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Canada is the largest country in North America and the second largest country in the whole world. Canada is home to diverse geographical locations, people, and culture. The country offers landscapes that are untouched and breathtaking. It ranges from mountainous terrain, ski resorts to lush forests and pristine beaches.

Canada was chosen by the community of Lonely Planet traveling experts as the best destination to travel a few years back. The Niagara Falls, the stately city of Quebec, the cosmopolitan Vancouver and the elegant Toronto offer the cultural offer and a lively nightlife.

The country is bestowed with stunning natural beauty. However, do not restrict your holiday to explore the outdoors and the wilderness. Do take the time to visit the cities of Canada which are considered to be some of the best in the world. They are vibrant, friendly, clean and with almost zero percent crime rate.

A visit to the Canadian cities is a must to complete your experience. While there are several great cities in the country, if you are thinking about which city should I visit in Canada, here are 5 best cities to visit in Canada.

1. Places to Visit in Ontario

Most people mistake Toronto to be the capital of Canada as it is the most popular city in the country. The reasons behind this are that the city is home to major sports franchises. It also hosts the Toronto International Film Festival. Moreover, this capital city of Ontario Province is a multicultural city. Chinese, Koreans, Greek, and Italians form a part of the main population.

Toronto has numerous museums, shopping places, and entertainment zones. It will make your trip to the city worthwhile. Still, there are some things that you should definitely check out during your vacation in Toronto. The CN Tower, Lake Ontario, Art Gallery of Ontario, Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, Toronto Islands, Royal Ontario Museum, are some of the places you must visit in Canada. They should be included in your itinerary while travelling Canada.

When you think of the capital city of a country, you imagine a huge, uptight place which is all about rules and regulations. However, Canada's capital city of Ottawa is nothing like that! In fact, it is smaller than the popular cities of Vancouver and Toronto. It is charming, peaceful and friendly. Of course, you would get to see the Parliament and other government buildings and appreciate their gothic architecture and design.

Apart from this, Ottawa also has world-class museums, beautiful parks, and gardens. There are huge open spaces that enhance the beauty of all the four climates that the city experiences. While in the city, you would have a great time going around the city on a bike and even taking long walks along the river. The city has some great museums.

Do take time to check out the Canadian Museum of History, Canadian Museum of Nature, Canadian War Museum, Canadian Children's Museum, Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, Bytown Museum to name a few. Apart from these, you must also include Parliament Hill, Jacques Cartier Park, Rideau Hall, Dominion Arboretum, Calypso Park in your list of things to see in Ottawa.

2. Places to Visit in Quebec

Quebec City is the only walled city in America north of Mexico. In Quebec is the Ch√Ęteau Frontenac, the most photographed hotel in the world. It was built in 1893 by the Canadian Pacific Railway as part of its luxury chain.

If you want to spend time in Canada submerged in history and culture, you must definitely visit Quebec City. It is the capital of Quebec, the largest province of Canada. It is also the place where the majority of the French population reside in Canada, giving the city a European air. The best part about the city is that it is small and can be easily seen by walking (in fact this is what is recommended).

When in Quebec City, you must definitely visit the Old Town which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You would get to admire and explore the historical sites. It includes Petit-Champlain District, the Plains of Abraham, Palace Royale, the Parliament Building. Chateau Frontenac is also a place you must visit. It is a luxurious castle-turned-hotel and also a landmark of the city.

Citadelle of Quebec, Plains of Abraham, Montmorency Falls, are a few of the places that would make your tour more interesting. In regard to activities and entertainment, Quebec City offers interesting festivals and musicals during the summer. While the Winter Carnival of the city is one of the most colorful and exciting winter festivals!

Montreal features an interesting art scene, an explosion of indie rock, as well as a combination of boutique hotels and elegant restaurants. There is a Parisian atmosphere on the terraces of its Quartier Latin. There is a basilica, Notre Dame, and an old port that has been converted into a park and recreational area. The Montreal Jazz Festival takes place during 11 days at the end of June.

If you are looking for a city to enjoy the good things in life in the best possible way, there would be no better place than Montreal. Apart from the second largest city in Canada, it is also the country's cultural capital. Part of the Quebec Province, Montreal can be called the French part of Canada. If you have ever been to France, you would surely recognize the cool, laid-back attitude reflected in the people and air of Montreal.

Mount Royal, Old Montreal, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal Botanical Garden, La Fontaine Park, are some of the must-visit places in the city. However, while sightseeing in Montreal is truly a pleasure, what most people look forward to when visiting this city is its arts and cultural side. With more than 250 theatre and dance companies and around 100 festivals, there is no chance of getting bored in the city.

One of the most popular festivals is the International de Jazz de Montreal. Apart from all these things, Montreal is a haven for food lovers. It offers the best food scenes not just in Canada but in the whole of North America. There are late night eateries, hipster bars, English pubs, tempting patisseries, delis, enormous food markets and countless cafes.

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3. Places to Visit in British Columbia

British Columbia, on the Pacific coast, always appears in the rankings of the best places to live on the planet. And for something it will be. Vancouver is an animated fusion of cultures and cuisines of Asia. There is a lively counter cultural activity from a popular nudist beach to the political headquarters of the Marijuana Party and with the Bustling Asian neighborhoods.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy bustling city life and also the beauty of nature, you do not have to look further from Vancouver. Known as one of the best cities to live in the world, Vancouver in the province of British Columbia has a cosmopolitan population. It boasts of a rich culture and great food. Vancouver also hosts cultural events including theatrical events, festivals, live music.

When it comes to the natural wonders of the city, you would definitely be mesmerized by mountains, rainforests, beaches, amidst the skyscrapers and steely structures. You would have a great time outdoors trying out sports like mountain biking, skiing, biking, kayaking and relaxing.

If you are looking for specific things to do and places to visit to add to your itinerary, Stanley Park, Vancouver Aquarium, Chinatown, English Bay, Queen Elizabeth Park, VanDusen Botanical Garden, are few of the places that you should definitely see while visiting Vancouver. The Butchart Gardens is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Just behind the sunken garden is the Ross Fountain, one of the most important attractions of the park.

Located on the west coast of Vancouver Island in Canada, and bathed by the Pacific Ocean, Tofino in British Columbia will immediately captivate you. Take advantage of the low tide to discover thousands of mussels and barnacles stuck to the rocks. And do not forget to look for the colorful starfish in Chesterman beach.

Tofino is well known for surfing. Hundreds of people visit this area of ​​the Vancouver island to catch waves and enjoy their surfboard. There are many surf schools in Tofino. The Tofino area and the Pacific Rim National Park were the territories of the first Nuu-chah-nulth natives, an indigenous community of the Canadian Pacific. Their lands are full of magic and history.

Pacific Rim's bucolic national reserve is traversed along the West Coast Trail. Here a windswept ocean meets impressive, unspoiled nature and surfers line up to enjoy the waves. Then there is the valley of the Cowichan River, dotted with small, cozy farms and wineries, much appreciated by curious palates.

Along the famous Cabot Trail, you can reach the surroundings of one of the most spectacular parks in Canada. The 300 kilometers of this path wind and climb coastal mountains, with stunning views of the sea at each bend. There is the possibility of watching whales that face the coast, elk on the sides of the road and many alternative routes to deviate and explore foot.

The area is also dotted with Celtic and Akkadian communities, and local rhythmic violin music plays in local pubs. You cannot leave Vancouver Island without trying the fish tacos, the cod fish & chips or the salmon burger. The island of Meares is in front of the village is Tofino. From there, you can hire a water taxi to take you to Meares and spend the day touring the island and its trails.

One of the most spectacular views of the south of Vancouver Island you will get from the top of Lone Cone. For those who are not convinced with surfing but want to try the feeling of climbing on a board in the famous waters of Tofino, nothing better than paddle surfing. The black bears go out to look for food (small fish, fruits and crustaceans) when the tide falls in Tofino.

In Tofino live highly valued bird species such as puffins. But undoubtedly, the protagonist is the bald eagle. Nothing better than exploring the islands of Clayoquot Sound by kayak. Find the hidden treasures of Tofino from the water!

4. Places to Visit in Alberta

Located north of the Saskatchewan River in Alberta at the foot of the Canadian Rockies the landscape surrounding the Lake Abraham just outside the boundaries of Banff National Park is majestic, with snow-capped peaks everywhere and the pristine sky as a roof. It is not too far from Edmonton and Calgary, both just over three hours by car. It is also possible to arrive by tracing a whole route through the nature of western Canada leaving Vancouver.

In that case, it is nine and a half hours of travel, so you could make an intermediate stop to spend the night in one of the picturesque villages inland or at the foot of Shuswap Lake. Here one of the most beautiful and deadly natural phenomena in the world occurs. One should not wonder why Lake Abraham has become so famous among tourists and especially among photographers.

The ice bubbles or frozen bubbles as they are often called are all extra attraction this place can support. This particularity has a reason for being the plants in the lake bed release methane gas that freezes the closer it gets to the surface and the bubbles accumulate as the climate gets colder and colder.

The good thing about visiting Lake Abraham is that you can get unique snapshots, especially because you can walk on it to get them. The ice is thick enough at all times, although the feeling you have is that it can break at all times, hence there is no shortage of adrenaline rush.

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Although the above-mentioned cities are some of the most popular cities in Canada to visit, they are not the only ones. Niagara Falls, Halifax, Calgary, The Canadian Rockies, Whistler, The Yukon, Nova Scotia, are some other Canadian cities that offer something exciting and unique. As all the cities are spread around the country, it is impossible to cover all of these in just one holiday.

So, give it a good thought while you travel in Canada. Plan your holiday according to the city that excites you the most before you book your tickets and apply for the Canada visa for Indian tourist. This would ensure that you have a great and unforgettable Canadian holiday. The Canada tourist visa for Indians can be obtained from any of the Canadian Consulates.
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