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With the internet giving shopping enthusiasts a chance to explore different brands online, shopping-motivated tourism has become very popular. And even for travelers who don't travel primarily to shop, they always end up shopping while abroad. Leading brands are actually designing products that not only attract locals in international markets but also foreign internationals visiting overseas markets.

Of course, no one can deny that shopping and traveling are connected by an unbreakable link. Shopping while on the road abroad is a great way of supporting the local businesses and the economy as a whole. But even with that being said, what exactly makes traveling and shopping a perfect combo?

best cities for shopping in the world

1. Tunis

While on a tour abroad, nothing will ever give you more value for money and time than buying local souvenirs and eating local delicacies at local restaurants. You feel the vibe and the character of an overseas destination by visiting the local joints where the locals spend their time and buying the things they value most. In a nutshell, your trip becomes more authentic when you shop and interact with the locals in the process.

Stroll through the bustling Medina of Tunisia, to perfect your bargaining skills. Try the Souk Al Attarine that still sells perfumes and oils, or the Grand Souq des Chechias, the traditional place of shopping.

2. Manama

Forget about the corporate brand representatives that bring their products to your office or neighborhood all the time. Forget about mainstream shopping in malls and supermarkets in the city. Shopping in the streets at small, locally-owned businesses and interacting with the locals makes your shopping instincts come back to life.

You negotiate for prices, discuss different local topics, and interact with the local culture- like a local. The town gossip that you couldn’t have heard had you stayed put in your hotel, shopping gives you a glimpse of it. And what’s more, you even become more confident when you mingle with and buy stuff from people who barely speak your language. You will have a juicy story to tell back home.

Manama is a vibrant capital of the island with a large urban center where the Bahrain City Center stands, a large shopping center with 350 shops of all kinds, with 50 bars and restaurants, the Wahooo water park, movie theaters or the Recreational Magic Planet area, which includes a bowling lane.

Street markets are located in the south of the city a labyrinth of streets between Bab Al Bahrain and Lulu Road where tourists and travelers can buy from kaftas to spices, nuts, products local, ceramic pieces or slippers, all in a typical arabesque environment.

3. Barcelona

Locals will gladly teach you how to cook their local delicacy when you agree to leave your hotel room and go grocery shopping downtown. You will also learn the local language easily when you go out. There are tons of new things to learn out there, things that will enhance your happiness and personal growth.

Shopping is also a great option in Barcelona. Check out the famous street La Rambla, one of the largest tourist attractions in the city.

4. London

Some gifts and souvenirs are unique to a given destination. Things that will make everyone happy when you bring them home. When visiting London, for example, be sure to take a free walking tour through London to Oxford Street and other shopping streets and buy something unique to bring home to your loved ones. The city, just like many other cities in Europe, is a hub for many yummy delicacies to try and high-end fashion brands to choose from. But before buying, there are tons of online stores where you can order high-end brands, so make sure you check for competing prices.

5. Dubai

There are many shopping festivals in the world that attracts foreign tourists. The Dubai Shopping Festival is one such occasion. It attracts millions of international shoppers for fashion items, electronics, and jewelry, among other things. The items are mostly sold at a discounted price. If you love to shop and travel, you will find great joy in attending such kind of festivals.

best cities for shopping in the world

Shopping Tips While Travelling

· Go grocery shopping at least once during your trip and ensure that you try one or several local delicacies.

· Make eco-conscious shopping. Don’t use plastic bags anyhow. Instead, use a reusable shopping bag at all times.

· Don’t forget to inform your credit card company that you will be traveling and using your card to shop while abroad. It can be very inconveniencing to have your card declined.

· Remember to make a shopping list before heading to the store in order to avoid impulse and unnecessary buying.

· Speaking of a shopping list, remember to translate it to the local language before handing it over to the storekeeper. A professional translation company will help you with that.

In conclusion

Did you love a particular item during your time abroad and you now wish you could go back and get it? Worry not because online shopping will come to your rescue.
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