7 Top Things to Do in Singapore

Thinking of traveling to Singapore? Once a colonial trading post, this city-state has evolved into one of the world's greatest financial hubs. It is also fast becoming one of South East Asia's must-visit travel destinations. Whilst a lot more expensive than its neighbors, Singapore has a growing number of tourist attractions that have made it an exciting and unique metropolis.

Singapore is the most happening in place for tourism in Southeast Asia. It boasts nature, islands, scenic beaches, heritage, and culture. People from across the globe visit here for long-term vacation. It has one of the modern tourist facilities and amenities. The best season to visit this place is throughout a year. The tropical climate prevails here, which is bearable by people of other climatic zones. It is a tourist-friendly place.

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Things to do in Singapore

Here is a Singapore travel guide and blog with few cool things to do in Singapore.

1. Explore the Singapore river cruise

Singapore's Central Business District is where most of the commerce goes on, but it is also a popular spot for tourism. It is here you will find some of the city's most impressive skyscrapers including the Marina Bay Sands Hotel - three skyscrapers with a ship on top! It is possible to take a tour along the Singapore river in which you can learn about some of the landmarks along the way.

There are various river tour companies operating along the banks that focus on the CBD area. You can also take a walk along the riverside where you will find lots of street entertainment, particularly around the Marina Bay area. One thing that shocks most people is how clean the pavements are around this area.

Although this may have something to do with Singapore's zero tolerance approach to littering and you can get fined thousands! Hotel prices can be expensive in the Central Business District due to the views and attractions on one's doorstep. If you are on a budget, you could be better off looking for accommodation on the outskirts and traveling in.

Similarly, if you are traveling to the city for work and looking for a studio apartment for rent in Singapore, you might be better off looking for properties outside this area where you are likely to find more affordable rental rates. Transport links into the Central Business District are very good and relatively cheap (so long as you stick to trains and buses - taxi fares can be steep).

2. Grab a bite near Chinatown Heritage Centre

For people who love to eat, Singapore hidden gems are the cheap food away from the city centres, in the heartlands hawker centres. In order to get by with food, the best places are street vendors as they are considerably cheaper than supermarkets and offer authentic good food. Here, you can find the popular chicken rice at $2.50, fried noodles from $2, and good food at more affordable prices. The variety of food is amazing as well.

Singapore's Chinatown is a great mix of old and new and well worth a visit simply for the sights and sounds. However, if you want to make your visit to Chinatown complete, you will want to taste some of the local cuisine here which is renowned for being some of the best in the city. Many of the locals stick the Hawker Centres.

In Singapore, eating is not cheap, but I've known Din Tai Fung for years but I have to say that the difference was noticeable especially in the portions. Every time that I tried Chinese food in my part I promised myself not to do it anymore. I was able to taste dumplings both of meat and vegetables and then rice with prawns although there were also vegetarian options at Din Tai Fung.

You must reach Telok Ayer Street to explore China Town. This is the place to shop electronic, China products, gift items, leather accessories authentic arts and crafts of China. You must bargain to get the best price for your shopping. You can also taste a variety of Chinese foods from this market.

No Chinese new year is complete without pigging out on bakkwa, sweet, smoky pork/chicken jerky grilled over charcoal fire. And it’s gotta have those charred edges; they sell like hotcakes in Malaysia and Singapore during the Chinese New Year.

Ketupat is a rice cake wrapped with leaves. Kolak is often consumed during Ramadan. Kolak is the most popular dish for iftar (evening meal eaten by Muslims after fasting during Ramadan). It’s a dessert consisting of banana, coconut sugar, coconut milk, and pandan leaves. A variation in which banana is added, is called kolak pisang (banana kolak).

The most common banana used for kolak pisang is plantains (pisang raja) or pisang kepok (saba banana). The bananas are cut into wedges and then boiled along with the coconut milk and sugar.

Other variations may add ingredients such as tapioca balls or sweet potato balls and well known as kolak biji salak (snake-fruit seeds kolak, although there’s no seeds added). Unlike kolak pisang in which coconut milk and ingredients are cooked together, bolak biji salak usually is cooked in palm sugar syrup. The coconut milk is cooked separately, and it is added before serving. Kolak is usually served warm or at room temperature.

3. Try a Singapore Sling in Raffles Place

On the topic of cocktails, Singapore has long been famous for its bar wizardry. One of its most signature beverages is the Singapore Sling - a gin-based cocktail which can be found across the city. The Raffles Hotel, a historic hotel in the city, happens to be the birthplace of this cocktail. Most people go here to try an authentic sling.

That said, there are plenty of cool bars throughout the city where you can still taste this iconic cocktail. Smoke and Mirrors is one bar worth visiting situated atop the National Gallery with incredible views of Marina Bay. Another great bar worth visiting is Flagship.

Whilst its traditional pub feel may make it the last place you would expect to get a cocktail, the bar actually serves a mean Singapore sling with its own unique addition of pineapple syrup. You must try your luck and spend a night once in Singapore in its casinos. You are interested in gambling or not, you can taste delicious food and drinks from the casino.

Yet you can try some slot games. This is also a part of Singapore nightlife. The Marina Bay Sands and the Sentosa Island are the best places to land in a casino. It will be better to stay in a casino hotel and enjoy a casino at your wish 24-hours. You can also try a cruise casino in Singapore.

4. Ride the Singapore Flyer

This giant Ferris wheel found in Marina Bay offers some of the best views of the city to be found. It was the largest observation wheel in the world, surpassed by Las Vegas High Roller. Its capsules are able to carry 27 people and are air-conditioned, making it a great escape from the muggy city heat.

You must go to Raffles Ave to take a ride on this iconic flyer of Singapore. Its magic is it is a high-end flyer. You will be in an AC capsule and you will not get any dizziness due to its superior bearings and suspension. You will reach a top height of 165-m on this flyer. You can have a glimpse of this city skyline.

Operating until 10:30 pm, it is possible to even take in the city sights at night if you get a late night ticket. You can buy tickets for the Singapore Flyer online or purchase them from the counter at the attraction. Combo tickets may include access to the Gardens By The Bay giving you two attractions for the price of one.

5. Drive in the Formula 1 Marina Bay circuit

Racing enthusiasts may also want to pay a visit to the city's formula one track. The Marina Bay Street Circuit has been a fixture for every Grand Prix since renowned for being one of the most challenging city circuits (more so that Monaco according to many of the F1 drivers).

Throughout most of the year, it is possible to walk the circuit for free. However, for a more thrilling experience, you can also drive on the track in a supercar. Accompanied by a professional driver, it is possible to hire out a Ferrari, Mclaren or Lamborghini and drive around the track. You don't need any racing experience, although you will want to bring along your driving license and book at least 48 hours in advance.

6. Enjoy a day out at Universal Studios

The US isn't the only place where you can pay a visit to the Universal Studios theme park. Adventures at one of the universally famous amusement parks in the world are a gateway to a lovely time with your family and it is more magical with your special someone. Dreams do come true at Universal Studios with an eclectic stream of activities so exciting and wholesome, there is something for everyone.

Singapore has its very own version with 24 movie-themed rides and attractions to choose from. You can take a boat trip through Jurassic Park and ride a Transformers-themed roller coaster. It is the perfect attraction for thrill-seekers and movie buffs alike.

As with all big theme parks, you can expect long queues throughout most of the year (weekends are generally busier, as are bank holidays). It is worth paying extra for an express pass. These tickets allow you to enter a faster queue, which could allow you to get on more rides. There are combo-ticket deals online that can allow you to also visit the Singapore Zoo and Wild Wild Wet Water Park.

Board thrilling rides like the Transformers' ride or the Egyptian ride with your spouse for an adrenaline-pumping experience that makes for a perfect bonding moment. The pride of Singapore boasts an array of tasty eateries on top of musical shows and interactive adventures, all super interesting in magnitude and fun.

Hotels near Universal Studios can be more expensive, but the convenient access could be more worthwhile if you want to get the most out of your visit. This is the amazing theme park, which is the best to visit by all age of people. This is a busy place in the Sentosa Island. The weekends are full as this is a local picnic spot. You cannot see one similar theme park of this kind is its magical attraction.

7. Relax on the beaches at Sentosa

Sentosa Island is a popular tourist destination located just off the coast of Singapore. The island is home to several beaches, including Siloso Beach and Palawan Beach, which are known for their clear waters and white sandy beaches. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities such as swimming, sunbathing, and parasailing.

The island a short ride from the center of Singapore city is Sentosa, a breezy, beach landscape that entices people from all walks of life with its paradisaical attractions. Find Ibiza like party music drifting from swanky bars fringing the shores, ready for tourists to jump right in to catch some chill vibes.

Sentosa Island with its fabulous beaches, water park, amusement park and Universal Studios can keep your kiddies occupied for days. Sign up for Singapore tours that include Sentosa Island's many amusements. You won't regret it. There are go-Karts and zip lines in Sentosa, and you can even experience sky dive stimulated adventure.

Beaches welcome anyone for a relaxed time with your spouse whereas beach volleyball and water sports at Adventure Cove Waterpark are sure to get your heart racing. Surprise your spouse to taste the bubbles from exhilarating heights at the Singapore Flyer. Tremendous views of the wide expanse of Sentosa and the city of Singapore makes the meal incredibly delectable and your experience mystical.

Once in Sentosa Island, you must visit Tiger Sky Tower, Singapore's highest observation tower. It is advisable to go in the day and night time to see the beauty of this city in daylight and in the night with city light. The best part of this tower is you can view the Malaysian region from this place.

Many people are surprised to learn that Singapore has beaches. The truth is that few of Singapore's beaches are natural. Most were wiped out centuries ago with the construction of the city's harbors. However, there are still some beautiful man-made beaches to be found on the island of Sentosa that are perfect for soaking up the city's year-round sunshine.

Built using imported sand from Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia, these beaches are rival to other Southeast Asian shores if you can get past the fact that they are artificial. Here you will also find a number of luxury hotels in Singapore and lively beach bars that could be perfect for a tropical beach holiday combined with a city break.

Palawan Beach is the most family-friendly strip featuring a pirate-themed waterpark and scenic suspension bridge. Siloso Beach meanwhile is the best beach for bars and watersports as well as being a popular picnic area. There is also Tanjong Beach, which is one of the more secluded spots on the island better suited for those that want to relax with a book.

This is the most visited beaches by families taking a tour to Singapore. This is popular for children-friendly beaches. It has shallow and silent seawater. This is a scenic beach too. You can take a sunbath and take a dip in the sea. It is the best place for taking postcard size photos.

All in all, there is plenty of opportunities to hit the beach in Singapore. You can even take a day trip to the nearby Indonesian island of Batam for some extra beach outings.

Stay away from the city area and town centers, because the prices there are exorbitant. Instead, travel to the residential areas, where there are a lot of cheap massages, pedicure and manicure shops. But should you want something cheaper, look at free massage chairs in the Airport transit areas or paid massage chairs from $2 in most shopping centres.

Hope you find our Singapore visitors guide useful.
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