5 BEST Places Every Coffee Lover Must Visit in Kerala

Coffee is believed to be one of the most popular beverages in the world. As the studies say that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of numerous serious diseases, Kerala the healthiest state of India offers a few exquisite varieties of coffee. This largest coffee-producing state in India is known for two major strains, namely, Robusta and Arabica.

Wayanad, the primary hub of coffee estates in Kerala features over 60,000 hectares of its plantation, followed by Nenmara and Gavi areas. Whether interested in Monsooned coffee of Malabar or the Jamaican Blue, Kerala is home to well-crafted coffee giving a true delight to its admirers. Check out the amazing places every coffee lover must visit in Kerala for a perfect sup!

best coffee shops in kerala

Here are the 5 best places every coffee lover must visit In Kerala. Coffee is an integral part of Kerala culture and one must surely hop into some of these amazing spots to enjoy the best amalgamations. The following are the most loved coffee houses in Kerala:

1. Indian Coffee House

You should not miss Indian coffee house and the tiffins they offer. Indian Coffee House is one of the most popular beverage spots in Kerala. Serving the best varieties of coffee and other food items, this place is truly a retreat for epicures staying in Kerala. Their pocket-friendly menu offers a vast range of coffee at a very reasonable price.

Indian Coffee Houses in Kerala have been the vehement hotspots of political discussions in the past. It was believed to be the urban adda for the youth and served as a common platform for intellectual minds.

Location: Numerous outlets in major cities of Kerala

2. Coffee Temple

This comfortable coffee houses that showcase the stunning vistas of the main beach in Varkala lures the wanderers with its exclusive experience. Wouldn't it be interesting to sip a classic blend of their collection and admire the mesmerizing sunsets while listening to the melodious tunes in the background?

Apart from their awesome collection of coffee, you can also try some delicacies of the authentic Keralan cuisine along with trying scrumptious Mexican alternatives.

Location: North Cliff | Near Helipad, Varkala, Varkala Town, Varkala, 695141, India

3. Kashi

Located near the Fort Kochi, Kashi is also known as Kashi Art Cafe and showcases an enormous collection of art along with serving one of the best coffee and culinary options especially European cuisine. Apart from coffee, the place is loved for its chocolate cakes, pancakes, and brownies. If you are holidaying in Kochi with your significant other then do head to this gorgeous cafe for a perfect evening!

Location: Burgher Street, Fort Kochi, Kochi (Cochin) 682001, India

4. Coffee Cube

Coffee Cube in Kochi is a delightful place for a perfect celebration of coffee in the state. A quench of mango smoothie or the rousing express shot, everything they offer has its own specialty. They offer an unending list of innovative cold and hot coffees that makes the guests revisit this place again and again. The ambiance of this place is enticing during the evenings where you can spend peaceful hours with your partner.

Location: Near Archies, Convent Junction, Marine Drive, Kochi, Kerala, 680011

5. Solar Cafe

Solar Cafe is an amazing hub for people looking for a vegetarian-friendly or vegan food options while staying in Kochi. Apart from serving the authentic coffee, the cafe lures food-lovers with its traditional south Kerala recipes served by their gratifying staff. This pocket-friendly escape is also known for its Spanish Indian mix dishes, giving a flavorsome retreat to the guests.

Location: Calvathy Road just in front of Customs Ferry, Kochi (Cochin), 682001, India

best coffee shops in kerala

Apart from the above-mentioned hotspots for coffee-lovers, Kerala is home to numerous other cafes and restaurants that serves the perfectly blended coffee. Plan a trip to Kerala and explore the true culture and traditions of this 'God's own country'.
Kalyan Panja