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Surely more than once you have asked yourself where is the best country to live if you did not have a job, family, friends and a flat bought in the country where you currently reside. That is, where would you take root if you did not already have created ones? The factors that decide the suitability of a country to be chosen as a permanent residence are many, varied and, above all, subjective.

Days of sunshine per year, gastronomy, infrastructures, educational system, sanitary quality, cost of living, language, type of culture, security, hospitality of the inhabitants, labor market, technological development, cleaning and much more. Each person will give a different importance to each of these factors. In fact, you will come to consider many others.

However, trying to make a list of the best countries in the world to live, these are the names that usually occupy positions of honor (the order is totally random).

Best Countries in the World to Live and Work

1. Spain

Despite the imperfections that Spain has, the truth is that people are lucky to have been born in it and is one of the top countries to work in. Proof of this is that Spain is the destination dreamed by a large part of the people who live in central and northern Europe. They hope to be able to retire in our country. The reasons that support the presence of Spain among the best countries to work in the world are several.

It has one of the best health systems in the world (and, in addition, it is public), with pleasant climate, good infrastructures, high security. You can enjoy the beaches, varied gastronomy and healthy, high life expectancy, quality of life, and hospitality of the people. Like all the nations of the world, it has its bad things, but the truth is that the good ones win by a landslide.

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2. Canada

Studying abroad is the best way to understand different cultures and experience state of the art learning. There is this competitive vibe if you're an international student. It feels good to get a degree in a different country, bringing it home is like a remarkable badge. And for international students, Canada is one of the best picks. Here's why.

Canada is known to have top educational institutions and a wide selection of programs. Not every country offers the same course, Places like the United States and Canada, offers different courses for everyone. Plus, the work experience you can get after you graduate is a bonus.

International students in Canada increased by 40% between the years 2015 and 2017. Which means, the country is open to all international students. These student immigrants are also great in Canada's economy. They contributed approximately $19 billion through their accommodation and tuitions. Education in Canada is booming. According to experts, it is the largest export sector in the Canadian economy.

Canada is safe, open, and has a welcoming environment for everyone. You will feel no discrimination because most of the folks there are living with immigrants. Together with the open-door policy, Canada also offers a postgraduate work permit. On top of this, they also provide permanent residency. That answers your question on how to get Canadian citizenship.

Canada's study visas are easier to get compared to other competing countries. If you're in a budget, you don't have to worry because the cost of living there is lower.

How to study in Canada? 5 Step-by-step Guide

Step 1: It is necessary to know and understand the requirements.

Do your research on the following requirements for schools in Canada and the different courses they offer.

Step 2: Choose the best course and institution for you.

Once, you already know the different schools and courses available in Canada, pick the best curriculum for you. Thanks to their educational setup, you can change subjects anytime. However, it is crucial to choose a major that will suit you. Access yourself. After that, identify the passions that you want to pursue.

Step 3: Review and take the Language Proficiency Test.

If you want to be a qualified international student, you must prove that you are skilled in the English or French language. You can take the IELTS because this exam is acceptable in most institutions. If you need help, review this exam in Practice Test Geeks. They offer updated practice questionnaires that will help you pass the exam. Ask yourself, how to get Canadian citizenship if you fail this important step? So study and practice now.

Step 4: Apply to different universities in Canada.

In this step, you need to contact the shortlist of educational institutions. Ask about their enrollment process, application packs, and be ready to submit in advance. Be mindful of the application fee of $100 to $250.

Step 5: Apply for a study permit.

For your convenience, you can do this online. If you want to visit your local visa application center, it's much better. Remember to bring your passport, documentary proof that you have enough finances to study in Canada. Also, the acceptance letter from the university is essential.

3. New Zealand

And if in Canada nature is a great protagonist, in New Zealand it seems that the Maori gods that created the country remembered the human being just on the bell. New Zealand is an extremely beautiful country and is one of the top countries in the world to live in. Its two islands, despite being separated only by a narrow channel, offer great contrasts.

The North Island is quite flat, has volcanic landscapes and large lakes, and is more populated. The South is more virgin, with infinite forests, powerful mountains and fjords, and glaciers. Among all this, they inhabit something less than 5 million inhabitants. And more than 12 million sheep, who do not even have to worry about the existence of predators.

4. Italy

There is pizza, pasta, wine, monuments, Vespa motorcycles, that sing-song accent, islands, Rome, Venice, passion, beaches, sun, a language similar to Spanish (and, therefore, easy to learn). Although Italy, like any nation has its imperfections, it is one of the best countries to live in the world.

Of course, if you are thinking of moving to the trans-alpine country, you better practice the difficult art of speaking with your hands. Otherwise, you will never be considered an adapted Italian.

5. Holland

A country in which everyone seems to move by bicycle deserves to be on the list of the best countries in the world to live in. There is no discussion. You can add to that the good Dutch cheese, the economic and labor strength of the country, its pacifism, the small size (which, added to the good infrastructures, makes it very easy to move from one city to another), good health system and Amsterdam's Ajax and its beautiful football style. Let's go live in Holland!

6. UAE

A place that grows by giant steps, but without losing its roots and respecting its Arab culture. An identity seal that characterizes it and is reflected in its architecture, its flavors and customs. In turn, Dubai is a cosmopolitan city and open to the future, and it welcomes thousands of cultures thanks to its inhabitants.

Citizens from all over the world have moved to live in the Emirati city for its quality of life and its powerful expansion. Also, Dubai is a destination for everyone with endless proposals for leisure and entertainment.

Hope you like this list of the best countries to live in.
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  1. Wow I love that Canada made the list of best countries to live and work in. I was born and raised in Canada and I can attest that it is a great place to grow up.

  2. I have always dreamed of living in Italy! Next on my list to visit though is Salin!

  3. I've heard so many great things about Sweden...I'll def have to check it out soon

  4. Thanks for sharing, now I do not know what/how you grade this countries for I had totally different ideas if I had to do this.Really informative and well written,thanks for sharing.

  5. yay!! so happy to see Australia on this list, thats where i want to move :)

  6. Oh wow! The countries you've mentioned are so amazing! They really have many beautiful places that people want to visit. Italy and Spain are one of my bucket lists. I think it would save these all!

  7. These are all countries that I would love the opportunity to live and work in. I've had quite a few friends go to live and work in Canada and Australia and who love it.

  8. I've heard great things about the quality of life in these countries! Most of them aren't for me though. Maybe Spain!

  9. Canada is one of the place I want to visit but also considering myself to work there. I love their economic stability and the benefits coming from the government.

  10. Me and my family is planning to work and live abroad. There so many places comes in our mind but one thing for sure. Our dream place is Canada.

  11. Great list! I do want to try and work abroad, I think it is unique experience, very enriching.

  12. This is an interesting list. I still have to visit some of these countries to have an opinion about them, but this has been an interesting reading, thanks for sharing it ;)

  13. So many great options. I’d definitely like to visit all of them. Sweden & Amsterdam seem like great places to live. I’d love to live in Italy, mainly because their food is my favorite. 😁

  14. I live in Australia and I think it is really good. It can be quite expensive though but it is very safe in general around here.


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