8 Top Reasons to Visit Morocco

Morocco is magical. In its diverse landscapes. In its diverse colours. From the world's largest desert and white snow-capped mountains to beautiful Mediterranean coasts, Morcoco is a surprisingly colourful place. With wonderful people. Because Morocco is an ultimate holiday destination which can make your time worth full by adding a lot of fun and charm in your trip.

Why Morocco as a holiday destination? Many have asked me this question. And all I ever could do was smile at them be shocked faces. And my simple response was why not? For those who are not aware or know very little, Morocco is not in the Middle East but in Africa (I know it's easy to misinterpret the grid) and situated in the north as well making it a top rank amongst the rest of African terrain.

Not only this but on its Northern Coast is Strait of Gibraltar as well, the point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea. And that’s about right too, Morocco is home to two beautiful aquatic life forms! I don’t know why but it made me so excited and I knew visiting was unavoidable. Morocco has an authentic way of life, squeezing cultural details in every aspect of life here is just the Moroccan way of living.

There are some thrifty vibes going on here once you see the marketplace (souks). Situated in the old walled medinas (old city part) these souks represents the culture and traditional goods that tourists are unable to resist. Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca, Essaouira, Chefchaouen, etc. are particularly popular for their stronghold of souks in the area and well there are amazing goods you can't resist upon.

Things to do in Morocco

1. Off-Season Trips Are Always Cheap

Wherever you on the holidays, if you are going to the place off-the-season, you will have cheap opportunities. In the days of winter, Morocco is rarely visited by the vacationers. It is because of the reason that in London and most of the European countries, there are busy days in winter, yes people look for the Christmas holidays in Morocco but in normal days, winters are silent in Morocco.

When we reach Marrakech in the first week of December last year, we found a perfect scene of holidays there. We were charged with the low travel fares, and the residence there in Marrakesh also cost us on the 50% discount. For the newcomers, remember that Marrakech will give you the cheapest opportunities but you need to know how to bargain well.

2. Moroccan Sun Kisses You in the Winters

Marrakech is a wonder of Morocco offers you a lot of unique experiences. One of the reasons why travelers move to Morocco in winter is actually a heat. In Summers or even in normal temperatures, you might get sweaty strolling around in the souks of Medina. In winters, you will experience the normal temperature days and the cold nights.

But in the day time, the sun comes up to warm you. That heat is required to the Europeans who can't see the sun in their regions for so long. If I compare the weather of Morocco with the weather in London or Toronto in the same month, I can't expect that ideal conditions there.

So the travelers like me who want to take a great amount of pleasing heat in winters, Marrakech, or even every destination of Morocco welcomes you and ready to give you a perfect experience.

3. Are you Looking for Peaceful Cold Arabian Nights?

Yes, I'm sure you are also fond of the cold peaceful nights in local cafes grabbing a cup of warm coffee on the rooftop and taking sips of it. This is the ultimate imagination I usually idealize in my mind. Marrakech provided me the opportunity to give a practical experience to my thoughts. You also have the option to give your thoughts an experience.

Don't forget to take the jackets and the clothes to keep you warm in Morocco, warm socks, gloves, and caps will save you from the cold air. Another idealized thought of sitting on the cushions around the fire organized by your Riad or any restaurant can be fulfilled being in Morocco. You will have a perfect slice of enjoyment to be on the ultimate holiday destination like Morocco.

4. Moroccan Sunsets

What is important to tell you that, you will not find unnecessary hassle, Morocco is peaceful mostly in the off-season months. But that peace will give you more opportunity to take the deep experience of the culture, and what the impact Djemaa el Fna gives you. I recommend you to visit the places in Marrakech which can give you the true impact of the place.

5. Museums in Morocco

Museums can tell you about the history, and the current living style of Arab-African Moroccans. Zoos can give your children a better get-away, you will see the animals and the species of the animals Morocco preserves. Buying things in Morocco will give you an experience of what Morocco makes its own and sell in their markets. To visit the more historical and architectural places you will have a great impression of the red pearl of Morocco.

In all these experiences, you will have less exposure of the foreign visitors, mostly will find the locals roaming around. It is the perfect time for me to feel the place in more silence. Most of us have some emotional link with the magical hours of the day. Like me, you must also link yourself with the feelings come along sun going down.

Morocco gives you the perfect opportunity to overview the perfect sunset scenes. Grab the opportunity to take great fares and peaceful opportunities in Marrakech. The place is calling you.The ski resorts of Ouikameden and the Ourika Valley are also nearby.

6. Moroccan cuisine

Moroccan cuisine is traditional. A fusion of the cuisines and customs from a pot of cultures from around the world. It’s about spices, a mainstay on the ancient spice route which has influenced Moroccan cooking for generations. The varied spices and its unique flavour profile are the base for several standout ingredients for many of its iconic dishes from tagine to roast chicken to flaky baklava.

Tagine is synonymous with Moroccan food. The slow-cooked stew of chicken or lamb, plus a variety of vegetables, dried fruits, nuts and spices packs it with loads of flavour and texture. Couscous is made of teeny-tiny balls of wheat semolina, steamed so they’re soft and fluffy. A side dish to a main dish, and salad, etc.

Harira soup is one of the best way to enjoy a nutritious tomato soup meal. It is often filled with meat, vegetables, lentils and chickpeas.

7. Shopping in Morocco

Do you know how they say the food is the most primarily important thing? I disagree. I believe there's something more important than food, well surely my pals will agree with me on this. And well I’m not wrong here either! If you think what I'm thinking, then we are on the right track here guys! It's SHOPPING!

Nothing is as exciting (or as tiring for some) as going on a shopping spree. It’s the adventure loved by the kids, adults and well even the elders. No matter what place you are going, every one of you has some particular taste you want to buy and there’s no stopping you from it either.

And should it be? You earn not only for old age or just to settle out kids you know? You have a right to fulfill your wish as little as it may seem. Anything than has the power to make you happy needs a redeeming chance in your life again and again. Well besides, shopping there is this one thing that can easily bring goosebumps down my neck. The excitement of travelling! I love travelling too, as my little doppelganger does.

8. Weather in Morocco

The ideal season to visit Marrakech is during the warmer months. So that the heat does not overwhelm us, the ideal is to do it during the months of September to May. The main cultural festival of the city, which takes place at the beginning of June, can also be a good time to visit.
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