Visit Bandhavgarh Wildlife Sanctuary For Tiger-Spotting

Madhya Pradesh offers some of India’s best wildlife spotting opportunities. Bandhavgarh National Park is one of the top national parks in India. The park features dense green valleys and hilly terrain. In addition to tigers, the park has sloth bears, deer, leopards, jackals, and birds. Bandhavgarh is a place of mythological significance. Don’t miss to visit Bandhavgarh Fort as well.

Do you expect to catch the awful sight of Royal Bengal Tigers? Located in Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh and spread over the splendid Vindhya mountain ranges, Bandhavgarh wildlife sanctuary is one of the best places to visit in India. This is not just one of the famous national parks in India but also among the most picturesque ones owing to its location amidst raw natural beauty.

With an incredibly vast biodiversity, Bandhavgarh wildlife sanctuary is famous for being one of the parks with the highest tiger population in India. So if you wish to spot the majestic animal on your trip to India, your best bet is to visit Bandhavgarh national park. This wonderful national park in Madhya Pradesh has the remains of ancient Bandhavgarh Fort. Bandhavgarh National Park is known for its flora and fauna.

This famous wildlife sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh holds an incredibly rich history. Prior to becoming a national park, the forests of Bandhavgarh were maintained as game preserves of the Maharajas of that time. Rewa state and Madhya Pradesh were merged in 1947, resulting in Bandhavgarh coming under the regulations of Madhya Pradesh.

The Maharajas still retained hunting rights in the forests of Bandhavgarh. When the areas were constituted as a national park in 1968, conservation measures began to be taken to preserve it as a natural habitat. In the year 1972, Project Tiger was launched. The Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 also came into force.

Initially developed as a major hunting ground for the maharajas of the Rewa Dynasty that had ruled over MP, this national park is a major place for tiger conservation in India. This place is known for having the highest density of Bengal tigers in the world. If you are a wildlife enthusiast or love wildlife photography projects then this place is a must-visit since you can easily spot tigers here as compared to anywhere else in India.

Panning over an area of 105 sq. km. across grasslands, shrub fields, and Sal tree forests Bandhavgarh is the epitome of raw nature in its purest form.

Bandhavgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist attractions at Bandhavgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Among the places to visit in Bandhavgarh there are plenty of attractions that tourists can enjoy at this stunning national park. An awesome place for wildlife enthusiasts to visit, there are plenty of animals to see and safaris to take here. This world famous Tiger Reserve is an especially great place to visit if you happen to be traveling with kids.

So waste no time in planning a trip to this incredible park! You do not even need to book flights in advance. You can book last minute flights with a travel agency which offers them at discounts.

Jungle Safari in Bandhavgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Jungle safaris remain the top attraction at Bandhavgarh wildlife sanctuary. Take the best wildlife safari in India on an open jeep with a guide and set out to spot some exotic wildlife. Safari tickets are sold out in advance and there are two types of safaris offered here - jeep safari and Elephant safari.

Elephant Safaris are costlier and not easy to book. Hence, many tourists rely on jeep safaris here. Even in these, there are two types of jeep safaris that you can book - full jeep safari mode and single seat safari mode. In the first one, you will be booking the complete jeep safari only to be accompanied by a guide and driver.

In the second type, you will be accompanied by other tourists on the same safari. You can choose whichever one you prefer the most. There are certain things to remember however. Wild animals are just that, they are not there to perform for you and will go where they please. They will roam over vast areas not all of which accessible by road or track.

Your drivers and guides will be well versed in finding the various creatures and will have updates daily and as you travel. However this does not guarantee a particular sighting. You will see wonderful things maybe not what you expect on any particular day. You will also need to be up early to see the best.

Animals are not very active in the heat of the day and like us tend to lie low and sleep. Mornings and evenings are the best times for activity.

Animals in Bandhavgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Bandhavgarh National Park is home to a myriad of exotic animals you can see on your trip to the region on cheap business class flights. The big wild cats comprising of Tigers, Leopards, Panthers, and jungle cat remain the star attraction.

However, apart from these, there are several other beautiful wild animals you can see here such as Sambar Deer, Hares, Jackals, Hyenas, Apes, Indian Gaur, Civets, Bats, Bears, Pangolins, and Antelopes among others.

Birds at Bandhavgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

The vast national park forest area of Bandhavgarh is home to about 250 species of exotic birds. Categorized into various bird families, you can enjoy spotting some of these beautiful birds while on a jeep safari in Bandhavgarh. While birds can be seen throughout the forest, there are certain areas that are better than the rest for bird watching.

Some of the stunning bird species you can watch here include Egrets, Crested Hawk Eagle, Kingfisher, Blue Jay, Spotted Dove, Grey Heron, Indian Oriole, and Red-Wattled Lapwing among plenty of others.

Best time to visit Bandhavgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

The Bandhavgarh wildlife sanctuary is open to visitors from October to June and closed for the rest of the months due the rainy season. While you can visit anytime during these months, it is still a good idea to find out beforehand if the park is open on the day you plan to visit.

This is because the park usually remains closed during Holi festival and there are chances that it may be the case during some other festival as well. If you have time to spare once you are done visiting Bandhavgarh, you can check out Karnataka as well if you can find cheap flights to Nagarhole national park.

Where to stay in Bandhavgarh?

A good wildlife resort in India can be anything from a neat basic room with a clean washroom to a classy boutique hotel with glam-room washrooms, restaurant, room service, maybe a swimming pool, pond in the premise if it’s the finest property. Bandhavgarh offers a unique countryside experience which makes one feel closer to nature.

A stay in these specially crafted, tree houses set amidst lush greenery is an experience worth treasuring. The resorts in Bandhavgarh are perfect for those who are looking for complete luxury and lavish stay in Bandhavgarh. They offer all kinds of amenities and facilities that you will never feel that you are surrounded by a jungle.

A. Kings Lodge

It has a pleasant range of facilities and room options, and an ambience that complements the natural beauty all around. The cottages provided by the lodge are large, spacious, and styled in a jungle theme. One can also choose from one of the stilt rooms to put up at. Constructed with natural materials, these ecologically-conscious cottages have a distinct rural-architecture look to them. The rooms have private balconies, to take in views of the surrounding jungles.

B. Hotel Tree House Hideaway

It offers a unique countryside experience which makes one feel closer to nature. The tranquil ambiance makes for the ideal escape from the usual city grind. A stay in these specially crafted, tree houses set amidst lush greenery is an experience worth treasuring. Situated at Village Ketkiya, Hotel Tree House Hideaway is close to Bandhavgarh Hill.

Accommodation is offered in the form of deluxe rooms and A/c tree houses. The rooms are spacious and well-appointed, and apt for a home-like stay. The woody decor and earthy colours ensures a soothing stay.

It is a conservation oriented jungle retreat set in ten acres of the reforestation project, located near Village Tala, Bandhavgarh. The lodge has a set of six nests (cottages) and six peaceful safari tents, each set under the shade of Mahua trees. Each tent boasts its own private wrap around verandahs with views of mature grasslands. There is a private massage area in the verandahs with an option of a yoga lesson in the mornings.

The tent verandah is also a haven for birdwatchers. Inspired by the design of nests, the quaint eco-cottages merge into the beautiful surrounding grasslands. Eclectic handcrafted furniture and furnishings add to their rustic charm. The kitchens at the lodge offer a blend of home-cooked Indian and Western food. Meals are served inside the dining room and at the main lodge, and at times around a bonfire. You can also enjoy a private meal in the intimacy of the nests.

How to reach Bandhavgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

The nearest airport to Bandhavgarh is Jabalpur Airport about 200 km away. The airport is well-linked with the ones in Delhi and Mumbai. So you can book cheap flights to any of these major cities first and then take a connecting flight to Jabalpur.

Alternatively, you can take a connecting flight to Khajuraho Airport which is about 250 km away and well-linked with airports in Delhi and Varanasi.
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