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Hong Kong is one of the popular cities in China and best places to visit in southeast Asia. Hong Kong is an autonomous territory in southeastern China. It is a Chinese special administrative region. Hong Kong is famous all over the world for its glamorous city and a top choice for luxury shopping which everyone likes in their life. Hong Kong also has an impressive skyline.

A Hong Kong trip tend to be mainly business, shopping or as a complement to a long-term getaway in China. Hong Kong, one of the most modern cities in Asia, is full of huge and modern skyscrapers, streets crowded with people in a hurry, a multitude of signs and luminous neons and an intense smell of sauces, oil and meat.

From the modern skyline at Victoria Harbor to the traditional Tai'O fishing village and bustling Stanley markets, Hong Kong is a wonderful mix of many cultures and offers countless things to do and see. Hong Kong is a city of contrasts in which stands out a mixture of Chinese tradition and modernity that make it a unique place in your itinerary of Hong Kong.

For architecture lovers it is essential to compare the HSBC Main Building of Norman Foster with the Bank of China Tower of Ieoh Ming Pei among Hong Kong tourist spots. The Wong Tai Sin Temple is located north of Kowloon. If your trip coincides with a holiday such as the Chinese New Year, look through the streets to see if you come across any Chinese Lion and Dragon dance.

Hong Kong Travel Tips and Attractions

Here are few interesting places to visit in Hong Kong for tourists:

1. Disneyland

Well everyone around the world knows about Disneyland or ever heard of it. If you are in Hong Kong and didn’t go to Disneyland, then your trip will be incomplete. It is an iconic amusement park with themed lands. It's famous for its toddler rides, shows and welcoming costumed characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and so more.

Everyone loves Disneyland and wants to go there once in life. It's the best place for kids, adults and Disney lovers. You can visit Disneyland with your friends or family and can have great fun during the Halloween party.

The Hong Kong Disneyland ticket price is HKD 539 or about USD 70 for customers between the age of 12 and 64 (adults).

2. Victoria Peak

The Victoria Peak is the Lush lookout point with telescopes which is at an elevation of 1181 feet which is known for its skyline & waterfront views.Victoria Peak is a place where you get a chance to see through telescopes!Victoria Peak started attracting tourists for Europe since the 19th century. Looking at the whole city in the night from Victoria Peak will be an amazing experience for you.

Victoria Peak's pass price is around HKD 90 or around USD 12 for adults.

3. Ocean Park

Ocean Park is the theme park with rides and wild animals which is located on the southern side of Hong Kong Island. Theme park includes lazy rivers and rides like roller coasters and water rides, a cable car and a marine park with animal enclosures. The Ocean Park's pass price is around HKD 385 or around USD 50 for adults.

4. Tian Tan Buddha

Another of the essential places to travel Hongkong is the Po Lin Monastery on the Lantau island and where you can see the immense Tian Tan Buddha. A 34-meter-high Buddha statue which is known as The Big Buddha or Tian Tan Buddha is a landmark hilltop statue of Buddha which is made of bronze in 1993, with carved bell, museum & relics inside. There are 260 steps to lead up to Buddha.

5. Ngong Ping 360

Ngong Ping 360 is a Cable Car, retail and entertainment center. It's a 25-minute cable car ride to the village of tourist activities and attractions in Hong Kong. This ride has two types of cabins - standard and crystal cabin which costs around USD 12 and USD 25 respectively for adults.

6. The Peak Tram

The Peak Tram is a Funicular railway up to Victoria Peak. This Victorian-era train takes visitors to the highest peak on Hong Kong Island for views of the city. This ride costs around USD 13 for an adult. Moreover, you can book hotel at this place using coupons at discounted prices.

7. Hong Kong Madame Tussauds

Well, the world famous Wax Museum, Madame Tussauds is also in Hong Kong.Madame Tussauds features notable Americans, historic icons and other world famous notable personalities in themed galleries. The Hong Kong Madame Tussauds ticket costs around USD 36 for an adult.

8. Victoria Park

The Victoria Park is a Green Space for sports, swimming, and other sporting activities. It is a large park with areas for soccer, volleyball, roller skating & basketball. The park also includes a pool and play area. It is a 24 hour open park and you can try various sporting activities with your friends or family while your trip to Hong Kong. It will boost up your interest in sports and you can enjoy the trip more.

9. Hong Kong Space Museum

Well, space is a field in which everyone has an interest no matter what you are. The Hong Kong Space Museum is an Astronomy and space science lover delight and is one of the best things to do in the rain in Hong Kong. It is a waterside egg-shaped building with planetarium and Omnimax films, also has space and astronomy exhibits. There's also a Science Museum for kids and adults. This Science Museum features many hands-on science and technology exhibits and live demonstrations.

The Science Museum costs around USD 4 for an adult and USD 2 for children and seniors. And the Space Museum costs the same as the Science Museum.

10. Man Mo Temple

The Man Mo Temple is one of the most revered of the island of Hong Kong. It is not very spectacular inside, but it is worth entering if you are in the area of Sheung Wan and see its huge incense spirals. It is located on the corner that divides Hollywood Road with Ladder Street.

11. Bruce Lee Statue

You are not a tourist in Hong Kong until you take your picture with the Bruce Lee statue on the Avenue of Stars and then you enjoy the light show over the bay. In the heat of this powerful film industry, world-class stars such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Chow Yun-Fat, or directors such as Wong Kar-Wai and John Woo have emerged.

12. Ma Wan

Not so long ago, Ma Wan was a prosperous fishing village where tourists and locals went to enjoy its seafood restaurants, or to observe its beautiful views with its now decrepit stilt houses that will not be there soon.

13. Temple Street Night Market

To practice the noble art of bargaining or go hunting and catching the most kitsch objects in Asia you have the Temple Street night market or the Mong Kok market.

As the name says, it's a market where you can purchase anything for yourself. This is a nightly market for all kinds of goods, everything from trinkets, jade and antiques to electronics, watches, jeans, cheap shirts, lighters of vulgar and obscene forms, imitations of anime merchandising, sunglasses, huge blanket tops, alarm clocks, toys, tripods for cameras and so many things.

This market is known as Night Market because it opens at 5 PM in the evening. It is a good place to visit to purchase various special items to add them to your collection. The mixture is explosive and the atmosphere very overloaded. Asia is in its pure state.

Best Food in Hong Kong

Also, most famous Hong Kong food like sweet and sour pork is not an exception to attract people all over the world.

Best Time to Visit Hong Kong

But the question comes in mind is what's the best time to travel to Hong Kong? Well, you can visit Hong Kong in the month of March and April or October and November. These are the best times of the year to visit Hong Kong because March is springtime and you can enjoy the cool evenings in Hong Kong.

How to Visit Hong Kong

Also, the Hong Kong Island Bus Tours are popular attractions among visitors. Also you can book your flight using coupons with great deals. For the bravest, a helicopter tour is ideal to see the spectacular skyline of Hong Kong from the sky.
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  1. So many things here are on my list! I spent about 24 hours in Hong Kong and hardly got to do anything; but whenever I eventually return- this list will come in handy!

  2. I would love to visit Hong Kong one day! This is such a great list. My dream is to visit Disneyland Hong Kong that would be an amazing experience!!

  3. I would love to visit...hong kong this is such an amazing post thank you for sharing. I would love to visit.

  4. From Disneyland to Tian Tan Buddha I would love to soak in the fun and definitely see a 34-meter-high Buddha statue and that trek would be my cardio for that day lol

  5. WOw so many great activites. I had no idea about Disneyland and I def want to visit the fishing village of Ma Wan

  6. I have never been to Hong Kong but would love to go one day. Thank you for such an informative post

  7. What a great list of sights to explore and see! Wish I could travel there someday.

  8. What a fab selection of things to do! I'd love to visit the Hong Kong Space Museum if I ever got the chance.

  9. What a great list of tourist attractions in Hong Kong. We haven't been there in ages, but maybe we should plan a trip soon.

  10. I've never been to Hong Kong before, but would love to visit someday. Sounds like there are a lot of things to do.

  11. I just got back from Hong Kong last month and too bad the Ngong Ping 360 is closed for maintenance during that week. But it was my second time to visit Hong Kong so it's ok. I still remember the first time I was riding the cable Ngong Ping 360, it was pretty horrifying as the cable car swung so much due to strong wind and so misty too. Your guide is pretty comprehensive and covered almost everything in Hong Kong. Brilliant.


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