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Mauritius is famous for its beaches. However, the country is far more impressive. Mauritius has a special place in various Bollywood films and a few novels. There are many things to do in Mauritius. It will be fun to see the amazing beauty of the newlyweds with their hands in hand. With stunning scenery, colorful beaches, warm hospitality and thrilling activities, decision to honeymoon in Mauritius may seem right.

Besides, there are numerous places for shopping, dining and clubbing. The places to visit in Mauritius include Grand Bay, Camarilla Colored Earth and Casella National Park. Besides, archaeological ideas can be found by looking at the ruins of Balaclava in the old world.

When you decide about the places to go for honeymoon the first thing that comes to your mind is water and peace everywhere. There is no better place than an island for honeymoon. You might have looked upon many locations like the Maldives, Bali, Mauritius, and Seychelles. It's great to choose Mauritius and Seychelles for honeymoon spots as these places are amazing to explore on a holiday.

Mauritius and Seychelles are very peaceful locations and will also fit under your budget. There are many exotic places which you can explore during your honeymoon trip to Mauritius and Seychelles. You might be looking forward to things to do on your honeymoon in Seychelles and what you can do at these places to make your honeymoon a remarkable one.

There is a tip from our side. For a hassle free and cheap honeymoon, book Mauritius and Seychelles honeymoon packages in advance and enjoy the honeymoon without any tension of flights, hotel and resort bookings, facilities etc. Here we have prepared a list of some interesting things which you can do at your honeymoon in Mauritius to make it a memory forever. Have a look at the things to do in Mauritius Honeymoon:

Honeymoon in Mauritius and Seychelles

1. Mauritius Beach-Hopping

At Mauritius beach, you can enjoy a midnight candlelight date at one of the beaches or an enthusiastic time soaking up the sun with your soulmate. Have something naughty adventure in your mind? You can go with parasailing session or fun ski ride so that you will get a chance to cuddle up. Check the weather before going on a trip so that you will not have face problem on your first trip with your partner.

For those who want lazy days in Mauritius, enjoy the closer to 30 degrees, listening to the rustling coconut palms, straining silky sand between your toes and doing just nothing more.

2. Seychelles Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Isn't is interesting to go underwater with your partner? There are so many spots in Seychelles where you can do snorkeling and scuba diving and explore the underwater world. There is an exotic sea life you will experience which includes turtles, multi-colored fishes, tree corals, and wonderful fan corals. You will also see green turtles making their way to the nest to the beach. You can't miss watching Gorgonian fan corals in Seychelles.

Beau Vallon, one of the most visited beach in the north western coast of Mahé is known for gorgeous sunset views, clear waters that offer unlimited opportunity for swimming/snorkeling and lazing under gently swaying palm trees. Also known for Bazaar Labrin - a weekly Wednesday market, frequented by locals and tourist alike, Beau Vallon is a must visit during your trip to Seychelles.

3. You can Hire a Car at Mauritius

You can be your own master if you hire a car in Mauritius as it will make your honeymoon more romantic. Imagine hand in hand with your partner, playing a romantic song, and driving on empty roads. Aha! Sounds so romantic right? And the amazing part is that you will get rental cars in Mauritius at very affordable rates. Don't miss the opportunity to go through sugarcane plantations and city center markets. Nothing can beat up a long drive on empty roads with your romantic partner.

4. Seychelles luxury yacht

Wanna do something unique? Then why don’t you sail on a luxury yacht with your soulmate? You can choose from many luxury yachts available at the Seychelles beach and have a look at a 360-degree view of inner island seascape. With complete privacy and freedom, you can sail to coral reef spots, or go kayaking at the scheduled beach. It will be like having a personal yacht at an unknown place. You can also have a titanic pose photograph. Sounds amazing!

5. Mauritian Luxury Spa

There are a lot of romantic things to do for honeymoon in Mauritius and it also includes taking the spa with your partner. You will get the best Spa treatment in Mauritius at Four Season Resort as here you will find a mix of Indian, African, European, and Chinese spa therapists who will give you luxury treatment and you can relax. You and your partner would love this experience of wonderful Mauritian Spa.

6. Seychelles Adventure Sports

Couples who love doing adventures must try this epic thrilling experience and this adventure should be first in your to-do list. You both can go zip lining through the jungle and shout like a Tarzan or you can rock climb on the granite outcropping of the mountains. If you have watched the movie, Tarzan, then you will not be able to miss this wonderful adventurous experience.

7. Mauritius Scenic Treat

You can give a surprise to your partner by taking her on a scenic treat at Mauritius Pamplemousses Botanical Garden. Your partner will be quite impressed by your surprise because this is worth watching. There are 85+ varieties of species of palm tree and other floras which you can explore. Other than greenery there are fish ponds which are worth visiting and should be on your Mauritius honeymoon trip list.

8. Seychelles National Park

People from all over the world go to watch turtle sanctuary then how can you miss it when you being there on your honeymoon. You can watch turtles and even you can watch feeding giant turtles who roam freely there. It will be a fantastic experience, not only turtles you can also watch different species of birds and creatures which will make quite interesting nature trail. Don't leave without visiting the hidden beach and you can have a beautiful walk on the other side of the island with your partner.

Your honeymoon trip must be special so don't forget to carry essentials with you and of course, you will take so many photographs to capture your perfect and special moments. Have a nice trip, guys!
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  1. I would adore to visit Mauritius it is truly beautiful. I can see why so many honeymooners choose it as a destination.

  2. The view are magnificent. Hope to visit it one day. Dreamy really.

  3. We never really took a honeymoon, but this looks like it would be so much fun!

  4. this sounds like such an amazing trip. i love the beach but have never been here before. what a great vacation!

  5. Mauritius is an awesome place to go for honeymoon. With its white beaches and blue sea.

  6. this is a great read. i love it so much, can’t wait for my honeymoon

  7. I hadn’t considered that so many activities could be done on an island holiday. I always hear about sitting on the beach drinking. This sounds like a good time.

  8. I would love to travel to the Seychelles. It looks picture perfect!

  9. I would definitely visit this place with my family! this is a must because of its view.

  10. Um-honeymoon of my DREAMS!! Beautiful-maybe for my vow renewal;)

  11. Beaches are my favorite place to visit! Mauritius is an awesome destination! Thanks for this wonderful post.

  12. Sounds like such an amazing trip and an ideal destination to have a honeymoon. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Such breathtaking views. That’s a gorgeous island and would make for a memorable and beautiful honeymoon.


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