10 Jobs that Require Travel and Pay Well

Who doesn't love to get paid for travelling and a job that will pay for your tickets with no experience? Very few would be happy being confined to a 9 to 5 job, being stuck in the cubicle the whole day. Lucky are those who find their profession in traveling which may be in telecommunication or jobs to travel and taste food as going global requires specialized knowledge. But, how to get paid to travel?

The first step to make your dream of traveling the world come true is to decide exactly what you want to get out out of the experience. From there, you can choose your starting destination and any job/career path that you support you during your journey. Do you want to be able to travel indefinitely while supporting yourself via any number of remote work opportunities?

If you're interested or experienced in any type of IT, programming, data analysis, software development, digital marketing, accounting, or anything related to those, then you're in good shape. You can frequently find high-paying remote work opportunities in those fields, more than enough in terms of salary to support a single person traveling indefinitely as long as you're able to do your work correctly every day.

You will need time and money. If the job includes international travel, you are off to a good start, but you will need a decent salary and generous holidays. It helps if you live in a economically successful country.

Today let's consider a few tips for jobs that require travel and pay well.

1. Cruise Ship Worker

Most consider a job on the cruise ship a dream job as it is one of those jobs that require international travel. And why not, it is one of those jobs that require extensive travel without worrying about your food and accommodation. Whether you are a server in a restaurant, a cashier, an actor, a musician, an artist or part of the technical team you most certainly will have to put in long hours at work.

The facilities that you avail subsides the hard work you put in one of the highest paying travel jobs that require prolonged travel.

2. Flight Attendant

Even a kid would have guessed this one that is one of those best entry level jobs that pay well and include travel. It is one of those jobs that require being beautiful and that require travel. For people who love traveling, this job is perfect, realistic and pleasurable. Flight attendants, however, have erratic schedules as they are constantly on the move.

If you are a people's person and a passionate traveler you will love to be a flight attendant. You get recruited based on your experience in customer support/service. An added advantage is that you or your family members are in most cases awarded discounted flight rates. Be prepared for a crazy routine; this job that requires travelling is demanding for sure.

3. Film Star

A movie star or a television artist experiences immense scope for travel and is one of the best jobs to travel and pay well. They shoot one scene at one location and move on to the other for the second one especially in high budget films. The shooting schedule may be jam-packed however there is lots of free time you can avail to explore the new location.

That stands true even if you work for a production house in any capacity or are a make-up artist or a hairstylist or anyone for that matter who is associated with film making. You have to shift base with the actors at all times and is one of those jobs where you can travel the world.

4. Consultant

As Consultants, you address issues of clients and suggest practical solutions. Clients operate out of different locations and belong to different fields. With most companies going global their clientele is spread worldwide. The specialized knowledge that the Consultants have to their credit makes them all the more wanted.

The projects that these Consultants work on require frequent collaboration with the client team and hence on-site visits are inevitable and are one of those jobs you can do while traveling.

5. Event Coordinator/Manager

Event Coordinators or Managers who work on a larger scale have plenty of opportunities and is one of those jobs that require travel with no experience. Be it organizing events during festive seasons or planning for a destination wedding, be it arranging for parties or some big trade shows.

They get a chance to travel across the length and breadth of the country or even abroad. From attending one on one meetings with the vendors to being physically present at the event site the Event Coordinators or Managers look after everything from scratch and is one of those professions which require extensive travel.

6. Photographer

Are you always out looking for that one stunning shot of your favorite bird or flower, or have you ever wanted to try your hand as wildlife filmmaker? If Photography is your passion and so is travel, then you are in for the right jobs where you can travel internationally.

Do you fall in the category of people who like to capture amazing clicks through the beauty of your lens? Do you take pride or are you the most sought out person to capture those amazing clicks during festive occasions? If yes is the answer to the above questions, explore a career in photography. This happens to be your passion and love then you should feel less of a career and more of an enjoyment.

But if you are serious about it as a career you need to have technical acumen, proper business knowledge in combination with a creative eye. Become a freelancer professional (travel or wildlife) photographer or whatever you are interested in and you can monetize your pictures. There is a huge demand for good quality photographs from different destinations. If you have the skills then you can try your hands on it.

For a photographer to be successful, visual imagination and a creative eye are the basic traits. You need to compliment your creative side with technical expertise. At an initial level, it would be difficult to make a career from photography. But if you do possess the creative skills and if you are willing to put in the extra hours then sky is the limit.

You need to possess good business skills as well. In doing so photography could turn out to be a rewarding profession for you.

On being assistant to a main photographer you will be paid well. While donning the hat of a professional photographer you are expected to be paid handsomely. If you possess skills in fashion photographer then the amount is expected to shoot up at a higher level. Self-employment is going to help, once again depending upon an assignment to assignment basis.

Again here, whether you are a nature photographer most commonly called as a Wildlife photographer or a photojournalist, whether you are a fashion photographer or a commercial one the more places you travel, the more pictures you click, the more content you have in your portfolio to join careers that requires photography knowledge. It is one of those traveling jobs with no experience and professions that require travel.

7. Airline Pilot

The life of an Airline Pilot is indeed very high standard and luxurious. Their schedule is set monthly by the company and they have to follow the schedule firmly. Yes, there may be exceptional cases in which they can change their schedule or the company might change their schedule and they would be informed before.

Yes, a pilot can take emergency leave prior to their flight, but they have to inform the authority. Pilots also get holidays added in their schedule but they may be called upon in case of any emergency (just in case no other pilots are available). They do get plenty of Family time. The monthly schedules are released well in time and depending which gives people enough time to plan their time out working and with family.

They cannot choose between layovers or to and fro flights back to their base. The flight schedules are made by the company and only a handful of super senior people get to suggest their needs. They get handsomely paid by the airline company including extra hours they fly. They might get layovers or might not; it depends on what route they take and the availability of flights back to their base.

But above all, the life of an Airline Pilot is truly adventurous and amazing. There is money, fame, experience, travelling, and lots of fun making new friends among the co-pilots and crew members on board.

8. Digital Nomad

Well, the millennial generation (the generation born in the 80s and who were young in 2000) are the ones who have taken advantage of this trend and they are also those who have created a word that is also called digital nomad. This generation seeks new experiences, experiences that have a purpose in their lives.

There are thousands of other digital nomads, who travel the world while working online in some way and earn good amount of money. The world offers a host of opportunities for you to work from your computer from anywhere in the world. And thousands of bright people are choosing to do so.

You can find them at co-working/co-living spaces around the world, on group programs like Remote Year, and in coffee shops with good coffee and strong wifi. You have a number of options if you want to live the digital nomad dream of waking up in an exotic location on a beach, working from your computer, and taking a break to surf or relax in a hammock.

Do you want to be a digital nomad who may be living in Croatia this month, Thailand next, and South Africa after that? Making the decision to start living abroad and traveling indefinitely is thrilling, terrifying at times, but ultimately, one of the most rewarding experiences that you can have. Depending on your specific interests and travel goals, there’s loads of research to be done, information to verify, and boxes to check.

Increasing numbers of companies are deciding they don’t need an office and letting their employees work from anywhere. And with the remote communication tools and good internet in many places around the world, this model works. Lots of companies have offices, but are now recognizing the benefits of creating opportunities for people to work remotely. It’s a way to save costs and tap into a growing community of smart people that want to work on their own terms.

9. Yoga Teacher

If you love to travel and travel the world, you have before you one of the ideal professions to make your dream come true. At first you may not know very well how to start learning yoga and looking for a job as a yoga teacher in another country, but it's all a matter of looking in the right place as there are online yoga teacher training courses. After learning about Yoga, you can meet people or pages that can help you find the way to be a traveling yoga teacher and live off your passion while discovering new places.

10. Travel Agent or Tour Guide

Planning for other holidays, making bookings for them and getting a chance to visit a new location yourself and get paid to travel feels fabulous, isn't it? That's precisely what travel agents do and is one of those jobs that require traveling. Such Travel Agents stand a chance to win heavy discounts for any vacations they plan for themselves or their family. What more could one ask for? Tour Guides follow similar suit and is one of the best jobs that require travel and pay well.

They roam about with other travelers guiding them through a city tour or specific locations (historic or monumental) and enjoy their jobs for travelling that requires managing things like no other.

Though these are just a few careers that demand extensive international travel, we are sure there are many more whether you want to visit Europe or the USA. Ask a consultant today to suggest one such career that is appropriate considering your past profile. Here are the best countries in the world to live and work.
Kalyan Panja