6 Not-To-Miss Cultural Festivals in Rome

When we plan to travel to Europe alone or with friends or family, every Italy travel itinerary will share one common destination, and that is Rome. Rome is the capital of Italy, and it needs no introduction. It is one of the oldest city in Europe and is full of historical sites that date back to ancient Roman civilization.

For so long the most important city in Europe, there’s no better place than Rome for history buffs to head. Here you’ll find buildings that have been standing for over 2000 years, and art from some of the world’s most influential painters (the Renaissance started here after all). While it’s a tourist mecca, and you may find it hard to get a true Italian experience, the aura of the place will more than make up for it.

Go to Rome if you’re interested in ancient history, you’re a fan of Renaissance art, you want to see the spectacular headquarters of Catholicism – the Vatican.

A city known for its delicacies like pizza, pasta, gelato you name it and you have it. However, food and drink aren't the only things Rome has to offer you. It also has highlights of art and history in form a museum also famously known as Galleria Borghese to Colosseum. But visiting Rome to see these magnificent historical sites is not the only reason to go there.

You can enjoy different world famous cultural festivals in Rome that are celebrated all around the year. Romans are known to be exuberant and persistent fun-chasers. They do not need any excuse to be happy and celebrate each day. Apart from that, there are multiple things to do, foods to try at exotic restaurants, and different bars in the city. In ancient Rome, there were more than a hundred days in the year that were celebrated by the people.

Though some of the days are not celebrated now, and with time have perished with the fall of Roman Civilization. But some are still celebrated and have integrated with the modern society. People of Rome are very traditional, and although the total number of festivals have reduced with time, they still value their culture and traditions.

The importance of each festival depends on its significance. Religious festivities are considered important and the whole city celebrates them with a mandatory public holiday. The weather of the city also affects the festivities and their dates. For example, Rome experiences the perfect weather conditions between August and October.

For this reason, these dates have the most number of events, festivals, and cultural celebrations. If you plan your trip in these days, you will not only cover the magnificent landmarks this city is famous for in the whole world. You can also attend maximum festivals that Romans celebrate and get amazed at the landmarks, events, and cultural significance of Rome.

There are some festivals in the city of Rome that are attended by people from all over the world. Rome is also one of the most important Christian cities in the world, so it is visited by millions of people each year who want to do a pilgrimage in the Vatican City. Are their cultural events in Rome? In order to guide our readers to the cultural events taking place in Rome, we have listed cultural festivals that this city hosts.

When you are visiting this ancient city, try not to miss these amazing festivals in Rome. They will make your trip even better, and you will leave this city with amazing memories.

1. Roma Fringe Festival

Roma Fringe is a festival that is celebrated on a national level. It is actually an international theater and performance festival that celebrates different performers, artists, and theaters. It takes places from 30th August to 23rd September, or around these dates, at Villa Merced Rome. You can attend it by buying a ticket for 6 euro per person.

Last year, more than 150 events were planned for this festival so you can expect around the same number of events for this year as well. You can also expect a fresh roster of shows as well. Enjoy this festival and make the most of it create wonderful memories for yourself.

2. Taste of Roma

A Taste of Roma is a festival of food celebrated in Rome. It provides a great chance to local innovators, foodies, chefs, and organizers to take part in a celebration and promote themselves, their food recipes to not just the citizens of Rome, but all the people visiting from all over the world.

It is one of the biggest food festivals in the world and the whole city participates in it. Tickets cost 16 euro per person and it takes place over a 3 or 4 day time period. Last year, it took place from 21st to 24th September over the weekend. The foods presented and made at this festival are delicious, and you can enjoy yourself even more if you are a foodie.

3. Romaeuropa Festival

Not to miss in Rome, Romaeuropa is a festival that is organized by Fondazione Romaeuropa. Considered as one of the most important and prestigious festivals of Rome, it promotes dance, arts, theaters, music, and other cultural foundations of this city. Although there are different tickets and passes available in multiple parts of the city, we recommend you to buy them in advance.

People wait anxiously all year long to attend it and if you get late in acquiring them, you may get them later with extreme difficulty.

4. Testaccio Street Food Festival

Testaccio is a well-organized festival that takes place in Testaccio Village, not far away from Rome. This festival takes place all over the summertime. People spend their time near slaughterhouses in purpose-built areas. People slaughter animals in this festival and make their barbecues, and other food items.

They dine and celebrate together and organize music nights, discos, and other social events. The theme is always different each year, so research a bit about the year you plan to visit this festival so that you can maximize fun and memories.

5. Natale di Roma

Rome is a very special city in the world. It even has its very own birthday, and the whole city celebrates it. Rome was born around 753 BC. It is one of the oldest human settlements still in existence. Even the old city is preserved to some extent. A city with such historical and cultural significance is always important to the history of the world.

6. Easter

The city of bon vivants is for those who cannot get enough of the good food and cultural experiences. Easter is not only a perfect time to eat authentic gelato but is also the most important Catholic feast. See evocative Easter procession at the Colosseum, which is led by the Pope himself.

How to go to Rome?

Going to Rome has never been difficult at any time. But in modern times, traveling there has become so much easier. You can fly to Rome from anywhere in the world and reach in a few hours. Before embarking on your journey to this great city, we recommend you to book your airline tickets, hotel accommodation and other travel related details from a renowned travel agency in the UK, or anywhere you are coming from.

In this way, you can enjoy a pre-planned trip, along with other savings.

So travel to Rome on 21st April and join different events and functions taking place all over the city to commemorate its birthday. You can enjoy historical enactments, plays, fireworks, gladiator fighting (acting), and much more. Places to eat in Rome

La Pergola. This 3 star Michelin restaurant, and my former place of work, is constantly rated one of the best restaurants in the world. La Pergola is known for its modern interpretation of classic Italian cuisine and it is placed on the top floor of the Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotel and offers one of the most stunning views of Rome.

Flavio Al Velavevodetto. This restaurant is a the temple of old school Roman cuisine. They feature some of the best traditional dishes in Rome, and are proud guardians of the city’s culinary heritage.

Da Giggetto Al Portico d’Ottavia. Giggetto is one of the many Jewish ghetto restaurants that carry on the traditions of the ancient Jewish citizens of Rome. Famous for it’s Jewish Artichokes, but please, don’t miss out the Fritto Misto.

Isola Della Pizza. Silly name, (island of pizza), but a great place to eat. Known for its pizza (obviously), but not one of the reasons why the locals pack this restaurant 6 days a week. (when the rest of the places on the street are empty, this place still has a line for tables) Order 3 things. The appetizer. You’ll see it when you walk in the door, just trust me. A pizza. (obviously) And, finally, Bucatini Amatriciana. Why? Because the owner is from Amatrice, and the mayor of the village bestowed upon the restaurant the keys to the city for making the best Amatriciana outside of Amatrice.

Da Armando Al Pantheon. This 10 table restaurant is outstanding. It has my favorite interpretation of Coratella in Rome. The wood paneled walls, and quiet chatter, and the traditional, yet modern menu, will make you feel comforted and you will leave absolutely contented with your life.

Pierluigi. This seafood restaurant with a long history (1939) is a hotspot for people watching. It has also won awards for its wine cellar, and its constantly evolving menu.

Archimede. This is a great restaurant, with a solid menu of classic Roman dishes. Nothing fancy here, just good food, with good service. My personal favorite is the zucchini string appetizer, and the pasta Carbonara. Alla Rampa. Tucked into a corner off of the Spanish Steps, Alla Rampa is one of my favorites for its antipasto buffet, and either its Pasta con Salmone, or it Paglia e Fieno. While it is surrounded by tourist traps, this is a restaurant the local enjoy and frequent.

All of the above are great spots and will vary in costs.
Kalyan Panja