How to Plan a Honeymoon on a Budget

When it comes to your wedding, you do not want to skip on even minor details. The same goes for the period right after your wedding, which is your honeymoon. Planning the best possible honeymoon is a trend these days, so that, couples can start their new life with positivity. But do you have additional funds lying around after your wedding expenses to plan a honeymoon on a budget?

how to plan a honeymoon on a budget

Here are ways to plan a honeymoon on a budget.

1. Tickets

A lot of people like to plan an honeymoon abroad in places like Maldives, Mauritius, Italy, Europe, Greece, Hawaii. Therefore, flight and cruise tickets are one of the major expenses related to their trip. Excursions bought onboard might be a bit pricier than what you might find in the ports, but they do come guaranteed and if a tour bought onboard is late for boarding in one if the ports, they WILL wait for it.

Not so much for the tours bought in port, where there is no way of knowing where you are and what happened. Cruise in shoulder season to get the best deals. The absolute CHEAPEST time to cruise is between Thanksgiving and Christmas, non-inclusive of the actual holidays. GREAT DEALS to be had. January is also a good time.

2. Hotels

Another thing that can prove to be a major part of your honeymoon budget is hotel or accommodation expense. Thus, even if you want to select 5 Star hotels for honeymoon, you can move ahead with bookings without worries.

When it’s time to board your cruise at the home port, don’t rush to be the first one onboard. The lines in the morning are very long and they move slowly; the cabins are not ready and will be left just hanging out onboard for a few hours. Instead, wait a few hours and you will simply breeze through. Sleep in at your hotel, have a nice breakfast, and show up for boarding around noon. You will start your cruise in a better mood and well rested.

3. Sunscreen

Wear sunscreen at all times. Bring your own (everything is more expensive abroad) and while you’re at it, bring some aloe gel for sunburns as well! A lot of passengers exaggerate- they either don’t use sunscreen at all or they fall asleep on deck, or, or, or point is, they end up looking like lobsters, and in a lot of pain.

Tat takes away the fun for at least a couple of days, depending on how sensitive they are. Always wear sunscreen. You really don’t feel the strength of the sun while at sea, it’s quite dangerous if you exaggerate. Don’t ruin your vacation for something so trivial.

4. Food and Drinks

The next on our list of expenses that you can check is pertaining to food and drinks. Unless you’re a heavy drinker, the drink package is not really worth it. There’s free water, juice, coffee and tea available at all times and you can bring one bottle of wine onboard free of charge. Regarding that bottle of wine, if you want it open in the dinning room by the staff, you will have to pay a cork fee.

5. Shopping

If you are a shopaholic who wants to collect souvenirs, don’t buy any gifts on the cruise until the last day. See what you can find in port, and then use the ship as a last resort. That’s when everything goes on sale anyway. There really aren’t any sales going on. Don’t hold off buying whatever it is you like.

Nothing that you see in the shops will go on some miraculous sale on the last day, because they have to get rid of it. Guess what: 5000 other people WILL come the next day. If you like something, get it. Stocks are limited and the shops won’t be restocked if they run out of certain items and it does happen.

If by some accident or communication from the mother ship something does go on sale, the shop staff will always honor the cheaper price if you ask for it. Same thing for port price matching when it comes to alcohol. They will honor it, just make sure you bring a receipt with the lower price from that sailing. It’s ridiculous when some guests ask for a lower price just because they saw a lower price in port. Can’t be honored without proof!

6. Water

Bring a bottle or a refillable water container and fill it up at the gym or spa on the cruise. Most of the time they have citrus infused, or cucumber infused water. The water on the ship is so overpriced. Save the money and get the good stuff. Rinse out the container at night, and you're all good. Oh - and you CAN drink the water from your faucet in the bathroom sink. Since most ships bunker or make their own water in a reverse osmosis plant, it’s all the same.

7. UnderPack

Sail with a carry on roller bag and a day bag. Seriously. No one cares if you wear the same pants 2 or 3 times. This is not a fashion show. This is your vacation. Free yourself of the burden of too much shit, and enjoy life. This way, you can also walk off the ship whenever you please during disembarkation. They will give you a time frame to disembark, but really - go whenever you want.

Just be sure you’re not there when you hear an understandably annoyed cruise director over the PA saying Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your absolute and FINAL call to disembark the vessel at this time! There’s a laundry onboard! A lot of people don’t know this, and it’s surprising. There might even be 2 or 3, just ask your stateroom steward!

8. Tipping

DO tip your cabin crew and wait staff! Their base pay is ridiculously low and they rely on those tips. A lot of passengers remove gratuities and somehow also forget to tip in cash. It’s very frustrating for the hard workers and it’s not fair at all. Tip your stewards and servers!

9. Medicines

DO bring medicine with you, Tylenol or whatever you use for headaches, cough, diarrhea, the common things. They cost a lot abroad.

10. Activities

If you love educational vacations, visit places that have both wildlife and landscapes to explore. If possible, go to places like America’s East Coast where there are many libraries and books for you to read as you vacation. Museums could also be ideal for you. Google reviews and other online feedback is vital in making the right adventure decision. Don’t go exploring blindly. Look around for the right places to visit on your budget.

When picking your destination, think about the specialties that an area is known for. If you love sports, know which regions people love sports as much as you do. Off-roading, for example, is very popular in California. Snorkeling, on the other hand, is very common in Florida. Even if these kinds of sports aren’t in your primary traveling objective, it is good to know that they are there in case the sporting side of you kicks in.

Spring is the best Mediterranean season - low prices and a nature in full bloom. On the southeast coast of Spain, temperatures are like early summer. Rhodes and Cyprus are the islands that can tempt with 19-24 degrees in April, long before the summer tourist masses arrive. Dreaming of Maldives? You can also visit when prices are lowered in April, at the end of the islands' high season.

Who needs to travel the world in search for a great experience when we are lucky enough to live near the magnificent nature, trendy cities and exciting attractions. We love Denmark for its relaxed atmosphere and picturesque, sandy beaches. Both at Sweden and in Finland, the archipelago is unique and Norway boasts spectacular mountain and sea.

While you are on your honeymoon, there are a number of different activities that you would participate in. Avoid the crowds and do what everyone else is not doing. It can either be visiting museums or even a theme park. All of this would cost you a lot of money. It is especially when you add up the expenses of your entire trip. Go to the pool at night. Eat at off peak hours. See the show that’s less attended. But have fun!

The casino on the cruise line generally give free lanyards on the first night of the cruise. Lanyards go for 5$ - 15$ onboard, but a trip to the casino might get you a free one. Last but definitely not the least; local commuting can also be a significant expense. Bring sufficient cash with you. There are ATMs onboard, but the commission is quite high.
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