10 Best Places to Visit in Croatia

Are you thinking of traveling to Croatia? You can visit Istria, Zagreb or even travel by car or train to Slovenia and learn more about this wonderful part of Europe. It's easy to fall in love with the country's small, pretty villages and beautiful archipelago. The food is inspired by the Italian cuisine with influences from the east - of course, often served seafood.

Enjoy the nightlife of Croatia, in its many pubs, discos or annual festivals. To enter the country you will need your passport and visa. Croatia is an amazing country to visit. You can never have enough of Croatia. Every time you leave Croatia, you will be left wanting to visit the country once again. You would be amazed by the fact that the place has got 2,500 miles of coastlines which is along with the coast and the place is especially known for all those floating hotels and you can too ride or travel with the help of those floating hotels.

places to visit in Croatia

These are some of the places to visit for honeymoon in Croatia. It wouldn't be justice to give all these amazing places an order. They are all beautiful in their own way.

1. Dubrovnik

If you do not wish to travel in water then also there is nothing to feel sad about as this place has got Dubrovnik which is a coast of Makarska river and here you can travel inland and explore the entire place. Do not forget to click pictures while you are here in this place and make a memory. Take a morning flight from Zagreb to Dubrovnik. It'll take about 1.5 hours.

The only other way to travel is by taking the bus and that will take over 10 hours (Zagreb to Split and then from Split to Dubrovnik). Dubrovnik with its cobbled streets and orange roofs facing a turquoise sea makes it one of the favorite destinations. Enjoy a local red wine in the shade of its walls or on a terrace.

Go see Old Town. If you happen to be a Game of Thrones fan, then this place will turn out extra special for you. After all, this is the place where scenes from the Capital i.e. Kings Landing were shot. During your tour of Old Town, you should visit the city walls, palaces, churches, monasteries ,squares and monuments. Also, spend some time at Old Port.

Kayak around the waters of Dubronvik. If you don't want to do that, take a morning stroll on the Banje Beach. Next, head to Lokrum Island via a fun ferry ride. Spend the rest of the day here. Do visit Fort Royal on the island.

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2. Zagreb

Zagreb, the capital is quite far from the coast and most tourist areas but is one of the must-see trips to Croatia to know its history, enjoy nature or discover the nightlife. Hiking is a must in Zagreb. Since you're in Zagreb, make sure you walk a lot. After all, it’s one of Europe’s most lovely walkable cities. Also, there are numerous cafes in Zagreb.

In fact, the cafes outnumber the natives in some area. Therefore as a traveler, you have got to take a walking tour and munch your heart out at any cafe whose vibe attracts you. Ban Jelacic is the main city square. So start your walking tour from here. While at the Square, try to look for the statue of Ban Jelacic. and the Mandusevac Fountain.

Next move on to Dolac Market. It's a bustling farmer's market. Since its located in the lower part of the city, go on an adventurous Funicular ride. During that short ride, you'll get to see the entire city scape with orange ree roofs. Also, observe the Lotrscak Tower on your way. Spend some time in the upper town area.

Zagreb has some brilliant museums. unique reputation. Start with Museum of Broken Relationships. It includes mementos from failed relationships. Each item also includes a story - some funny and some really sad. Next, visit Museum of Naïve Art and the Museum of Torture. Once you're done exploring the collections in all of these museums, pay a visit to St. Mark's Church. Its nearby. End your day by eating at some lovely eatery.

3. Rijeka

Region with history that combines islands with many hours of sun, walks along the coast, striking parks with wide flora, the area of Gorski Kotar is considered as the lung of the country. It is home to fascinating eagles, bears and wolves. Lubenice provides excellent views of the Adriatic Sea.

4. Istria

Discover the Euphrasian Basilica of Porec, declared a World Heritage Site. You cannot miss the old town and its coastal and relaxed atmosphere. Travel to the past in the Roman ruins of Pula.

5. Rovinj

Attend a week long Salsa festival in Rovinj, a sea port with a very vibrant Latin Dance scene. Around 5,000 dancers from all over the world gather in the town, dancing their heart out all through the day and all through the night. Every cafe and restaurant play Salsa songs, even early in the morning. People of all ages could be seen dancing on the streets.

6. Split

Wake up and take a ferry till Split. Split is a city in Croatia that mixes the historic center with modernity. One of the best plans is to walk along the promenade and have a drink in the tranquility, and if you want something more cultural you should visit some of its museums and Diocletian's Palace.

Sinj itself is not very touristy town nor it is on the seaside. However since it’s so close to major coastal city, Split, it can very convenient to visit it and it’s very nice. It’s small and cute with wonderful people. However main reason to visit it would definitely be on every first Sunday in August. Then when medieval game called Sinjska alka takes place.

The Alka itself is an equestrian competition in which various horsemen riding at full gallop aim their lances at a hanging metal ring (alka), and are awarded points according to which sector of the ring they are able to pierce.

7. Brac

Brac is one of the hundreds of islands that flood the Baltic Sea and during a trip to Croatia is an ideal place to rest and get away from tourists from the most visited areas.

8. Hvar

Move to any of the islands such as the Hvar island or the Korcula island. Hvar island is the longest island in the Adriatic and famous for being the island of lavender, rosemary and pine, plagued by virgin forests and white sand beaches. This idyllic place is located in front of the Dalmatian coast, surrounded by the sea routes of the Adriatic Sea and guarded by the archipelago of the Pakleni Islands.

In addition, it is easy to include it in your family trip through Croatia because from Split there are ferries and direct catamarans everyday and you can go with your rental car. From Italy there are several routes that connect Ancona with Split and Pescara with Starigrad. Stroll along its Riva. The highest point of Hvar is the Napoleon Fort.

After walking through its old town and buying some souvenirs you can go for a swim in one of its beaches, specifically in Zecevo. It is necessary to rent a boat from Jelsa, a coastal town that is in front of the islet. Another one of the beaches is the one of Stari Grad to the north of the island. Many travelers decide to snorkel in this place.

Southeast of Hvar is the Stari beach and on the Marinkovac island, which can be reached by boat from Hvar, there are the Stipanska and Min beaches. In the southwest of the island find the Palmizana beach and finally in the southernmost part is the naturist Zavala beach. Another option is to stay at a campsite.

One of the best naturist camping is Vrboska, surrounded by nature. Few travel magazines has chosen it as one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world.

9. Vis

The Vis island is 12 miles from the Hvar island. To travel from the city of Vis to Komiza, the other city of the islet use a bus that connects both sites. From Komiza to the sea, located on the Bisevo island, go by boat to Blue Grotto or Blue Cave, a light and water show. The sun reflects in the sea creating flashes that enter the cave, acquiring silver and mauve tones. In the excursions is also visited Green Cave or Zelena Spilja.

10. Korcula

Korcula, the sixth largest island on the Adriatic can be accessed from the Peljesac peninsula or from Split, Dubrovnik or Hvar. It is an ideal destination to spend a few days of vacation in Croatia. Vela Przina has one of the few sandy beaches on the island and in general of Croatia, a country where pebble beaches abound. In summer it is crowded, but in the low season it is a joy.

Korcula is like a fairytale city where you can wander aimlessly, where you can sit down and drink wine in a wine bar decorated with taste or enjoy a dinner while watching the sunset. Also in the square of the cathedral is the Abbey Palace now converted into the Riznica Museum (for those who want to see icons and Dalmatian painting) and just opposite the Gabriellis Palace, home of the Museum of the City.

Another place to consider is what is supposed to be the house where Marco Polo was born. Little remains of that house, just the walls and a nice Gothic window next to a tower that has little inside but to enter it you have to pay. In the city there is also the Marco Polo Museum, a very popular place especially for families with children.

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