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Everybody wants to visit amazing places in their holidays where they can enjoy to their fullest with their family, friends or only with their soulmates. Thailand is one astonishing location which will be perfect for everyone as this destination is full of adventures, fun, entertainment and much more. You should travel Bangkok and Pattaya for your holidays.

Pattaya, a city on the coast (the Pattaya beach is ugly) two hours from Bangkok has the bad reputation of being the center of sex tourism in Thailand and, perhaps, in Asia as a whole- its actually a dozen or so streets out of 1000’s. The beaches are so/so but at the neighboring resort, Jomtien, they're better beaches, and a 10 BT/10 minute bus ride. There's several malls- two enormous and world class. Lots of other shopping. Tons of temples, view points and other free walks of interest for families.

The weather is great 9+ months a year - and too hot for a couple of months. Thais are tolerant - the idea of whitey bashing isn't one they'd consider as a national sport. They're fun people too. Immigration is less welcoming, but not impossible to work with or around! There's stuff to do. The tourist stuff. Cycling groups, sports etc etc- even a decent chess club.

Here you will see a completely different culture as all the type of people are available there and also everyone there feels like home no matter if one is poor or rich. So it will be fascinating to talk to them and know about their culture and lifestyle. You can select any of the Bangkok Pattaya tour packages so that it will be easy for you to utilize your holidays.

It has two world class award winning water parks, and the third park is older but is OK for the 3 bucks entry fee. It has an amusement park attached- quite old but its all clean. There's a decent aquarium. A crodile farm with shows and nice gardens. Dolphin show too. Even an open air art park.

Here we have discussed some interesting places which you can visit during your trip to Bangkok and Pattaya. Have a look.

Things to do in Bangkok

Here are the top things to do in Pattaya:

1. Mini Siam

Here you will find replicas of many famous sites like the Pyramid, London Bridge, Prasat Hin Phimai, Statue of Liberty, etc. This is also known as the first miniature model of Thai heritage and all the replicas of wonders of the world are made here. So take a tour there and enjoy as you are going to have a lot of fun at this place.

2. Cabaret Shows in Beach Road

Cabaret Shows at Pattaya are conducted to entertain you, and these shows are claimed to be one of the most loved by the people and especially tourists. There's a couple of lady boy shows, Alcazar being probably the most famous. These shows are performed by ladyboys and cross-dressing performances makes it more interesting. Moreover, these are performed on various timings so that one can enjoy at whatever timing they want.

Ladyboys have their charms above-average ladies, they know man’s weaknesses as they are either used to be men-once or they are ladies now. Those in Pattaya, please be extra careful as it’s a hub of ladyboy’s who hang-out after dark!

Its a great evening out for all the family- miming, spectacle and comic turns. There's nothing the Pope would be offended at. One word of caution, though. After the show, the cast members will wait outside of the theater and audience members will naturally ask to take a picture with them. They'll charge you $5 for the picture. That's per person. So if you've got 4 of them hanging on your arm to take a snapshot, be prepared for a $20 tip.

3. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

Nong Nooch is great for kids of all ages. Really is a world class attraction. Book on line for 10 bucks a head with the shows. One has 60+ Elephants in it! Skip the the 10 bucks buffet.

4. Khao Chi Chan

Khao Chi Chan is a 30 minute drive and well worth the effort, particularly if you follow the back lanes and catch the lake and Chinese temples on the way. Numerous markets are about every night. Literally world class restaurants. Along with great stall food starting at a dollar. The islands aren't the best in Thailand but for all that they're not bad and make a nice day trip.

There's 3 multi screen cinemas, a decent Muay Thai stadium, where you can get on the telly as an audience member, go cart tracks, mini Siam park and dozens and dozens of fast food joints.

5. Walking Street

The Walking Street is a mixture of Soi Cowboy and Khao San Road (Bangkok), that is to say a street for tourists in which the majority of the premises are dancing bars with girls (Go Go Bars). Upon entering, the girls approach and try to pay for a drink, while others dance at the bar. The areas traditionally famous for sex tourism are becoming a kind of new tourist attraction, a bit like the Red Light District of Amsterdam. Its still relatively inexpensive.

Its possible to take the kids and they see nothing more risqué than a bikini at midnight parading past.

6. Nightlife in Jomtien

The nightlife in Pattaya is, for the most part, centered around three main areas. If you avoid these areas you wouldn’t even notice it except for the occasional beer bar complexes. The nice thing about them is you can enjoy them whenever you like but if you avoid those areas they are not in your face and the greater Pattaya area is just like any other small city.

7. Take a day trip to Pattaya Beach

Calling all beach bums! If the sun, sea, and sand are calling your name, then a day trip to Pattaya Beach and Coral Island is in order. It’s just a 3 hour trip one way (including the car and boat ride) which is totally worth it! You can swim, snorkel, participate in some beach sports, or simply relax on the sand and get that tan you’ve always wanted.

Pro tip: While you’re there, head over to the Pattaya Viewpoint to soak up some panoramic views of the city. You can also choose to visit the nearby Sanctuary of Truth temple too!

8. Take selfies in Sriracha Tiger Zoo

Take selfies with tiger cubs, adult tigers and witness various animal shows during the visit to Sri Racha Zoo. Enjoy some shopping activities and street food in nearby areas.

9. Eat in Mimosa

Food is great, not only the Thai food but restaurants from around the world. Its possible to find whatever you fancy at good prices.

Accommodation too is often quite posh and not expensive- although it runs from tin shack to the Princesses palace at Pratamnak - both more or less side by side.

So above mentioned were the things which you can do during your Bangkok and Pattaya tour. Also, don't forget to take the Bangkok Pattaya tour package so that you will be able to cover all the places and explore Bangkok and Pattaya. You are going to have lots of fun and adventure on your trip.

Safe Journey!
Kalyan Panja Kalyan Panja Author
Kara said...

The sapphire mines I bet are stunning, I would love to visit them

Rhonda Albom said...

Bangkok is near the top of my list of places I want to go. I do want to see the reclining buddha and the palace and also I need to get some dental work done. seriously. My friends go to Thailand for their work and are all happy with it.

Natalie said...

I would love to visit Bangkok it looks stunning!! It is definitely on my bucket listt

Travel With A Silver Lining said...

Oh i love Bangkok, so much to explore :)

GeekyDaddy said...

Great list! I hit Tokyo a couple years ago, Bangkok and Singapore are next on my list!

Roamy said...

Hi there
I have wanted to go to thailand for such a long time but time never seem to be on my side,if I have to fly for 12 hours then the minimum I want to stay is two weeks, but with my employment giving Maximum 2 weeks vacation at a time, this has made things difficult but I have not forgotten the time I enjoyed in Thailand(sa koh-na kohn)and Roihet don`t even know if I spell them correctly.

Sharon said...

The river with the reflections of the colorful buildings is so lovely. And I would love to visit the white sand island!

Gold Country Cowgirl said...

These places both sound amazing. I'd love to visit the sapphire mine and take that river cruise.

Linda (LD Holland) said...

We had a busy few days in Bangkok. We spent a full day at the Grand Palace. The only scam we had was with a tuktuk that wanted to take us shopping first. We did also love a night boat ride along the river. I can see why you refer to Bangkok as the “Venice of the East”. We were so sorry though that we missed the caberet shows and the ladyboys. We definitely want to return to Bangkok.

Knycx Journeying said...

Some great ideas and you covered the classic sites in the city! Pattaya is a great vacation destination and there are so many resorts that welcome families. Glad that you had fun during your stay there and thanks for sharing the info with us! @ knycxjourneying.com

Katie said...

I don't think Pattaya is family friendly if it's the centre for sex tourism in the area! Is there anything catering for children at all?

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