5 Best Honeymoon Destinations In The World

After marriage, many couples want to celebrate honeymoon outside the country in the best honeymoon places in the world. No problem! Get ready to fly in the sky because it is possible to travel to a budget-friendly attractive international destination. All can be enjoyed while eating and traveling. But it would be wise to avoid eating in luxurious hotels and resorts and expensive restaurants.

Besides, it is better to choose mass transit like locals. You may have taken multiple trips across your country with your gangs of the wanders while you were single. And you would like to go with your buddies to a new destination. So, enjoy the exploration of the best romantic international destinations in the world, and stretch your eyes with wonders.

Have you ever been part of the largest street party in the world (Hogmanay)? Or how about tasting authentic South-East Asian street food in your mouth while shivering in the cool night. Or standing beside a still lake at midnight, watching the Northern Lights floating above your head? Maybe relaxing by the beach side in Mexico and enjoying some real tacos?

This New Years, take the unbeaten track. Plan a December/January holiday that marks as the year that you start off by doing something unique, different, and wholesome. But gone were those days when traveling is all about scaling the adventure with your buddies since now you have married, and your romantic partner is by your side.

There is a myriad of international destinations that are best for romance, and the best part is, most of them could be explored in the shoestring budget. From beach side romance to oh-so-amazing couple resorts, from romance igniting islands to virgin natural beauty, check out the list we have curated for you and your better half if you are looking to honeymoon in an ultra-romantic destination.

Apart from these in the list, we can name some more beautiful beaches that you can add to your wishlist: Long Beach-Canada, Grace Bay-Turks and Caicos, Polihale Beach-USA, Cocoa Island Beaches-Maldives, Ipanema Beach-Rio de Janeiro, Koekohe Beach-New Zealand, El Nido-Philippines, Zlatni Rat Beach-Croatia, Black Sand Beach-Iceland, Kaputas Beach-Turkey, South Beach-Miami, Tangalle Beach-Sri Lanka, Ngapali Beach-Myanmar, Walvis Bay-Namibia, Blue Lagoon-Turkey, Bingin Beach-Indonesia, and Nida Beach-Lithuania.

Hope you are inspired enough and started dreaming already! All the above mentioned beaches, be they are backed by rocky formations, or swaying palm trees, or rugged cliffs, you need to see them to believe me. We agree the world has so many beaches, that you are pampered with choices. Whichever you choose, you can always enjoy with your family and friends. As the world is brimming with wonderful beaches, book your ticket and head out for an expedition now!

best honeymoon destinations in world

Check out a list of the top and cheap but eye-catching international honeymoon destinations for newlyweds.

1. Thailand

Looking to spend your honeymoon vacation on pristine beaches and lush green hills? If yes, then Thailand is where you can plan your honeymoon. Along with being tropical, unusual, and fun-loving, Thailand is sure to not burn a hole out of your pocket. Visiting Thailand you will get the opportunity to get the most exotic experience and a number of things to do which includes visiting a grand palace or getting indulged in the water sports.

If not this, then you can simply relax on some of the best and pristine Thai beaches to make memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

💋 Kissable Experiences -

💛 Stay in an overwater floating bungalow that is set on the cloudy blue waters.

💛 Indulge in Dolphin Safari, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and other water adventures with your spouse.

💛 The newlywed couple can enjoy a romantic beachside dinner.

2. Indonesia

With exotic resorts and pristine beaches, a honeymoon trip to Indonesia will grow the romance between you and your partner. The destination is no less than heaven and this is the reason why it is the most preferred among the newlyweds. The islands in Indonesia including Bali and Lombok has landscapes that will give you an experience of a fairy tale.

What else to expect? Well, the list won’t come to an end but the country is sure to give you an unforgettable experience.

Bali is one of the most attractive honeymoon destinations in Indonesia. The majority of the population of the country is Hindu and Muslim. People from all walks of the world are welcomed to this island. Almost everything is there for the holidays, including yoga. That's why foreigners visit Bali regularly! The picturesque beaches, beautiful temples and scenic resort will make your honeymoon a memorable one.

The volcano can be seen directly from the dining area at the Mad Rowe Mountain Restaurant. There is also a restaurant in the middle of the paddy field at Bali Safari and Marine Park. In addition to pod chocolate factory and cafe, breads can be baked. The places to visit in Bali include Tegallalang Rice Terrace in Ubud, Ubud Art Market, Kinnamani, Goa Gaza and Mount Batur and Goa Gaza Caves in Central Bali.

💋 Kissable Experiences -

💛 Explore the picturesque rice terraces in Ubud along with a waterfalls tour in the same location.

💛 Seek blessings in the divine Bali temples.

💛 Scale and enjoy a visit to the most romantic Bali island, Gili Islands.

💛 Stay at the romantic beachside resort in Seminyak, Nusa Penida, and indulge in swimming, snorkelling, diving.

3. Singapore

Singapore is the most talked-about honeymoon destination in Asia for its towering skyscrapers and sci-fi architecture. This island city is also the rich tapestry of art, culture, and yes, thrills, spills, and unlimited romantic moments are guaranteed when couples take Singapore honeymoon packages.

💋 Kissable Experiences -

💛 Shop till you drop at the luxurious shopping malls in Singapore

💛 Channel your inner action hero and ride the Singapore flyer with your spouse. Get amazed to watch the panoramic view of the Lion City from soaring heights

💛 Explore the beaches, theme parks, savor delicious food and try your luck in the Casino's of Sentosa Island.

4. Nepal

This neighbouring country of India, Nepal is a mountainous kingdom and gateway to the serene Himalayas. It is very similar to our country in affordability. The Nepal honeymoon tours start @ INR 16,699 per head. A honeymoon tour to Nepal allows couple to enjoy the lakeside, mountainside romance.

💋 Kissable Experiences -

💛 Enjoy mountain climbing, trekking, paragliding, bungee jumping in Pokhara.

💛 Take a spiritual temple tour in the capital town in Nepal, and head to the Kathmandu.

💛 Gets mesmerized by the sunset and sunrise setting in the Sarangkot. This place is notorious for offering the clear view of Annapurna Range.

5. Sri Lanka

We are going to finish this rundown with the one that is most unique in the list. Sri Lanka is a jewel-shaped island nation and is a neighboring country to India. It is visited only by the few tourists, and we don't know why. From rich culture to sun-kissed beaches, from affordable romantic accommodation to luscious green landscapes, the island nation of Sri Lanka is sure to spark the flames of romance in you.

You will be spoiled with delicious sea cuisine, and watersports adventures like swimming, snorkeling, and windsurfing.

💋 Kissable Experiences -

💛 Gaze down the splendid natural beauty of Sri Lanka while riding the Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dambulla.

💛 Get some natural tanning at the Hikkaduwa beach, and Arugambay beach.

💛 See the sensational mountains, valleys, and get spoiled with the emerald green landscape on Kandy to Ella Train Ride.


Flick to the best international honeymoon package before you go any of these mentioned honeymoon destinations. And remember that the package tariff of each destination listed is a rough cost which gives you the prompt idea of the cost of the package, excluding the flight tickets.
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