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There are only a few tigers are remaining on the earth and this is the only major reason why people are showing their interest by visiting different types of Tiger Safaris and National Parks. India is the second country which has the highest density of tigers it has so many tiger reserves and national parks to prevent these species.

Tiger sightseeing in India is one of the most entertaining and joyful activities for tourists all over the world. Tiger reserves in India are known for the glimpse of majestic and ferocious tigers. If you need more reasons to travel for tiger safari in India then this article will give you all the reasons to make you convinced. Following are a few reasons why you should visit tiger safari in India.

best Tiger Safari India jungle resorts

1. Tiger Safaris are operated by Naturalists experts

Doing a tiger safari tour alone is very difficult and risky as well so you always need Naturalists experts to know more about tiger safari in India. When you will visit tiger safaris in India you will be taken in a jeep by Naturalists experts. They will provide you all the information about the whole national park and about the park's inhabitants. They will also let you know where to find tigers in the park.

2. If you get lucky, you will see a tiger

According to statistics, India has the world's 70% of the tiger population and recently it has increased by 30% in the last few years. Even with these positive numbers, there are least chances to spot tigers in some tiger safaris in India but if you get lucky then you can see more than one tiger together especially in Ranthambore National Park and Bandhavgarh national park or even in national parks in Karnataka.

The Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary, in the Warangal region in Telangana, is a dry forest of deciduous teak, bamboo. The Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary, in the Warangal region, is also a place where tigers, panthers, gaurs, birds of passage live. Other important reserves are Kinnerasani, Papikonda, Coringa, Kolleru, Krishna, Pocharam, Manjiri with camping in Medak.

3. Visit tiger reserves freely

Tiger reserves in India are separated into different zones to prevent you from overcrowding. You can explore any zone freely or you can take a guide with you to know everything about the national park.

More adventurous types can book a hike along one of the paths to see the views from above. Impenetrable forests, winding rivers, numerous Sundari trees, somnambulist crocodiles, spotted deer, Sundarban is all that and the most. Look carefully in his soul and you will see nature in its pure state. Sundarban National Park is India's largest crown in a form of the world's largest mangrove forest and the largest tiger reserve in India.

In the largest delta and the largest estuarine national park in the world, you will be amazed at the diversity and stunning beauty of this tiger reserve. Its main attraction is the Royal Bengal tiger, but it also houses endangered species such as Batagur Baska, King Crabs, and Olive Ridley Turtles. With a walk in the creek, walk in the forest, visit a fishing cove, tour the village and visit watchtower offering the best experience of this treasure that has a myriad and mysterious life.

Thoughts are bound to cross your mind as we take you for this magical and mystical journey. Sundarbans, the largest ecosystem in the world was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and was honored as a Biosphere Reserve. To add to this are the Sundarban and Bengal folklore parties and shows, talk shows and movie screenings, enriched the experience.

A cruise will take you through the Ghats of Kolkata, Mousuni Island, Namkhana, a fishermen's cove, Bhagabatpur, a crocodile project, a thrilling ride in the Lothian Island, a 300-year-old temple in the Netidhopani forest, Dobanki, Sudhanyakhali deer rehabilitation center, the watchtower for the Tiger in Sajnekhali, Bali Village, a typical village of Sundarban, Kalas Beach, and Burirdabri.

Want to experience staying amidst wilderness and get closer to wildlife? How about if I say you can have a comfortable stay in the dense jungle atmosphere? Spend a night at the resort and enjoy watching the flowing river on one side and thick jungle on the other.

The living members of this most established national park are the most rabid species of the cat family, the Tigers. People from different parts of the world visit Corbett just to take a look at these wonderful, dangerous felines. Other than tigers, Jim Corbett Park, is a living space for fishing cats, Serow, Goral, Himalayan Tahr, and some other fascinating wildlife.

Situated close to the Jim Corbett National Park, the resorts give you the opportunity to stay in the wilderness close to nature reserves and protected areas. Spend your day in sightseeing from the room or you can also stroll down the narrow pathways of the jungle around.

Ease yourself taking advantage of the garden and fitness center in the resort. The rooms tend to give a homely feeling with its decorations and design. Anyone who has a love for nature and wildlife will have a memorable weekend in the Jim Corbett National Park, one of the ideal weekend getaways from Delhi.

4. You can see other animals as well

India is home to a diverse range of stunning landscapes. You can see mountains, meadows, forests, jungles. This country has it all. To make the most of it, visit a national park and arrange for a jeep safari. Not only will you benefit from the knowledge of a local guide, but you will also be able to spot all the wildlife in their natural environment, including tigers, leopards, and bears.

Tigers are not only the wild animal to see, but there are also thousands of other species too to spot in tiger reserves of India. You can see other animals and bird species like parakeet, thrush, barbet, Coppersmith Barbet, Myna, Alexandrine parakeet, grey hornbill, and Rock-pigeon, Leopards, Striped Hyenas, Sambar deer, Chital, Nilgai, Bee Eaters, Cuckoos, Parakeets, Swift, Owl, Nightjars, Pigeon, Dove, Crakes, langurs, Macaques, Jackals, Sloth bears, Black bucks, Rufous-tailed Hare, Indian foxes, and Indian Mongoose.

5. You can spot one-horned rhinos in Kaziranga

Kaziranga national park is one of the best tiger reserves in India and it is known for its great one-horned Rhinos. The national park has the world's 60% population of great Rhinoceroses. Travel for tiger safari in India is the only way to spot one horned Rhinos in India. You can also get a chance to see Asian elephants, Swamp Deers, Asian Water Buffalo, and even tigers in Kaziranga national park.

best Tiger Safari India jungle resorts

6. Experience Birdwatching in India

Birdwatching is one of the great experiences while you are exploring wildlife in India. There are more than 1300 species of birds in India including, grey hornbill, parakeet, barbet, Coppersmith Barbet, Myna, Rock-pigeon, thrush, and Alexandrine parakeet. You can also take a bird watching itinerary as per your interest in India.

7. See different species of Monkeys and Deers

If you are traveling for tiger safari in India then there 100% chances you will see monkeys in every national park. Rhesus Macaques is one of the different species of monkeys which is most common you found in Delhi. While visiting tiger safari of Ranthambore you will find black-faced long-tailed monkeys. Wherever you go on a tiger safari tour in India you can also see some Sambar Deers which can weight to more than 500 kg.

8. Tiger Safari can be tailored to your interest

India has more than 100 national parks including tiger safaris and a huge amount of wildlife to see. There are more famous animals can be seen here which is not included yet like sloth bears, hyenas, wild boar, Indian bison, black bears, Asian antelope, and honey badgers.

Tiger safari in India also has some specific types of animals like spider safaris, snake safaris so, you can choose as per whatever your interest is.

So these are 8 best reasons to travel for tiger safari in India that will help you to know better about Indian wildlife. If you know more about tiger safaris in India which are not mentioned in this article then tell us in the comment section below.
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