the night, one of its main attractions is the coastal road Marginal Way, perfect for a walking tour by the ocean that will take us to Perkins Cove, a picturesque village of fishermen where we can eat delicious lobsters and take a boat trip.

Known as The Kennenbunks, and famous throughout the country because the Bush family lives here, Kennebunkport is a town north of Ogunquit that offers good beaches to spend the day with, such as Goose Rocks and Gooch's Beach. Without cars and with a population that does not reach a hundred people, the small island of Monhegan Island, shaped like a whale and 19 kilometers from the coast, gives us a natural and rustic passage where time seems to have stopped.

Ferries depart from Boothbay Harbor, Port Clyde and New Harbor. Bar Harbor is located on the island of Mount Desert - about five hours drive from Boston - and surrounded by the famous Acadia National Park . A good way to explore the city is by bicycle. Go up Mount Cadillac, which is said to receive the first rays of sunlight in the United States every morning.

Although this is only true in winter and autumn, in summer there are many who decide to climb at dawn to see the day break from this magnificent place.

3. Tennessee

You don't have to be a country-music buff to enjoy kicking up your heels in jovial Music City. It is home to several legendary recording studios and live-music venues, including the Ryman Auditorium, where the acoustics are so good, it's served as both. The Country Music Hall of Fame is definitely worth a visit, despite an $18 admission fee, if only to see Elvis Presley's solid gold Cadillac, among a million other musical artifacts.

A more eclectic and affordable homage to world history awaits, however, at Centennial Park. For just $6, you can see a full-scale replica of the Greek Parthenon and the 41-foot-tall statue of the goddess that’s Athena inside. Barbecue and fried chicken top many Nashville menus, so, for less than the cost of a pair of blue-suede shoes, you can eat like a king.

4. Missouri

We are in Kansas City. But let me tell you something before. When I was a child, I believed that the only way to travel was by car. Those long hours in the car united my family and there were plenty of anecdotes and moments to repeat over the years in a meeting.

When I became a teenager and bought my first car, the first thing I did was grab it and take it on the road, which resulted in an adventure full of damage, mechanics in each town and my complete inability to even understand how an engine works.

Today, already entering adulthood and with many miles traveled, I try to repeat the concept of roadtrip every time I can. Half the time, the first thing I do when I get off the plane is to look for the car rental offices to pick up what I already programmed from before getting on the plane. I owed them one of the trips I made recently. Or, at least, I owe them the second part. Welcome to Kansas City.

I do not think we're in Kansas anymore. We arrived, almost 1,000 kilometers later, to Independence, Missouri, a suburb next to Kansas City. Late at night, Kansas City welcomed us with the lights of a city that promised us a lot and from which we expected absolutely nothing.

So we went to sleep to start with the first ray - what in our reality means about 10 in the morning - and a breakfast in the first place we found. This was not a culinary journey, but a trip to get to know a city to which, perhaps, we will be constantly returning for our sports hobbies.

Do you know what it is like to arrive in a city without expectation? It is letting yourself be surprised by every corner that you will find. We arrived in Dallas, we got out of our car and we went driving with the mission to arrive in time to see an NFL game. The trip was not about anything else and, at the same time, it was about everything you can find when you are not looking for anything.

Also, Kansas City did something else. I expected a small city, without much to do, but I found one of the promises of growth in the American Midwest, as it turns out that many technology companies are seeing in the city a great alternative to the madness that exists on the west coast, particularly in Silicon Valley.

I found a city that brims with art in several corners and that raises its hand as one of the most interesting destinations that I have come to know and people who always welcome you with a smile, a good vibe and, above all, with much of the history of a country that I love to travel.

After observing the city from above and a visit to a museum that is worth an article by itself, we walked a bit to find a good place with BBQ, knowing that in this city of Missouri we would easily find a delicacy and decided to kill the afternoon getting at Sealife Kansas City Aquarium, which made it clear that when there is initiative and momentum, there is no barrier to stop.

Our trip was, fundamentally, to go to an NFL game, but we knew that returning to this city was necessary, to say the least. On Sunday, leaving the stadium, we climbed into the car that was given to us in Dallas and we started back, now by a route that would take us to stop in Durant, Oklahoma to sleep, after having crossed several Amish towns in which it gave us courage Having arrived so late we could not stop to try the food or to know the shops of such an interesting community.

And here, in what we do the pause to sleep in Durant, in one of those roadside motels that everyone should ever experience, is when I explain why I always end up renting in the same company the car, and I do not get paid for it. And the reason is quite simple, really.

5. New Mexico

Like no other place on the planet, rising from the heart of the Tularosa Basin, is one of the great natural wonders of the world. It is the shining white sands of New Mexico where huge and undulating dunes of Plaster sand has swallowed 450 square kilometers of desert, creating the largest gypsum dune field in the world.

In order to preserve such a natural wonder, the White Sands National Monument was created, which preserves an important part of this incredible and unique field of dunes, along with the plants and animals that live here. Only a few centimeters of the plaster dunes are loose sand.

The rainwater that falls on the dunes dissolves part of the gypsum and cements of the sand grains, creating a crude form of plaster. This makes it easy to walk on easy white sand dunes.

The National Park is completely surrounded by the White Sands Missile Range, formerly known as White Sands Proving Grounds from where the tests of the first atomic bomb were executed, the so-called "Little Boy" that was launched here, in the Trinity Site as the last test before being thrown over the city of Hiroshima in Japan and that gave rise to the end of World War II and the beginning of the nuclear age.

Currently you can visit the Trinity Site, as well as the ranch house, where the scientists assembled the plutonium core of the bombs. In this place, you can walk to Ground Zero, located about 400 meters away, where a lava stone obelisk of almost 4 meters high marks the place (at the northern end of what is now the White Sands Missile Range) of the place where the first atomic bomb exploded.

Apart from the magnificent dunes of the white desert of White Sands, there is the NASA space base. Currently what can be found here are potentially hazardous materials, spacecraft materials and the place where rocket propulsion systems are tested and evaluated.

6. Utah

While exploring the landscapes of the southwestern United States, visitors can relax and enjoy the country hospitality offered by the city, a world-famous central base for mountain biking, hiking, 4x4 rides or river trips of any kind.

The spectacular national parks of Utah, range from the Zion Canyon in Zion National Park to the Arches National Park, near Moab, which has the highest concentration of natural sandstone arches in the world, including the Delicate Arch, one of the most famous and photographed. In addition, here you will find The Windows, a series of four arches that can be reached easily by walking.

When you are here, admire the colossal sandstone wings, the huge balanced rocks, the high peaks and the imposing peaks. Rocky Mountains dominates the Moab skyline. Admire the nine spectacular peaks, walk the alpine trails and see the Mill Creek, the Black Bill Canyon and the Professor Creek, where you will discover waterfalls in the middle of the desert landscape. Two lakes will tempt those going for a picnic or those who want to refresh themselves.

Visit the small Castle Valley, an area that has appeared in the cinema numerous times for its iconic and austere beauty. When you're here, take the scenic tour from La Sal Mountain to the Colorado River to admire the impressive red rock formations and stroll through the most popular parks in the area and see the viewpoints.

7. Hawaii

The United States ranks high based on scenic diversity alone, with so many different types of oceanfront landscapes, from tropical to polar, massive waves to gentle bays, rocky outcrops to pristine sand! Hawaii is America’s ace in the hole! Giant waves crash against the shores of Hawaii, and the entire Pacific Coast of California.

Waikiki is one of the best places to visit in the USA. It is America's top beaching destination bestowing all the views of North America on a fascinating tropical island of Pacific Ocean. Waikiki is known as beautiful golden sand beach, stretching along the oceanfront. It is backed by various retail establishments and hotels.

The visitors can rent a surfboard to test their skills in the waves and enjoy different types of dining and food options in the restaurants.

Interesting Reads: Top Parks for RV Camping in Hawaii

8. Virginia

Visit the historic city of Williamsburg in Virginia. Among the things to do in Williamsburg is a mandatory stop within historic Williamsburg at the Governor's Palace.

9. Idaho

Coeur D’Alene is a tranquil town (although by Idaho’s standards, a big city) by the lake. The view of the lake on the nearby hills is stunning. Plus, the city has some of the best autumn foliage.

10. Montana

Like Coeur D’Alene, Missoula is really more of a small town, but for the states they’re in, they can be considered big cities. Anyway, Missoula also has vast skies with big mountains. The air here is some of the cleanest that I’ve ever breathed. In addition, there are a lot of wildlife here. You can actually see deer roaming around people’s front yards!
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