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Surely more than once you have asked yourself where is the best country to live if you did not have a job, family, friends and a flat bought in the country where you currently reside. That is, where would you take root if you did not already have created ones? The factors that decide the suitability of a country to be chosen as a permanent residence are many, varied and, above all, subjective.

Days of sunshine per year, gastronomy, infrastructures, educational system, sanitary quality, cost of living, language, type of culture, security, hospitality of the inhabitants, labor market, technological development, cleaning and much more. Each person will give a different importance to each of these factors. In fact, you will come to consider many others.

However, trying to make a list of the best countries in the world to live, these are the names that usually occupy positions of honor (the order is totally random).

Best Countries in the World to Live and Work

1. Spain

Despite the imperfections that Spain has, the truth is that people are lucky to have been born in it and is one of the top countries to work in. Proof of this is that Spain is the destination dreamed by a large part of the people who live in central and northern Europe. They hope to be able to retire in our country. The reasons that support the presence of Spain among the best countries to work in the world are several.

It has one of the best health systems in the world (and, in addition, it is public), with pleasant climate, good infrastructures, high security. You can enjoy the beaches, varied gastronomy and healthy, high life expectancy, quality of life, and hospitality of the people. Like all the nations of the world, it has its bad things, but the truth is that the good ones win by a landslide.

2. New Zealand

And if in Canada nature is a great protagonist, in New Zealand it seems that the Maori gods that created the country remembered the human being just on the bell. New Zealand is an extremely beautiful country and is one of the top countries in the world to live in. Its two islands, despite being separated only by a narrow channel, offer great contrasts.

The North Island is quite flat, has volcanic landscapes and large lakes, and is more populated. The South is more virgin, with infinite forests, powerful mountains and fjords, and glaciers. Among all this, they inhabit something less than 5 million inhabitants. And more than 12 million sheep, who do not even have to worry about the existence of predators.

3. Finland

Completing the trio of the Scandinavian countries is Finland. In this case, in addition to the kindness of its brothers - Sweden and Norway - it provides an argument of tremendous weight. Finland has the best educational system in the world. This is a guarantee of a modern, just and prepared society.

This Scandinavian country regularly tops the lists of safest countries in Europe. So it is one place that even the most timid of solo travellers should feel secure in. The least visited of the Scandinavian nations, Finland has a very unique feel thanks to its close (and sometimes uneasy) proximity to Russia.

This is the home of the sauna, with an estimated 3 million saunas for the use of its 5 million inhabitants. While we may make the connection between Finland and vodka, they love their beers in this part of the world. Locals especially enjoy drinking a cool beer or cider while enjoying a sauna.

Feel yourself like a true Finn by immersing yourself in a frozen lake in winter and then relax in a warm sauna in the Lake District, while there are degrees below freezing. Overcome your shyness and hookup in this most natural of Finnish customs with Saami people, so different from ours, wild fauna inhabiting forests in freedom.

Get into Saami culture and do typical activities such as sledding pulled by huskies or reindeer, or fish in frozen lakes with traditional techniques. With the midnight sun in summer and the aurora borealis show in winter, a trip to Finland is undoubtedly a trip to an unimaginable and non-existent nature for us so far.

From the region of Lapland with its many sports activities, nature landscapes and shelter of flora and wild fauna, and even beautiful cities and towns, these are some places to visit in Finland.

Helsinki, the coastal city with a pleasant atmosphere is considered one of the best cities to live. Stroll through its streets and reach the market in the port, to mingle with the local inhabitants. Visit the Orthodox and Lutheran cathedral and the huge Senate Square, surrounded by a modern but quiet atmosphere, characteristic of the Nordic countries.

Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland and the home of Santa Claus. For those who think of traveling with children to Finland, it is an essential visit. It is also an ideal place to explore and observe wildlife in the wild such as bears, wolves or lynxes. Turku is the oldest city in Finland and former capital.

Stroll along the Aura River and discover two of the most important monuments of the place, the cathedral and the castle. Here is also the archipelago of Turku, with its more than 20,000 islands waiting to be explored. The best time to travel to Finland is between May and September and the best time to visit Finland for northern lights is in winter. To travel to Finland you need a visa and a valid passport.

Insider Tip: There is no better place to watch the incredible Northern Lights than from Finland. Rent out a glass igloo in the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort or ice hotels or other glamping resorts or living in log cabin under the stars in the middle of nature for a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will never forget.

4. Italy

There is pizza, pasta, wine, monuments, Vespa motorcycles, that sing-song accent, islands, Rome, Venice, passion, beaches, sun, a language similar to Spanish (and, therefore, easy to learn). Although Italy, like any nation has its imperfections, it is one of the best countries to live in the world.

Of course, if you are thinking of moving to the trans-alpine country, you better practice the difficult art of speaking with your hands. Otherwise, you will never be considered an adapted Italian.

5. Holland

A country in which everyone seems to move by bicycle deserves to be on the list of the best countries in the world to live in. There is no discussion. You can add to that the good Dutch cheese, the economic and labor strength of the country, its pacifism, the small size (which, added to the good infrastructures, makes it very easy to move from one city to another), good health system and Amsterdam's Ajax and its beautiful football style. Let's go live in Holland!

6. South Korea

Asia is one of the most addictive continents that exist and South Korea is one of the best countries in Asia to visit. Do we not burn with desire to discover new places that leave us open-mouthed (as happened in the sixteenth century to Ferdinand Magellan)? Seoul is no exception in the land of morning calm.

A trip to Korea is increasingly fashionable among travelers who pose their gaze and interests towards the Far East. Undoubtedly, it has become a very interesting alternative to classics like China and Japan. At first it is usual to feel a little disoriented by the chaos and posters written in Hangul. Getting to South Korea is not exactly easy, or cheap. The most common is to enter the country through Seoul, a vibrant city.

The fastest way to get to this destination from the Far East is on board a cheap flight to Incheon. Once in Incheon, there are several ways to get to Seoul. The simplest is the Airport Express (AREX) train that runs between 5 am and midnight. The journey takes about 45 minutes to Seoul Central Station.

You can use the planner of the limousine bus to calculate fares and see the schedules, although depending on traffic it is considerably slower than the Airport Express. On the subject of prices there are things that surprised us very pleasantly, such as gastronomy or taxis that are much cheaper.

In terms of accommodation and leisure there is everything. Being the capital of the country, prices are higher in Seoul than in other cities. You usually order a main course that is accompanied by many small dishes, so in one go you can experience many flavors, including the typical kimchi.

There are Korean food restaurants in Seoul, street stalls in some neighborhoods and international cuisine for the less daring. Meet the octopus bibimbap, which is the most spicy dish in the world. Special mention deserves bulgogi of beef or raw fish that is of exceptional quality and can be found at a very good price. Dog meat restaurants? There are.

If you have very little time, an interesting option is a one-day tour of the main attractions of the city. Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung and Changgyeonggung are close to each other. If you want a guide to tell you the ins and outs of these historic buildings, you can book a guided tour of the palaces. Close to the palaces is the Jongmyo Shrine, which is one of Korea's most important treasures and a place for walks surrounded by gardens and trees.

It is essential to get lost in the Insa-dong area and its narrow streets. It is full of cookie shops and leisure options, as well as very interesting street stalls and art galleries. The Jogyesa temple is the core of Zen Buddhism in Korea and its altar is one of the most sacred to Korean Buddhists.

The Cheonggyecheon stream is the parenthesis, an oasis in the middle of the asphalt jungle that Koreans try to visit the more times better. Nearby is the peculiar Jongno tower, the Tapgol Park and the Bosingak bell. If you want to know where the PSY hit originated, you can move to Gangnam.

In addition to huge shopping centers, it is a cocktail of avant-garde buildings, beautiful people who dress the latest, dressed with a little taekwondo, one of the most popular sports in Korea. However, if you want tranquility in Gangnam you also have the Bongeunsa temple, a haven of peace in the middle of the maelstrom of the metropolis.

If you are traveling with children, the traditional Korean village of Namsangol will enchant you. An outdoor space with traditional hanok style houses and many fun plans to have a great time. For those who like good views, its place is the N Seoul Tower, one of the great icons of the city to which you must add those of Mount Namsan.

For nostalgics and sports fans, I would recommend taking a look at the old Olympic Stadium in Seoul where Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis battled in an unequal doping duel. If you want to do some shopping you can go to the Dongdaemun market or the Myeong-dong area. Travel to the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and the shared security area between the two Koreas or JSA.

Hanbok rental stores are located near the palaces because of the trend and demand, although each year the price is falling due to the competition between them. The most favorite experience for young people is the hire of Hanbok from stores for 1 hour to 4 hours to take pictures in the beautiful and old places. To show the photos by facebook or instagram to their friends, the Korean girls prefer the prettiest outfit although the price is high.

At the same time, the Korea Tourism Organization offer a free service to experience the traditional costume to tourists. In that case, you cannot take it outside to visit palace and other places. The free ones are to take pictures in an area that is always ready together with Hanbok.

One of the best ways to get to know a new culture is through its food. In addition to eating Korean barbeque, participating in a noraebang (karaoke) session, and getting naked in a public sauna, visiting the Noryangjin fish market is the highlight of any trip to Seoul. Leave your luxury clothes and luxury bags at home. Instead, choose to wear closed-toed shoes or boots that can cope with puddles of fishy (and often icy) water.

Noryangjin Fish Market offers the most authentic and interesting aspect of Seoul's local food culture. Visiting the market is as good as visiting an aquarium, but the best part is after you have made your purchases of clams, fish, octopus, squid, sea cucumber, shrimp or crabs, to name a few, you can take them to a restaurant in the market.

If you prefer your style of fish sashimi, the server will gut, skin and slice your purchase just before your eyes, serving it with pickled onion, raw wasabi, green chile, fermented bean paste to dip and lettuce leaves to wrap it all. If an item needs to be cooked, the internal chef will do it. Shrimp are usually broiled in their shells, while crabs are boiled.

If you eat crab, ask for bokkeumbap, tasty fried rice, which is served in the shell of the crab. Or, if you have bought fish, ask for maeuntang at the beginning of your meal. This deliciously spicy dish is cooked with fish bones to give it more flavor and traditionally spreads seafood.

Of course, no Noryangjin food would be complete without a little soju, order a bottle or two to drink alone, or mix with some maekju (beers) - a Korean cocktail appropriately called somaek. Do you feel bold? Do what the adventurous eaters do and ask for a plate of sannakji, live octopus. It is served minced (but still moving) and with a selection of dips to dip.

Just make sure you have your camera ready. This is a moment of Noryangjin that you do not want to forget! While you will have to pay the restaurant separately for fish sellers, there is no need to worry as the charge for the service is very reasonable.

Let your senses be awakened by the sights, sounds and smells as you wander from one vendor to another. Feel free to take pictures of the strange and wonderful sea creatures on display, many of which you will probably be seeing for the first time. Koreans generally visit Noryangjin to buy sliced ​​fresh fish hwe. While some seafood such as king crab and abalone can be quite expensive, many items are quite affordable.

Pusan ​​or Busan, is the second largest city in South Korea behind Seoul. The main attraction of the city are its six beaches, one of the most famous being Haeundae Beach, surrounded by a promenade and luxury hotels. You can not miss Gwangalli beach either if you visit Pusan, with a more youthful atmosphere.

The Beomeosa Temple is one of the most frequented by those who want to know Pusan ​​and all its charm. In addition to this, there are other religious temples, forts and vestiges of the Joseon dynasty in the city. You just have to plan your route well and travel to Pusan with your batteries fully charged.

Do not leave the city without trying dishes like the dongnae pajeon, the milmyeon which is a version of the fine noodles that are prepared with wheat flour, the Dwaeji gukbap or the Naengchae Jokbal, steamed pork hocks with vegetables in restaurants in Korea.

The city of Jinhae is at the end of the Korean peninsula, near Busan. In spring it becomes one of the most visited cities by Koreans! Gyeonghwa Station used to be one of the train stops until a couple of years ago, but the service was discontinued and nowadays it is one of the famous places in Jinhae to enjoy the cherry blossoms.

Yeojwacheon Stream is provided with lighting and different decoration, although always with a romantic theme. Along the creek there are several bridges, and the main one is known as Romance Bridge.

The Jeju island is, after Seoul, the most famous place in South Korea. Jeju has several areas declared World Heritage by Unesco and is included in the famous list of the 7 natural wonders of the world. The island is dominated by Mount Hallasan, a volcano located at its center and which, if frequent clouds do not cover it, can be seen from practically any point.

The locals say that Monte Hallasan is like a shy woman who frequently covers her face - a somewhat macho expression, but this is Asia and I am afraid that gender equality still sounds strange here. The mountain is, indeed, often covered with clouds and fog. Hamdeok Beach is an area with 3 beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters ideal for a swim during the warmer months.

Another interesting beach is the Jungmun Saekdal Beach, in the south of the island. It is a more virgin beach, surrounded by forest and in which it is common to see people surfing. Manjanggul lava tube is a volcanic cave in the form of a tube of many kilometers although only one is open to the public. They say there are more than 30,000 bats living in the cave.

Jeju has two small cities, Jeju City and Seogwipo. One is in the north and one in the south. In both you will find everything like shops, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, etc. The famous Seongsan Ilchulbong is a cone-shaped mountain species in the middle of the sea but connected to earth. The islet of Udo, is a small island near Seongsan Ilchulbong, to which you can go for a few hours.

The most famous waterfalls are the Cheonjeyeon Falls and the Jeongbang Waterfall. One of the areas where you will see volcanic stones is in Daepo Jusangjeolli Cliff.

7. Russia

Moscow is a city of contrasts and of obligatory sight, where the buildings of the epoch of the czars coexist with the constructions of the Stalinist era and imposing and modern skyscrapers. St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Saint Petersburg is the second city of Russia and the most popular tourist.

Visitors are attracted to its beautiful canals, the so-called northern light and the views of the Baltic Sea. The prices are expensive, although perhaps less than in Moscow. Discover the wonders hidden in this city of Russia that Peter the Great conceived as a window to Europe and was built in record time for the time, despite the difficulties involved in the titanic task.

Its palaces and cathedrals, the golden domes that shine with the sun, its bridges over canals and even nature, with its white nights, envelop it in a magical and mysterious atmosphere. Do not miss some of the most spectacular, such as the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, the St. Isaac's Cathedral or the Kazan Cathedral.

The Hermitage Museum houses one of the most extraordinary collections of art in the world. When you walk through the magical streets of the city you will find hundreds of bridges that connect the islands. Some with elegant decorations, such as the Bank Bridge or the Lions Bridge. Others simpler but no less picturesque, like the Coloured Bridges.

To walk along Nevsky Avenue is to stroll through the history of St. Petersburg. Do not miss Peterhof, who competes in splendor with the Palace of Versailles, in France. Some essential places near St. Petersburg are Tsarskoye Selo, which was the residence of the Russian imperial family, or the idyllic Oranienbaum, another impressive imperial palace.

Although Listvyanka is a small city that grew on the shores of the Baikal lake, it is still a hyper touristy place (especially in summer). The Olkhon island transmits an unique atmosphere. Khuzhir, the largest town, is the nerve center of the shamans of the north, in the middle of the steppe, the horses and the Buryats. Go in a marshrutka (a kind of minibus) from Irkutsk.

Something you should not miss is a visit to Cape Khoboy, at the north end of the island, overlooking Lake Baikal and Cape Burkhan. The rocks overlook the Maloe More, a small sea that separates the island from the west side of the Baikal. It is one of these mythical places around the world that travelers hope to reach someday. Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world and the oldest lake in the world in terms of geological formation.

If one is traveling through Russia with the Trans-Siberian Railway on the Irkutsk-Ulan Ude route, an intermediate stop can be made in Slyudyanka. The beauty of Angasolka is tranquility. You have to take the local train from Irkutsk to Sluydyanka and get off at Temnaya pad. It can also be reached by hitchhiking.

In the trip to the corners of Russia it is essential to visit the largest city in the world located north of the Arctic Circle, also called the capital of the Russian Arctic.

This name is due to the fact that the great expeditions to discover the Arctic continent started from this point just 300 kilometers from Nourgam, the northernmost town in Finland, a region that can see thermometers inside at -25ºC, although in coastal areas the temperature is softer due to the influence of the Gulf Stream.

The port of Murmansk is the only one in the world that has several atomic icebreakers capable of fragmenting the Arctic ice masses, in addition to its polar nights, a phenomenon that takes place between the month of December and the month of January where the Sun does not appear at any time of day.

All this is compensated with the unique beauty of the aurora borealis that can be observed in its fullness during the polar nights. Due to its geographical location, the north of the Kola Peninsula is one of the best places in the world for the northern lights.

The tour will take you from Murmansk to Teriberka through a snowy landscape that merges with the waves of the sea, and you will find it impossible to assure without mistake if what you see is sea foam or snow perched on the shore.

The trip can be covered by dog ​​sled or snowmobile to the city of Teriberka, where a controversial Russian independent film entitled Leviathan, directed by Andrei Zviáguintsev, was filmed. In the territory live the Saami, last indigenous population of Europe where they develop their day to day and will make you part of the reindeer herding that is still their main activity today.

Military enclave during the Second World War, the history of the city has always been linked to the army and armed conflicts. So much so that one of its main monuments is the Alyosha, a giant statue of 90 meters high in the shape of a Soviet soldier in tribute to the Russian resistance during the Nazi invasion in the area where it is located.

If you like shipowners, you can visit the world's first nuclear-powered icebreaker ship. With an autonomy for two years provided by the uranium, it was used by the Russians for the exploration of the Arctic for 30 years. Murmansk is located in the geographic area known as the Kola Peninsula and has the deepest artificial hole ever created by man.

This hole is called Kola Well, and was created in 1962 after drilling the Earth's crust for almost 13 kilometers into the interior of the planet. To make your trip a most complete experience, since you have known the bowels of the Earth, why not climb up to the Khibiny Mountains to see the world from above?

In this region is the city of Kirovks, where every year there is a concentration of ice sculptures that fight not to melt until approximately the month of April. The ice show is incredible with the size of the doors of some works allows a human being to enter without having to bend over.

A visit to the Geological Museum of Apatity will make you realize it, because even the name of the city where it is located - Apaty, just 20 kilometers from Kirovsks is dedicated to the greenish mineral of apatite.

The Elbrus is a sleeping stratovolcano located in the western part of the Caucasian mountain range, in Russia near the border of Georgia. It is the highest point in Europe with 5642 meters above sea level. It is the highest mountain in Russia and the Caucasus mountain range, which, together with the Ural mountains mark the traditionally accepted border between Europe and Asia.

The Elbrus is infamous for its brutal winter weather, and the attempts at the summit are few and far between. The climb is not technically difficult, but it is physically demanding due to the altitude and frequent high winds.

The ascent to Elbrús begins in the village of Terskol and continues up the Baksan Valley. From Azau, the last village in the valley, you can use two cable cars and a dangerous chair lift. Right at the end of the chairlift is the Barrels refuge, a group of strange metal shelters at an altitude of 3,800 m.

Terskol, inhabited by the Balkarians, is a quiet place that is moved more than anything by the tourism referring to activities that go from trekking to snowboarding, skiing and mountaineering.
Its main street is populated mostly by hotels, some abandoned and others that have a timid presence in the landscape. Unlike Chamonix in France, you feel a more natural, less commercial environment. It is really a town that was preserved in the authenticity of its people.

Hope you like this list of the best countries to live in.
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  1. Wow I love that Canada made the list of best countries to live and work in. I was born and raised in Canada and I can attest that it is a great place to grow up.

  2. I have always dreamed of living in Italy! Next on my list to visit though is Salin!

  3. I've heard so many great things about Sweden...I'll def have to check it out soon

  4. Thanks for sharing, now I do not know what/how you grade this countries for I had totally different ideas if I had to do this.Really informative and well written,thanks for sharing.

  5. yay!! so happy to see Australia on this list, thats where i want to move :)

  6. Oh wow! The countries you've mentioned are so amazing! They really have many beautiful places that people want to visit. Italy and Spain are one of my bucket lists. I think it would save these all!

  7. These are all countries that I would love the opportunity to live and work in. I've had quite a few friends go to live and work in Canada and Australia and who love it.

  8. I've heard great things about the quality of life in these countries! Most of them aren't for me though. Maybe Spain!

  9. Canada is one of the place I want to visit but also considering myself to work there. I love their economic stability and the benefits coming from the government.

  10. Me and my family is planning to work and live abroad. There so many places comes in our mind but one thing for sure. Our dream place is Canada.

  11. Great list! I do want to try and work abroad, I think it is unique experience, very enriching.

  12. This is an interesting list. I still have to visit some of these countries to have an opinion about them, but this has been an interesting reading, thanks for sharing it ;)

  13. So many great options. I’d definitely like to visit all of them. Sweden & Amsterdam seem like great places to live. I’d love to live in Italy, mainly because their food is my favorite. 😁

  14. I live in Australia and I think it is really good. It can be quite expensive though but it is very safe in general around here.


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