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Most people mistake Toronto to be the capital of Canada as it is the most popular city in the country. The reasons behind this are that the city is home to major sports franchises. Discover what to do in Toronto during your trip through this guide that will show you the unmissable tourist places in the city. This city is extremely active and its attractions fit perfectly with the definition of an urban style trip.

Toronto has numerous museums, shopping places, and entertainment zones. It will make your trip to the city worthwhile. Still, there are some things to do in Toronto that you should definitely check out during your vacation in Canada. The CN Tower, Lake Ontario, Art Gallery of Ontario, Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, Toronto Islands, Royal Ontario Museum, are some of the places you must visit in Canada.

The City gets covered in snow, a lot of snow! It is so worth a visit to Canada to see snow that you don't really have in other countries. You may need winter coats and snow boots which you CAN buy in Toronto. Toronto is really a big city life, en par with NYC, LA really. City delights and snow, you really must add it to your travel plans if you can.

Many countries don't need any visa to visit Canada for tourism only purposes and Canadians are very friendly and welcoming. You can find Everything you desire in the City obviously! Skiing, snowboarding might be a train ride away or drive out of the City, but only 40 minutes away. Don't forget to visit Niagara Falls too.

Moreover, this capital city of Ontario Province is a multicultural city. Chinese, Koreans, Greek, and Italians form a part of the main population. Check the following recommended places for your trip to Toronto.

things to do in toronto

1. CN Tower

The CN Tower is the main tourist attraction of the city. CN Tower is the tallest tower in Toronto, known as the city's main icon. We are in front of the most visited tourist place in Toronto, so it is undoubtedly part of our top 10 of the unmissable walks in the city. Located in the Downtown, it is an extremely central attraction and point of reference for many people in Toronto.

The CN Tower is the fifth tallest tower in the world and the tallest in America, with 553 meters high. From the lowest part to the top is a spectacle, mainly to admire the city to its fullest, regardless of the weather in Toronto. Visiting this place is about going up to an elevator that will take you to the levels according to the type of entrance you have.

Then, in each place you will appreciate the view of Toronto, Lake Ontario and the entire harbor. It has a 360 degree view. For those who love extreme activities, the CN Tower offers at certain times and dates a walk called Edgewalk. Of course, the cost of making the Edgeywalk includes access to all other levels of the CN tower.

If you want to live a different experience we recommend a meal at the top of the tower from the 360 ​​restaurant. They serve lunch and dinner by schedule, so it is advisable to call to reserve. For diners who purchase a menu in the restaurant, they may have access to the Belveder area and the glass floor of the CN Tower.

The tower is a bit remote - it’s not close to transit and it’s about a 15 minute walk to it from Union Station. It’s not easy to reach from King Street because the railway tracks are in the way, although there is a bridge from Front Street to the tower. It’s on the other side of the Convention Centre. However, the Skyway from Union Station is the easiest way to get there.

It’s not terribly cheap to go up, and once you do you won’t want to leave quickly. The main observation deck is really large so it takes a while to go around. In addition, there’s an upper deck, but it’s smaller and can be more crowded, and you have to take a separate elevator. Of course, although there are emergency stairs, you probably want to take the elevators for all the trips.

If you’re really brave, you can spend the $100 or so to walk around the outside of the lower observation deck. Don’t worry, you’re on a cable. If you’re going, you should take in Ripley’s Aquarium, which is right next to it. There’s also an entertainment complex to the south and Rogers Centre in case the Jays are playing. Afterwards, head up Spadina Avenue for Chinatown and Kensington Market.

2. Distillery district

Discover the most popular place in Toronto for a fun outing. Within an environment of an old industrial factory are trendy bars and cafes. Designer shops, seating areas, good food and vintage-style photographs are some of the attractions of the Distillery District. Formerly a whiskey distillery, the largest in the world in 1860, it is now a very picturesque area where you can do various activities.

Located in Downtown Toronto, it is a historic national site of Canada preserved for the enjoyment of locals and visitors. This area is a set of old Victorian industrial buildings that were transformed into restaurants, cafes, art galleries, clothing and decorative stores. In the Distillery district you can enjoy a walk to admire the architecture and details that are maintained to recreate the time when it was operating as a distillery.

Everything is decorated in a vintage style with an industrial touch, so you will surely take some great photos. Take your time to visit some stores as there are some very famous ones like Desigual and Canadian stores. There is a street where you can see a large Love sign with many locks, one of the most photographed places.

You can find some restaurants, cafes and pubs throughout the Distillery district, one of the most emblematic places is the Mill St. Brewery where you can enjoy a good beer. And if it is a dessert there is the famous Cacao 70 and SOMA, where chocolate is king. It's a good time to enjoy the kind of food you can get in Toronto during your trip.

In summer you can feel good atmosphere because the terraces of these places are at their best. However, at Christmas time the appeal is completely different and unique too. So no matter the time of year in Toronto, this place is a must see.

3. Ripley Aquarium

Live a Canadian marine adventure from the Toronto Ripley Aquarium that features modern facilities and an interesting number of species. It is a visit for all types of travelers through 9 rooms with different marine environments. The proximity and the level of detail is impressive. This aquarium is part of the Ripley amusement group, believe it or not!

It has another headquarters from the city of Niagara falls in Canada, where the famous Niagara Falls are located. This is a recommended place especially to visit with children, where you will discover about 13 thousand marine species of various types. The place is composed of nine galleries where you can enjoy these species in their habitats as natural as possible.

The Toronto Ripley Aquarium preserves the life of animals. You will have fun in each gallery because the truth is surprising to know the marine life so close. More than one will be impressed. The highlight of the Canadian waters area is the diversity of marine fauna that you can really find in the great and famous Canadian lakes.

The impressive part of the Dangeours lagoon is the largest area of ​​all with its transparent roof tunnel where you can see sharks and others swimming over you. Also discover very closely the striped blanket in the Ray bay area, they are really impressive.

4. Casa Loma

This is a simply spectacular place. Casa Loma is a large castle full of works of art and history. Immerse yourself in a walk where you will know the history of its former owners, its architecture, gardens and even secret passages. Discover the corners of Casa Loma, a place that was converted into a museum. Imposing and spectacular.

For the type of attraction it is one of the places you must visit during your trip to Toronto. It is not a common museum, it is quite interactive. Home of billionaire Henry Pellatt, but after going bankrupt because of the high maintenance costs of the house many years later it becomes a museum.

This is an interesting place from the outside, its neo-Gothic architecture enchants more than one, so enjoy taking photos at various angles outside. At the entrance the person who will receive you will give you a team with headphones to make the visit at your own pace. You just have to be guided by the map and listen to the audio in each place.

The audios will reveal important data of the life of the millionaire, as well as artistic details of each area of ​​the house. You can listen to the entire visit only in English and French. Do not miss the opportunity to discover the tunnels that are built internally (as is a movie) and the gardens that are really spectacular.

If you have a chance for a coffee or a dessert, do not miss the opportunity to sit in the Liberty cafe right on one of the terraces, especially if you travel with good weather in Toronto.

5. Royal Ontario Museum

The emblem museum of Toronto, we are facing the cultural icon of the city. Initially a spectacular facade will welcome you to a great place. The Royal Ontario Museum houses exhibits of natural history of great value to mankind, such as the sections of Egyptian and other dinosaur works.

6. Ontario art gallery

We are in front of the representation of art in Toronto, the Art Gallery of Ontario houses works of contemporary art. See an interesting variety of works made by Canadian and international artists. Facilities very well achieved.

7. St. Lawrence Market

This is Toronto's most famous market both for its architecture and for the variety of local products found within it. Located in the downtown of the city, the St. Lawrence market becomes a very central point to visit and what to do in Toronto. It is easily recognizable thanks to its vintage style architecture both outside and inside. A large sign identifies it as St. Lawrence market.

Recognized by the National geographic as the best food market in the world. This market means a lot to locals, in the environment you feel the conviviality and harmony between vendors and visitors. It is a meeting place within one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Toronto. From its entrance you can enjoy the great variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses and more foods of Canadian and international culture.

This visit connects you with the heart of Toronto, which is why we consider it the unmissable activities in the city. All workers will speak to you in English. We recommend doing this visit during one morning and you can give yourself a taste to try some of the food while you walk during the place. Within the market you can pay in cash, debit or credit cards, everything depends on each seller.

Any place you choose to eat or drink will be worth it because they are all very clean, well maintained, friendly and helpful.

8. Roger center

Toronto is the mecca of sports in Canada, proof of this is a visit to the Roger center, home of the Toronto Blue Jays. Enjoy a game of baseball or just admire this spectacular and famous place. It is one of the things to do in Toronto especially if you are a sports lover. Toronto is known as the sports city of Canada, so between the Center Rogers and the Hockey Hall of Fame, you can have plenty of fun.

The center offers its visitors a tour to tour its facilities when there are no games planned on the day. They are usually during the day. On this walk you can explore several levels of the place and discover the greatness that it saves for its visitors. Getting to the Rogers Center is not very difficult if you are staying at one of the nearby hotels.

9. Kensington Market

It is a set of streets where you can find local clothes, accessories for your home, fruits, coffees. It is the bohemian area so art and culture are everywhere. Part of the experience at the Kensington Market is walking and discovering corners of this place, where you can also take some beautiful photos.

10. Toronto City Hall

The city has a couple of buildings such as City Hall or City Hall (in English). The first is the oldest and very close is currently. A couple of curved buildings where you can enter a part of its rooms for free to discover its history a bit. It also hosts the Toronto International Film Festival.

They should be included in your itinerary while travelling Canada.
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My good friends live in Toronto and they always insist that I come for a visit. Now I know why! So many great things to see and do! :)

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Toronto is a wonderful city! I have yet to go to the Toronto Film Festival, and I would love to return. Good tips.

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This looks so cool! I would love to try this, as glamping gives the best of outdoors and comfort. :)

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Toronto is a beautiful place to visit. I hope to visit Niagra falls soon.

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Wow, this place looks incredible. There’s so much to do and see there! Looks like a brilliant place to take the whole family

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So many things to love about Toronto! It's really beautiful out there. Truly a bucket list material.

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