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Hong Kong attracts lacs of visitors every year with its ultimate lifestyle. The distance between Hong Kong and Macau is just 66 km if you travel by road. Well, that's just 1-hour ride. Disneyland Hong Kong and Ocean Park are 2 of the most visited spots in Hong Kong. Macau and Hong Kong are the dream places which must be visited at least once in your life.

The wonders in Hong Kong and Macau will definitely leave you in shock due to its technological advancements and enigmatic lifestyle. Hong Kong is one of the biggest business hubs for jewellers. With numerous places to visit in Hong Kong and Macau, at least a 7-day tour is recommended to cover the major tourist attraction of the place. Planning a tour abroad is not a piece of cake.

Many arrangements have to be made which increases stress. Holidays are planned to relieve stress not to build it. Choosing a Hong Kong and Macau Tour Package from India will relieve you from the arrangements to be made and will let you enjoy your holidays to the most.

things to do in Macau Places to Visit

Top 5 Places to visit in Hong Kong

Disneyland Hong Kong

Disneyland is the most famous and biggest theme park in Hong Kong. Relieve the childhood memories with Disney characters. Disneyland is spread on above 160 acres land. Disneyland offers the most thrilling rides for every age group. Disneyland is full of surprises. The fastest ride in Disneyland is Splash Mountain and not a roller coaster, this fact leaves most of the travellers in shock.

Ocean Park

Ocean Park offers the biggest oceanaria and is all about marine animals. Tour to ocean park will engage your full day. Filled with lots of fun rides Ocean Park holds 2nd position when talking about the largest theme parks in Hong Kong. Explore closely the habitat of more than 400 species of aquatic animals. This is one of the few places which lets you explore the habitat of Giant Pandas.


Sitting on the heart of Hong Kong, Mongkok is the most visited and crowded markets of Hong Kong. The amazing market is heaven for shoppers. The neon-lit streets of Mongkok Market will let you shop for toys, clothing, accessories, mementoes and everything you want. The streets of Mongkok are also famous for street food. Pleasure your taste buds with mouth-watering food of Mongkok.

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is the tallest peak in Hong Kong which offers the best panoramic view of Hong Kong. missing this place from your itinerary will leave you in regret. Take a cable car ride and reach the peak by 6 pm or 5 pm in winters to enjoy the most out of the tour. Waiting time for cable car ride can be up to one hour as the place attracts numerous travellers and the limitation of the number of cable cars.

Many cities have tourist sightseeing towers that are surrounded by other buildings, but it’s just not the same standing on the pavement casually looking down the mountain and see this lovely civilization that we have down there.

Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbor is the best and busiest ports in Hong Kong. Walk around Tsim Sha Tsui area by the harbour. Hong Kong has the avenue of the stars near equivalent of Hollywood but with Hong Kong movie stars. Take a walk around the newly built West Kowloon Promenade. Enjoy the night with a firecracker and light show in the night around 8 PM at Victoria Harbour with some laser shows at top of the buildings makes it a must watch the show but beware to be on time as the show lasts for only 10 minutes. Take a cruise ride from the port and enjoy the beautiful scenic views.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Macau

Without being Hong Kong or Shanghai, Macao has one of the most attractive skylines in the Far East. Constantly ferries from various companies leave from Hong Kong to Macau terminal in the central port. There are also boats to Macau that can be taken at the Hong Kong International Airport itself.

Macao is a place where fados are heard and Port wine is drunk while the incense flies over a Taoist temple on a mountain. This essential port in the spice route belonged to Portugal which now lives its own present keeping the traces of its history.

The Macao-Malacca-Goa axis was essential for the Lusitanian interests in the spice route. This Special Administrative Region also has something of Las Vegas with its clear commitment to casinos, five-star hotels, entertainment and a great offer of Asian luxury. Macau has become a wonderful option for those who travel from Hong Kong to Macau by ferry both on their own and in an organized way through a guided tour.

Macao, in addition to the peninsula, has two small islands joined by bridges such as Taipa and Coloane. In the merger of both in a land reclaimed from the sea and that already unites them completely, is the area of ​​Cotai. And it is there where the largest number of casinos and luxury hotels in the region is concentrated, being the reason why this place is called Las Vegas of the Orient.

Whether you like the game or not, at least try playing a few patacas (official currency of Macao) at roulette. It is possible to have been minutes before visiting a Confucian temple and inhaling incense to later sit inside a typical Portuguese tavern to try a rice with seafood, bacalhau a brás (grilled cod), to bake in bread the sauce of delicious amêijoas (clams) and pair with an excellent Alentejo wine preserved in a typical adega (cellar).

Rua da Felicidade is the typical Chinese street with red windows and doors that has barely been touched in decades since it was part of the Macanese red light district.

1. Ruins of St. Paul's Church

The Ruins of St. Paul's Church has been the most famous tourists' attraction in Macau with the highest footfall. With only a facade left to see, it depicts the glory of Christian culture in Macau. These historical things to see in Macau were destroyed twice in its life but still attracts tons of tourists.

The church was firstly built in 1580 and was destroyed in 1595. The first structure of St. Paul's was constructed with wood which was destroyed by fire. The history seekers will love this place. Add this place in your Hong Kong Macau Tour itinerary.

2. Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre

Macau Tower is the tallest building in Macau with a multi-cuisine revolving restaurant. The revolving restaurant covers a 360 rotation in a span of 1 hour. Macau Tower offers the best sightseeing and observation from its 732 feet height. Macau Tower offers the worlds highest 223 meters bungee jumping. Take a highly secured skywalk around the Macau Tower.

It is highly recommended to go to the other side of the bridge that crosses the Nam Van Lake, climb the Macau Tower when the afternoon falls or look for an elevated floor in one of the surrounding skyscrapers if you have the possibility.

3. The Venetian Macao

Venetian Macao is the biggest hotel in Macau. The most luxurious hotel in the world is based on the theme of Venice streets. Venetian Macao has established its monopoly in the biggest casinos in the world. The structure of the hotel is not less than a mini Venice. The best in class suites, shopping mall and all is designed on the theme of Venice.

The Venetian, for example, is to the largest hotel complex on the planet (has more than 3000 rooms), with a reproduction of the canals of Venice (there is even a gondola) and the most emblematic buildings of the Italian city in a commercial megacenter. But there is also a small Paris in The Parisian (with a Eiffel Tower half the size of the original) or a hotel-casino.

4. Monte Fort

The construction of Monte Fort was executed between 1617 and 1626 by the Jesuits. The fort was constructed to defend the effects of war and counter the enemies. Numerous canons sitting on top of the fort were used just twice in their entire lifetime. The fort is aged 400 years old and is now converted into a museum. Monte Fort attracts tons of tourist as it offers the best scenic views.

5. Taipa Island

Taipa offers great sightseeing places with a blend of history. Explore it by bike or on foot. Taipa Island consists of various religious structure, educational hubs which incorporates the traditional Macanese taste. The four-faced Buddha is the main attraction in Macau. Taipa and its atmosphere is a little slow paced compared to the fast-paced energy of Hong Kong.

6. Lou Lim Ieoc Garden

The Lou Lim Ieoc Garden is undoubtedly the most Chinese of the gardens in Macao. It has the Suzhou style with pavilions, a pond and a bridge in the shape of a dragon tail. It is one of the favorite places for the locals to go out in the morning to do tai chi, practice the dance of the fans or sing popular songs or even of Chinese opera.

Getting wifi in Macau is almost as easy as finding a signal with your mobile phone. If you are in Hong Kong and you do not want to go to Macao for free, it is possible to hire from there an organized excursion with a guide in your language.

Both Macao and its neighbor Hong Kong do not require entry visas for stays of less than 90 days. It is necessary to only be in possession of a passport with a minimum validity of six months. The Macao Tourism Office offers on its website a valuable information for travelers who wish to know not only its attractions but everything that is happening of interest in the region.

Hope that the above information was useful for you and might have helped in planning your trip and you must have added some more destinations to visit at your Hong Kong Macau trip. Now, what are you waiting for get up and pack your bags and get ready to have fun?

Enjoy your Trip!
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  1. So many great places to visit! They all sound like great places to see and spend time at.

  2. I love Hong Kong so very much. It is 100% one of my favorite cities!! Never made it to Macau though, so that's NEXT :)

  3. This totally makes me want to visit! Love all of these suggestions so much

  4. I've never been to Macau but everyone i know that has been keeps on talking about how amazing this city is. I can't wait to visit it soon.

  5. Oh these all sound so nice!! I would especially love to visit Disney and the Venetian!

  6. I wish I made it to Macau when I visited Hongkong! Need to keep this post in mind for my next time close to Macau!

  7. My family and I need to visit Macau again. We haven't gone through half of the places listed here.

  8. I have kept this for later when I want to visit hongkong. Thanks for the insight and enlightening descriptions.

  9. I am planning to visit there soon . And Disneyland is on my list as well as Mont forte and taipa. Thank you so much for these recommendation. I am going to save this post.

  10. I'd love to see Monte Fort to see how the museum conversion turned out. Thanks for compiling this list.

  11. These all sound like great places to visit in Macau. I would love to see pictures to have an idea of what they look like too. Thanks for sharing

  12. What an amazing selection of things to do. I always love when a place has so many different but places to eat at and a variety of interesting and unique things to do.

  13. Your overviews of this place are so thorough and they give so much good infomation.I will def have to add this to my list

  14. All of these places sound so nice to visit. I will have to think abut planning a trip here.

  15. I would love visiting all of these places. I love the historical sights and he churches as well. Such a amazing lol into out past.

  16. Your overviews are good. Macaw really has lovely places to visit.

  17. This is somewhere I have never been but have heard a lot about. I'm not sure I'll ever make the journey, but it's always nice to have another tourist's perspective if I do.


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