6 Best Places to Shop in Orlando, Florida

Without a doubt, the United States is one of the best destinations to visit in the world. From San Francisco and LA to California, thare are many other places in USA that you want to see, like Florida. Today we talk about shopping and of the recommendations for shopping in Orlando.

Orlando is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. The theme parks (Disney, Universal, Seaworld and more) are handy, but so are things like alligator zoos and tropical gardens. It’s no more than a day trip to many many things. Orlando nightlife is pretty amazing, second only to Key West. Somewhat reminiscent of New Orleans, but will less emphasis on alcohol.

Downtown Orlando is busy enough, but if you want more, Universal’s CityWalk and Disney Springs offer even more. The area is full of parks. It helps that Florida has 30,000 lakes. But every small town in the area seems to have at least a couple that are well maintained, with grass, fountains, small museums, and weekend events. Given that it’s perpetual Summer and the area is full of parks, it’s no surprise that there are so many people enjoying the outdoors.

Swimming, Boating, Fishing, Hiking, Biking, Picnicking, Sports of all types. The whole place is a playground. If we think about shopping in Florida we always do it in Miami leaving Orlando as a park-only destination. In Orlando you can also get very good prices, sometimes even cheaper than in Miami. In Orlando you have great places for a great shopping tour.

Just as the list of attractions seems endless in Orlando, it happens with the options for shopping, which may well be present throughout the trip, from the beginning until shortly before boarding the plane to return home, since the International Airport of Orlando, with its Disney and Universal stores, can save you from some forgotten souvenir.

If you have time to visit an outlet in Orlando, then take it very seriously, you will have to dedicate at least half a day or an entire afternoon to shopping so that it is only the statement of your card that takes away the taste for brand new.

And since Orlando is synonymous with vastness, let's go from outlets to shopping in detail. In order to visit all these places, rent a car to move freely, more economically than by taxi and more comfortably than by public transport. Rental cars are very cheap. No matter what your plans are, the cost of a rental car in Orlando is likely to be 50–75% LESS than any city in North America other than Las Vegas (the other city with cheap rentals). That’s money that can be spent on other things.

Are you ready to visit Orlando's shopping malls? Here you have a varied and different selection with brand stores, low prices, designer stuff.

1. Kissimmee Clearance Center

Its location is ideal, a few kilometres from the entrance of Walt Disney World. This mall was specially designed to bring together the biggest brands like Converse or Tommy Hilfiger in one place, as well as including a Dollar Tree store, where you can buy almost anything for just $ 1.

So that you understand the importance of this word, I tell you that a "Clearance Store" is a store that gives discounts on the discounted prices, where you can find designer items valued at $ 400 for only 60. If you also buy several same items, it will be more cheaper.

Address: 2573 Old Vineland Rd, Kissimmee, FL 34746

2. Orlando Premium Outlets

The shopaholics' wishlist can start with one of travelers' favorite resorts, Orlando Premium Outlets. What makes it special is its large size and variety of stores. You can find one of these outlets on International Drive and another on Vineland Avenue. The former is Orlando's largest outlet with nearly 200 stores, offering slightly more variety, and the latter is one of the most popular, especially for its discounts.

Both are open-air outlets and have shuttle service to some hotels in Orlando. The outlet paradise. This shopping center has more than 150 brands to buy. From the most popular ones like Victoria's Secret to the most special like Calvin Klein, here you can get a series of offers throughout the year ranging from 25% to 65%, depending on the season and the store where you want to buy.

Address: 8200 Vineland Ave, Orlando, FL 32821

3. The Florida Mall

If you are one of those who do not get tired of walking and love the variety in stores: this mall is perfectly suited to you. If you take shopping seriously, this will be your true amusement park with its more than 250 specialized stores and 30 restaurants and cafes in a space of 550 thousand square meters, which owes its nickname of the largest shopping center in Florida Central.

A few steps away is the Florida Mall Hotel and Conference Center if you consider it convenient to be as close as possible to visit it on more than one occasion. The Florida Mall is close to everything, 25 minutes from major parks such as Walt Disney Resort and Universal Resort and 15 minutes from Orlando International Airport.

It receives more than 20 million visitors a year. Surely you have to become part of the statistics that drive you crazy when you find unique stores such as Crayola Experience and M&M's World inside. Known as the largest in Central Florida, it has stores that include brands such as Clarks England, Hollister Company and Apple.

And to recharge your batteries after so much walking, here you can find 30 different restaurants and cafes for all tastes. I have been recommended to try a little flavor in Salsa Taqueria & Tequila Bar, to enjoy the exotic Mexican flavor in Orlando.

Address: 8001 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32809

4. Disney Springs

If you are a fan of Disney drawings and all their creations, this place will be the best for what you are looking for. This shopping center, located on the outskirts of Orlando, of about 120 square meters, offers its visitors all kinds of themed stores where you can also enjoy various shows while you shop. Here you can find: clothes, toys, all kinds of electronic devices and even school supplies.

If you go with children, this is your place. In addition, you have a wide range of restaurants. Pretend you only went for a walk and if you return with your hands full of bags, you completely blame it on chance. What was known as Downtown Disney is today a showcase of unlimited surprises.

Lose yourself in more than 100 unique goods stores and give yourself time to visit some of their restaurants run by renowned chefs and enjoy artistic and cultural shows, while you decide to buy that pair of hand-painted shoes that you know will make you sleepy not to take them home with you.

It is common to visit Disney Springs at night, when it is still possible to enjoy iconic stores such as the LEGO Store, World of Disney, Marvel SuperHero Store, Star Wars Galactic Outpost, the Coca-Cola store or Ghirardelli if the walk whet your appetite to try something sweet, delicate and meaty.

Address: 1486 Buena Vista Dr, Orlando, FL 32830

5. Sanibel Outlets

It is not as sought after as the other shopping malls, but it is an ideal place when you are looking for a variety of brands (Polo Ralph Lauren, Gap, Loft, Nike, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger) at a good price. Its strategic location on the way to the beach allows you, after a day of sun and sand, to stop by and shop until 9:00 pm. (Monday to Saturday, Sundays until 6:00 pm), when all stores close.

At Sanibel Outlets they carry out special events, with great discounts, the days prior to prominent dates such as July 4. If you are lucky enough to coincide in those weeks, you will find even better offers.

Address: 20350 Summerlin Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33908

6. The Mall at Millenia

Also known as the Millenia Mall, it has been recognized among the top 10 shopping centers in the United States. It offers more than 200 stores that go from the exclusive to the usual. This mall located in modern and elegant facilities within a huge building, makes the difference with its boutique adviser service, which allows you to rent a comfortable catwalk room with a bottle of champagne included and suggestions for changing clothes with your style to look like a celebrity.

Address: 4200 Conroy Rd, Orlando, FL 32839
Kalyan Panja