5 BEST Things to Do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is counted among those cities that are considered to be the most expensive in the world. Does it mean that the people coming to explore this city, seeking an amazing travel experience have to be prepared for a heavy expenditure? No, because the city is also full of options that won't require a big budget. In fact, you can undergo some of the experiences for free here. Hard to believe?

Hong Kong attracts millions of visitors every year with its ultimate lifestyle. It’s a mix place with British history, played in perfectly with Chinese culture. On the Island, with in a 30 minutes walk, you can be up Victoria Peak. Go to the new territories and you have beaches, hills, and water the place is just magic. On, the Island, you have Wan Chai that is a great fun place. Where you have endless cocktail bars.

Hong Kong Travel Tips and Attractions

Scroll down to know more about the various places to visit in Hong Kong and free things to do in Hong Kong that will not only make your trip budget friendly but will also ensure a memorable travel experience.

1. Spending Quality Time at Hong Kong Park

If you're looking for a spot in Hong Kong where you can spend your time chilling and refreshing, then Edward Youde Aviary can be the best spot. The name given to this attraction has been taken from a former Hong Kong governor. The aviary is believed to be housing more than 600 species of birds that will simply mesmerise you. Located at a distance from the bustling city life, this can be a great place to spend your time in peace.

2. Witnessing the Galleries At SoHo

Since 5 years it is being observed that the art sector in Hong Kong has been gaining a lot of prominence in the world. It is essentially because of the happening art events that keep happening in the city and the presence of various art galleries like Gagosian, Art Basel, White Cube, and Pearl Lam. You can find these at the Hollywood Road where you can witness some of the best artworks by talented artists.

The city of Hong Kong boast about her long past in the moviemaking and it is from here that the stars like Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and Maggie Chung started their acting careers. If you happen to go to Sai Wan Ho region, then a visit to Hong Kong Film Archive is a must. The shows shows are hosted regularly along with exhibitions and you get to be a part of all this for free most of the time.

The Man Mo Temple is one of the most revered of the island of Hong Kong. It is not very spectacular inside, but it is worth entering if you are in the area of Sheung Wan and see its huge incense spirals. It is located on the corner that divides Hollywood Road with Ladder Street.

3. Visit the Victoria Peak Garden

On your visit to this place, you'll get to witness the awe-striking skyscrapers but there's more to it. 60% of the area here is believed to be all natural and industrialization hasn't laid a single mark on it. If you want to get closer to nature and spend some time amidst lush greenery, then do come to this place that lies at the central region of the town. Earlier, this place used to be the summer abode for the Hong Kong’s Governor.

4. Take a cable car ride to Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is the tallest peak in Hong Kong which offers the best panoramic view of Hong Kong. Missing this place from your itinerary will leave you in regret. Take a cable car ride and reach the peak by 6 pm or 5 pm in winters to enjoy the most out of the tour. Waiting time for cable car ride can be up to one hour as the place attracts numerous travellers and the limitation of the number of cable cars.

Many cities have tourist sightseeing towers that are surrounded by other buildings, but it’s just not the same standing on the pavement casually looking down the mountain and see this lovely civilization that we have down there.

5. Hiking on Dragon's Back

The city of Hong Kong will never disappoint even the adventure lovers. Dragon's Back is one of the popular hiking trails in Hong Kong and you can have a memorable adventurous experience here. You get to see the best views of the mountains as well as islands from here. The hike here starts from Cape Collinson Catholic Cemetery. At the top, you should visit Tai Tam Gap where you can have a calming stroll.

There are also other popular hikes like Po Toi Country Trail, Sharp Peak Hiking Trail, Lung Ha Wan Country Trail, Junk Peak Hiking Trail, Tung O Ancient Trail, Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail, Sir Cecil’s Stream Hike etc.

Apart from the places to visit in Hong Kong and free things to do in Hong Kong that are mentioned above, you can also visit the popular markets of the city to get a fair idea about the locals as well as their lifestyle and culture. With so many things to offer, a trip to Hong Kong will only surprise you with its versatility.

This is one of those places in the world that can be equally wonderful for all kinds of travelers - honeymooners, friends, families, or solo tourists.
Kalyan Panja