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A few years ago, while surfing online, I came across someones bucket list. It surely inspired me to create my own bucket list. The bucket list is a list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill, and life experiences you wish to experience before you die. Since I decided to become a world traveller, I have travelled to over 30 countries and also knocked some adventures off my bucket list.

One of the adventures was to visit Croatia, one of the Mediterranean fantasies, a beautiful country full of pristine nature. During the research what to see in a short period of time, I had seen photos of Plitvice Lakes and Krka waterfalls National park on Google. Truly, one of the most natural wonders I saw.

Who can pass one of the most stunning attractions in Croatia? A memorable way to spend one fine day or go for camping in Krka national park. I decided for remarkable Krka waterfalls!

Krka National Park Croatia travel guide

One Day in Krka National Park

After the driver and tour escort dropped off us at the entrance of Park, we took a long boardwalk path which eventually led us to the swimming area of the main falls. The path is fantastic. The entire walkway has wooden slats or is paved so the walk is relatively easy and you get a good view of the falls.

The full round along the laid out route takes more than an hour. The waterfalls are outstanding. The colour of the waterfalls seems to change with variations of aquamarine and also partly influenced by the angle of the sun and occasional stray cloud.

The hydroelectric plant at Krka began operations in 1895 just two days after commissioning of the plant at Niagara Falls. We had time to observe, think, and enjoy the scenery of nature.

Majestic Waterfalls in Krka National Park

Who could desire more? Nature, the whisper of the wind, birds were singing, lovely! This is a remarkable National Park, compact and something you can do just in a few hours. The water is cool, refreshing and very clean. The National Park can be very hot in places so don’t forget to bring sunscreen and water.

Definitely a place to visit for anyone who comes to Croatia and wants to spend a perfect day in pristine nature and swim beneath majestic waterfalls! The beauty of the national park and the waterfalls of Croatia are breathtaking.

Traditional Dining Options and Restaurants in Krka

One of the perks of taking this great tour is a chance to have lunch in one of the numerous traditional restaurants locals call konobe. Cheese, wine, prosciutto, olives and olive oil, fish and lamb – Mediterranean finest products harvested from local farms.

We agreed with our tour guide to make a stop at one of those on our way back from the tour near the town of Split. We had an amazing dinner before getting back to the town.

Wonderful Places to Visit near Krka

Besides having a wonderful experience at Krka Waterfalls, those who want to do some extra sightseeing have a lot to choose from. Same tour operator offers extended tours that include visits to the UNESCO protected historic Trogir, a charming town famous for its architecture.

Close to both Trogir and Krka is the Mediterranean pearl of Šibenik, ancient town with marvelous culture and history. But also, there is the option of swimming and snorkeling at the crystal clear Adriatic sea, at the Blue Lagoon, not far from the town of Split. All of that can fit in one amazing day that can make your vacation memorable for life.

In conclusion, I want to emphasize that Krka Waterfalls tour from Split is definitely something worth experiencing for anyone who comes to Croatia and wants to spend a perfect day in pristine nature, explore what Krka has to offer and swim beneath majestic waterfalls! Luckily, we took this tour in May so we avoid overcrowding, what is a common thing during the peak of the season in July and August.

How to Get to Krka National Park from Split

First of all, the easiest way is to book a Krka Waterfalls from Split tour especially if you come to Croatia without a car and without no worries for any kind of arranged transportation. The tour that I booked with my friends was fantastic and well organized. Our tour started at 10:00 am. Not too early. We had enough time for coffee and breakfast.
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Coombe Mill - Fiona said...

Oh my I can see why this would make you want to travel. Those waterfalls in the National Park are stunning. I could stand and watch that for ages!

Chad said...

I've never been to Croatia before but i keep on hearing from my brother who's been a few times how gorgeous this country is. Soon i hope.

RPerez830 said...

This is so beautiful. Random story about Croatia. I visited Ellis Island last year for the first time and did my family research. I discovered I was actually Croatian NOT Slovanian as I always though. I had no idea it was this stunning until you shared this.

Samantha said...

I have a bucket list and might need to add Krka to it! This seems like a wonderful place.

kumamonjeng said...

My ex-boss is from Croatia and she has told me some story about her birthplace. Recently I have friends who visited Croatia and share on Facebook. What a beautiful country and you have provided a useful tons of information.

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

wow! looks like a must visit! i would so travel there and enjoy it the fullest!

Amy Smith said...

It SOUNDS and looks like a fairytale city. I would LOVE to go sometime. That cave sounds amazing.

Yeah Lifestyle said...

Croatia is such a beautiful country! The Krka National Park definitely looks like a must visit.

Tabitha Blue said...

I'm always so intrigued and impressed by the gorgeous views around our world! What a beautiful place to visit!

Catherine Santiago Jose said...

This is truly a wonderful work of nature, Croatia really has lots to offer for us traveler. This is definitely a place we must include in our bucket list.

Romeo said...

that would be so helpful to plan a great trip to Toronto. Loving the pictures so much.

Kara said...

From the picture I would never have guessed this was in Croatia - you have made me want to visit now

Jasmine said...

i've always thought Croatia to be a great place to explore and travel to. this is on my bucket list

redheadmomblog said...

Wow - this looks like a beautiful park to visit! I would love to check this out someday.

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