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Mumbai is heaven for travel lovers as there is so much to explore and learn. In Mumbai, you will find beaches, trails, and rivers and so on. There is so much to see that you cannot possibly cover the entire city in one trip. But you can cover most of the place if you go according to the plan. And… there are numerous other places to visit.

However, there is one thing that Mumbai offers which can’t be matched by any top city of the world, probably. We can find the best street food in Mumbai with ethnic food and delicacies of almost every culture around the world. So, don’t forget to visit the various eateries around Mumbai.

In Mumbai, use Google maps to know the route distances and different modes to travel. If there is a train available do use it. Take a first class ticket and ride during non busy times (avoiding 7-9 am and 6-8 pm). If you are visiting Sewri, for getting the most out of your trip, it is important to reach before sunrise because the high tide comes in by 10 am.

There is a reason Bhigwan is called Bharatpur of Maharashtra. The fields around Bhigwan offer plenty of other grassland species like Pipits, Larks, Shrikes, Hoopoe etc. Set sail for Kala Ghoda for a variety of museums, then continue your way to one of India’s most beautiful landmarks, the Hanging Gardens on Malabar Hill — the perfect place for a selfie, so go ahead lovers! — and then you can also run behind the pigeons around the historic Gate of India.

Of course, you can’t skip the famous markets, with all the curiosities and jewelry of the Colaba market that stand out in particular. You can see traditional Hindi performances at the Prithvi Theater in Juhu. If you want to go to the beaches, just go and watch people, skip the swim.

Top Things to Do in Mumbai

But these are superb places, and a MUST VISIT if you are in Mumbai.

1. Gateway of India

We went to the Gateway of India, where there is a large square with all kinds of vendors. The Gateway of India was built in honor of the visit made by Jorge V and Maria von Teca to India in 1911. Ironically, this was the place chosen by the British to give the final farewell to India.

In front are the most luxurious hotels, such as the Taj Mahal Hotel and luxury shops. Suddenly the monsoon caught us but as we wanted to see more, we did not return to the hotel, and we got ourselves wet. We wore a raincoat, but this does not work with such humidity. It is best to use an umbrella, which is what locals use. By the way, I like how men and women dress. Everyone is different and always looks elegant.

We continue walking through streets crowned by huge trees and great historical buildings of the colonial era. We can get an idea of ​​what Bombay might have been like at the beginning of the 20th century. When we did not know what to do, we went to the Regal cinema, the most important one in Bombay, to see a movie. First, there were announcements, legal warnings such as do not download music from the internet, buy the CD.

Suddenly, the spectators rise to their feet and sing the national anthem of India, while a 3D flag wave on the screen.

The film turn out to be a good one. It had everything from action, love, jealousy, music, luxury, parties, chases, and fights. That's why it lasted three hours! A few months later, I would listen to the soundtrack of this film on the radio. I was very excited, I wanted to run to the studio and give a hug to the nice blokes that work there.

After this film break, we went to have some beer at a bar where we had to pay 10 rupees for each song we wanted to listen to. Beer by beer, song by song we were playing the fool until the dream was with us. On the way to the hotel, we talked about what we had seen during the day. there is too much information in such a short time. When we turned off the light, I received an SMS from my father.

I had passed all the subjects of my college exam. That means that I finished the race. The message had taken me out of Mumbai, to transport me to my world, the one in which all the needs are covered and we were happy for things like finishing the race. Let's go back to more joyful matters.

The next day I got up to buy something for breakfast and a guy stopped me to tell me if I wanted to be Bollywood extra. Mmmm, of course! Of course, I pointed to my friends and that is another story altogether.

2. Haji Ali Dargah

After this, we paid a visit to Haji Ali Dargah. The Haji Ali Dargah is a popular religious site and also a popular tourist attraction.

The 500 year old Dargah is a blend of Indo-Islamic architecture. The Dargah has been listed in the World Book of Records as one of the most visited shrines.

3. Elephanta Island

We then head to Elephanta Island, which is half an hour by boat, and on the way back, we sat down to watch the sunset on Chowpatty beach at Mumbai.

On the way back, the main road had been closed in both directions and an impressive traffic jam had been set up. If the people here are already so fond of honking their horns, yes, at that time you could not hear anything other than horns. I asked a couple the reason for this chaos and they told me calmly, that a politician was coming to speak near those stands.

As my friends were tired we did not stay to see the meeting, but I would have liked it. I meet two other friends who immerse us in the nightlife of Bombay, next to the Gateway of India.

4. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

This isn’t just another national park. This is situation right in the middle of Mumbai Metropolitan region. This 103 sq. kms area is a protected zone, and the biodiversity of this place is phenomenal. Covered with dense forests and ravines, hillocks and grasslands, it makes for a super place for nature lovers. And the best part - it is easily accessible.

Hikers, trekkers, bird watchers and animal lovers will simple love this National Park. Beware, you may come across big wild cats roaming around.

5. Kanheri Caves

When you visit Sanjay Gandhi National Park make sure to visit these ancient caves (if you love historical places, these will take your breath away). Nestled in the forests of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, these caves date back to 1st century bce to 10th century ce.

6. Mahakali Caves

These are in western suburb of Andheri, and as old as the Kanheri caves.

7. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

This is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in India. This is a classical architecture marvel of British era. This 135 year old structure is pride of Indian Railway terminus. It is one of the busiest railway terminus in India.

8. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

This is magnificent structure is located in the Fort region near the Gateway of India. It is one of the most important museums of India which has ancient artifacts dating back from as far back as the Indus Valley Civilization, Mauryan, Gupta era to Maratha and Mughal empire. The structure itself is also a fabulous example of classical architecture of British era.

9. Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum

This one shouldn’t be missed purely for the exhibits in the museum. Situated in the Jijamata Udyan in Byculla, this is the oldest museum of Mumbai.

10. Marine Drive

Marine Drive and Chowpatty are old landmarks of Mumbai, and quite popular among tourists. Walking from the concrete jungle of Nariman Point (the business district of South Mumbai), along the promenade of Marine Drive, through to Chowpatty is a must especially in the evening. The Marine Drive is also called the Queen’s Necklace.

The Pearl of the Orient, a revolving restaurant at the top of Ambassador Hotel near Churchgate station, off Marine Drive, provides for a breathtaking view of Mumbai’s skyline. With The Gateway of India and Mumbai Stock Exchange Tower on one side it revolves to let us see the skyline of Nariman Point and Cuffe Parade in the distant, and Braborne Stadium on the South side.

See the Marine Drive in the west and Wankhede Stadium on the North side, and Churchgate and the Azad and Cross Maidan in the east. Absolutely breathtaking.

11. Hanging Gardens

Although we may find such manicured gardens around the world, these have a special reason for recommendations. These two gardens are perched on Malabar Hill, and split by a road. From these gardens, we get a fantastic view of the sunrise and sunset. Secondly, we get breathtaking view of Mumbai skyline and the lit up Marine Drive along with Chowpaty beach.

12. Global Vipassana Pagoda

Near Gorai Beach, Mumbai. For those who love peace and meditation, this is a must place to go to. We can see classic example of Burmese architecture and arts.

13. Shri Siddhi Vinayak Ganpati Mandir

One of the most important Temples in Mumbai. Mumbai’ites have great faith and belief in this Temple of Lord Ganesha. Visited by almost all celebrities where people walk bare foot for long distances for ‘Darshan’. Tuesdays are considered extremely pious and so there are huge queues.

14. Juhu Beach

One of the most majestic sights is the silvery waves which hit the Juhu beach after 3 am in the morning.

Mumbai has advanced a lot, so traveling here solo is not going to be a problem. Yes, as a solo traveler you need to be extra cautious about your safety like anywhere in the world. Otherwise, it is an adventurous land, having mysteries and sceneries that will give you a lifetime of memories and experiences.
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