Top Xinjiang Tourist Attractions

Among the largest autonomous regions in Northwest China, Xinjiang has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. There are some absolutely awesome must-have experiences in Xinjiang that first-time travelers simply must not miss! A major highlight of Xinjiang is its amazingly diverse landscape. There are lush grasslands, snowy mountains, dense forests, sparkling deserts, and majestic glaciers among other things.

Besides exploring these, tasting the delicious local food is also a must when touring Xinjiang. Any Xinjiang introduction, however elaborate, is simply not enough to describe the beauty of this gorgeous place! Keep reading for a clearer idea of what to expect when visiting this lesser-known but equally awesome travel destination in China.

Xinjiang tourist attractions

Top Xinjiang Attractions Not to Miss

We highly recommend that you not make the mistake of taking an unplanned trip to Xinjiang on last minute flights. There are simply too many awesome attractions not to miss! Listed below are some of the best and must-have experiences in Xinjiang. Take a quick peek now!

1. Kanas Nature Reserve

Exploring this stunning landscape is among the best must-have experiences in Xinjiang. Popularly referred to as the Pearl of Northern Xinjiang, Kanas features spectacular lakes, grasslands, forests, rivers, and glaciers among other things. The color of the water here changes along with the seasons.

There are scores of scenic hiking trails for hiking enthusiasts to explore. Among the most Insta-worthy places in Xinjiang, it's an absolute paradise for nature lovers.

2. Bayanbulak Grassland

One of the largest grasslands in all of China, Bayanbulak is among the most scenic places on the Xinjiang map. A typical savanna, it's dotted with sheep and cattle and is blessed with abundant rainfall each year. This has resulted in the lush greenery and scores of water bodies in the region.

If you visit during June-September, you can look at migrating Swans who come to relax and breed here. Bayanbulak Grassland offers you endless opportunities to take awesome Xinjiang pictures to document your trip.

3. Taklamakan Desert

Ominously dubbed the Sea of Death, the Taklamakan Desert is among the most unique albeit stunning places to visit in Xinjiang. Among the largest shifting-sand deserts in the world, it can be traversed via the long stretch of highway across it. Taking this path is among the most exciting must-have experiences in Xinjiang. October-November is the ideal time to visit this golden desert as there are fewer sand storms during this time.

4. Heavenly Lake

Exploring Heavenly Lake and its surrounding region is among the best must-have experiences in Xinjiang for families traveling together. Located at an altitude of more than 6,000 feet, the lake is pleasantly cool to visit during the summer. It's surrounded by spruce clusters and the majestic snow-clad Bogda Peak. Also, this is considered a holy place because according to Chinese legend, a Goddess used to bathe here often.

5. Uyghur Market

This is not the standard shopping in a mall or a high-end boutique experience. Uyghur Markets are noisy, vibrant, and crowded places that offer you the chance to see what everyday life is like in the region. Found mostly in villages around the old town of Kashgar, these markets deal in camels, sheep, donkeys, and other local necessities among other things. Take a leisurely stroll and pick up a souvenir or two.

6. Kashgar Old Town

Xinjiang travel becomes a lot more interesting when you visit important historical places in the region. With hundreds of years of history, Kashgar Old Town is one such awesome historical places to explore. It is the ideal place to learn about Uyghur culture and traditions. You can see scores of structures built in the fabulous Uyghur as well as Islamic architectural styles.

Popular attractions to cover include the Abakh Khoja Tomb and the Id Kah Mosque among other things.

7. Xinjiang Delicacies

Among the topmost must-have experiences in Xinjiang is to try the mouthwatering local delicacies. This will be the highlight of Xinjiang travel especially for foodies visiting the region. Rice, pasta, beef, and mutton are indispensable to the local cuisine. Some of the most popular food items to try include grilled whole lamb, baked mutton kebabs, nang, and rice cooked with mutton along with raisins, onions, and carrots among other ingredients.

Best Time to Visit Xinjiang

Travelers unbothered by stark weather differences can book business class flights to Xinjiang for a visit any time of the year. However, the best time to visit Xinjiang is generally believed to be from August to October. This is autumn in Xinjiang and the weather is most pleasant during this time.

You can enjoy the must-have experiences in Xinjiang without any worries during this time. Don't forget to take your camera along and snap the best Xinjiang pictures ever!

How to Reach Xinjiang

You can book cheap flights to China's Urumqi International Airport to reach Xinjiang. It’s an important international airport in China and is well-connected with major places like Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Xian, and more via regular domestic flights. So, after you've enjoyed the amazing must-have experiences in Xinjiang, you can take off to other major travel destinations from Urumqi Airport.

Budget travelers can use trains or buses to travel from Xinjiang to other parts of China. So, come and enjoy your most exciting Xinjiang travel yet!
Kalyan Panja