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Everybody wants to visit amazing places in their holidays where they can enjoy to their fullest with their family, friends or only with their soulmates. Thailand is one astonishing location which will be perfect for everyone as this destination is full of adventures, fun, entertainment and much more. You should try Bangkok and Pattaya for your holidays.

Here you will see a completely different culture as all the type of people are available there and also everyone there feels like home no matter if one is poor or rich. So it will be fascinating to talk to them and know about their culture and lifestyle. You can select any of the Bangkok Pattaya tour packages so that it will be easy for you to utilize your holidays.

Here we have discussed some interesting places which you can visit during your trip to Bangkok and Pattaya. Have a look.

Things to do in Bangkok

Things to do in Bangkok

1. Wat Pho Reclining Buddha

Wat Pho is a place in Bangkok where lies a beautiful temple of Buddha and this is out of one famous places in Bangkok. This temple is famous because of its amazing statue of Buddha which is 15 Meters tall and 46 meters long and this is the attraction of this place which is known by The Reclining Buddha and if there will be someone to guide you when you yourself will look closer you will witness that the statue is covered with gold leaf which makes it more interesting.

2. Grand Palace

Here is another great place to have a look on in Bangkok. The Grand Palace is a place you can't miss as this will be the interesting place you will witness in Bangkok but yes beware of scams as there are so many scams going on. Don't believe on anyone as you just have to pay the entrance fee so that you can visit the Grand Palace.

3. Chatuchak Market

Isn't it obvious to add up shopping in Bangkok in your to-do-list? Yes, it is, but the main thing is that from where you should shop so that you get good stuff at the reasonable price. So if you are planning to do shopping during your trip, you should do it from Chatuchak market. There are 8,000 shops from where you can shop and there will be lots of options and varieties from which you can select.

4. Chao Phraya River

Now, here comes one more fantastic thing to do in Bangkok, that is boating. Yes, at Chao Phraya river you can enjoy boating, and on the one side, you will witness high fancy hotels whereas on the other side children playing and in the middle river you are boating so the scene will be breathtaking. You might have heard that Bangkok is also called 'Venice of the East' the reason behind the name is this river.

Things to do in Bangkok

Things to do in Pattaya for Family

Pattaya, a city on the coast (the Pattaya beach is ugly) two hours from Bangkok has the bad reputation of being the center of sex tourism in Thailand and, perhaps, in Asia as a whole. The Walking Street is a mixture of Soi Cowboy and Khao San Road (Bangkok), that is to say a street for tourists in which the majority of the premises are dancing bars with girls (Go Go Bars).

Upon entering, the girls approach and try to pay for a drink, while others dance at the bar. The areas traditionally famous for sex tourism are becoming a kind of new tourist attraction, a bit like the Red Light District of Amsterdam.

1. Chanthaburi Sapphire Mines

If you are curious to know why gemstones are so precious and how they look so amazing, you must visit this place while on your trip to Pattaya. Here you will get to know how much hard work does it take in cutting and polishing sapphire stones so that you can purchase it from the market. So do visit Chanthaburi Sapphire Mines and enjoy your trip.

2. Mini Siam

Here you will find replicas of many famous sites like the Pyramid, London Bridge, Prasat Hin Phimai, Statue of Liberty, etc. This is also known as the first miniature model of Thai heritage and all the replicas of wonders of the world are made here. So take a tour there and enjoy as you are going to have a lot of fun at this place.

3. Cabaret Shows

Cabaret Shows at Pattaya are conducted to entertain you, and these shows are claimed to be one of the most loved by the people and especially tourists. These shows are performed by ladyboys and cross-dressing performances makes it more interesting. Moreover, these are performed on various timings so that one can enjoy at whatever timing they want.

4. Koh Samet Island

Koh Samet Island is called the Paradise Island by the people of Pattaya because it is a white sand island and is located near Pattaya mainland. The astonishing white sand, beachfront, and crystal blue water of the island is the most attracting place which you will find here. You can sit here freely and enjoy the sightseeing and children playing all around.

So above mentioned were the things which you can do during your Bangkok and Pattaya tour. Also, don't forget to take the Bangkok Pattaya tour package so that you will be able to cover all the places and explore Bangkok and Pattaya. You are going to have lots of fun and adventure on your trip.

Safe Journey!
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  1. The sapphire mines I bet are stunning, I would love to visit them

  2. Bangkok is near the top of my list of places I want to go. I do want to see the reclining buddha and the palace and also I need to get some dental work done. seriously. My friends go to Thailand for their work and are all happy with it.

  3. I would love to visit Bangkok it looks stunning!! It is definitely on my bucket listt

  4. Great list! I hit Tokyo a couple years ago, Bangkok and Singapore are next on my list!

  5. Hi there
    I have wanted to go to thailand for such a long time but time never seem to be on my side,if I have to fly for 12 hours then the minimum I want to stay is two weeks, but with my employment giving Maximum 2 weeks vacation at a time, this has made things difficult but I have not forgotten the time I enjoyed in Thailand(sa koh-na kohn)and Roihet don`t even know if I spell them correctly.

  6. The river with the reflections of the colorful buildings is so lovely. And I would love to visit the white sand island!

  7. These places both sound amazing. I'd love to visit the sapphire mine and take that river cruise.

  8. We had a busy few days in Bangkok. We spent a full day at the Grand Palace. The only scam we had was with a tuktuk that wanted to take us shopping first. We did also love a night boat ride along the river. I can see why you refer to Bangkok as the “Venice of the East”. We were so sorry though that we missed the caberet shows and the ladyboys. We definitely want to return to Bangkok.

  9. Some great ideas and you covered the classic sites in the city! Pattaya is a great vacation destination and there are so many resorts that welcome families. Glad that you had fun during your stay there and thanks for sharing the info with us! @

  10. I don't think Pattaya is family friendly if it's the centre for sex tourism in the area! Is there anything catering for children at all?


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