10 Tips to Survive Long Haul Flights in Economy

Are you planning to fly on your upcoming vacation? Well, that is a great idea. Overall, the most effective way to survive a long-haul flight without being bored to death is to first watch a movie and wait for the free meal (assuming your airline offers one). That’s 2–3 hours down. Once you eat, you can fall into a comfortable food coma and sleep for the middle of the flight, anywhere from 3–8 more hours.

Depending on the length of your flight and airline, the crew generally serves another meal or snack a couple of hours before landing and turns the lights up for the service. Wake up, watch another movie and have the second meal which kills 2–3 more hours.

Traveling is a great learning and I got a lot of lessons from my travel experiences in the world. It started when I was looking for cheap flights and was able to find it. Instantly I went through an article which was about the ways to make the economy class flight like a first-class.

It got me all attention and then I read the tips given in that article. Let me share with you, my economy class experience literally was like a first-class thing. That was great learning. In this blog, I'm giving you all those tips I have read and experienced. You will literally have a very different and pleasing experience in flight.

how to survive long flights in economy

Here are some of the tricky things to know about your flight experience. You can easily enjoy the first-class privileges in your economy class flight.

1. Start Searching Special Packages

Sometimes you find the first class flights in an economy class budget. What else do you need? This is a trick to find the tickets and packages at the last minute. I have experienced it multiple times and now I regularly use last-minute packages. It is something that most travelers don’t know.

Grab the first-class packages now on the rates of the economy. Where are you moving to? Find the best, but last-minute family packages, you will get your ideal package I’m sure.

2. Travel Pillow is Important

If your bottom gets sore on a flight, take the pillow they give you and try to find an extra. Put them on your chair but leave room for your tailbone to not touch the seat (basically try as if you are sitting over the edge of a ledge). Ideal for long journeys, an inflatable neck pillow will help you sleep better and can be deflated to take up less space at other times.

It is important to carry a travel pillow for a more comfortable traveling experience. There are many types of travel pillows. Take the pillows you are comfortable with. Check online for the pillows with a number of online sellers or visit a nearby shop, you will have a variety of travel pillows for you and your family. Without this, you will not be comfortable either on short or long haul flights.

Especially if you are flying with kids, you must pack the special travel pillows with you to make them comfortable. This idea would get you a very comfortable travel experience.

3. Inflate Foot Rest

There is an option to use during your flight experience. There is a footrest to make you comfortable during flight. Most of the people don’t know how to use it but I came to know it first when I was traveling to Thailand. It was Thai Air and I was having a tremendous flight experience in its economy class.

So keep your foot on rest, it would make your travel experience more comfortable. You can ask the aircrew to inflate it for you if you can't inflate it. The flight attendant would be happy to help you as most of the airlines now have very kind, professional, helping, and cooperating staff.

4. Move Your Seat Back

Do you want to lay down and sleep during a long haul flight? Ask the flight booking manager to book the seat that is easy to move back. Actually here the ethics come.

Some travelers don’t like to be disturbed and don’t allow you to move back your seats. You at that moment have to cooperate and take care of others. This is also a lesson I learned through various experiences traveling to many places on earth. If you and your fellow traveler are mutually fine with your seat moving back, then move on.

It is good to ask the fellow passenger first, and then move. To fix any problem, talk to the flight attendant. They will help you out to be on the seats where nobody is on your back, then you can easily lay down on your seat to have a sleepy, and pleasant experience throughout your flight.

5. Blankets and Masks are for your comfort

Make it more comfortable bringing your own blanket or ask the flight attendants to bring one for you. Thai, Qatar and all the big names in the air industry have good quality pillows and blankets for the passengers.

Don’t rely on them, Bring your own pillows and blankets with you. Remember, the blanket and pillows should be compressible according to your carry-on bag. Don’t overburden your luggage sets. The Rakuten marketplace is your source for great deals on premium luggage. Shop the Rakuten marketplace for great deals on luggage from names you trust like Samsonite, Delsey, Travelpro, and more.

Also, buy the soft face masks for your eyes or full face. To avoid the light in the flight, it would help you out.

6. Get More Space in Economy Class

Yes, you read that right. You might be a bit surprised to know that you can get more space even when you are traveling economy class but how? There are websites that very few people know about. They can provide you with real time information of your flight seats.

You can find everything from customer reviews to photos to even inside information such as whether the seat has extra leg room or whether the seat recline or not. Such information can come in handy. You can also get valuable insights such as Boeing 767 has fewer middle seats so if you are planning to book a seat in that airplane and want more space, you are less likely to get it.

When you are seated at a window seat and if there is a black triangle symbol just above your seat, then congratulations, you are on the ‘William Shatner’s seat. This is just a visual marker to identify the window/seat that gives the best possible view of the wing.

7. Stay in The Middle

Some travelers might go for the premium option and travel business or premium while others might prefer to save a few bucks on travel and go for more pocket friendly options such as economy class. It is highly recommended that you find a middle ground because traveling economy class means that you have to make a few compromises and traveling business class means that you will have to pay much more.

Spend some time online comparing flight options, do your research and you could find a premium package that cost a few hundred dollars more than economy. Choose one of these options as it provides you business class features at a price of a economy class and for a traveler, there is nothing better than that.

Before you fall asleep, make sure your seat belt is visible over your blanket or sweater. If you are in the aisle seat, advise the passengers next to you beforehand to climb over you in the event of a turbulent bladder.

On most planes, the arm rests on the middle seats in coach can be flipped up to give you more room, but those on the aisle, can't. Or can they? It turns out that in about 80% of planes, there is a secret button on the underside of the arm rest toward the back, which when pressed releases a latch and allows it to be raised. Voila!

8. Compression Socks

Since you are sitting for such a long period of time, they increase circulation to your ankles and keep the blood flowing, reducing your risk of clots. If you don’t want to be a shoe-less weirdo when you deplane, invest in compression socks. They can be found anywhere from Amazon to your local Walgreens.

9. Face Moisturizer and Eye Cream

No more than 3.4 oz of course. When you are at 30,000 feet, you’re skin dries out fast. Every couple of hours apply a face moisturizer and eye cream to keep skin hydrated and feel refreshed.

Drink LOTS of water & get up and walk every hour, avoid drinking liquor. Eat your own food (healthy food low in sodium) airplane food is super high in sodium and you tend to blow up/bloat, on the plane, especially if you’re not drinking enough water. Try and stay awake as long as possible BEFORE boarding your flight so that you can sleep on the plane and wake up on time wherever you’re landing.

Make sure you drink tons of water after landing as well - It helps with jet lag.

10. Extra meal

Airline food is not known to be delicious or even appetizing, especially in economy class. The portion is getting smaller. And if you are still hungry, it would not hurt to ask for extra food, just be sure to ask nicely, not to make any demands. Often times they have leftover meals, but keep in mind that the leftover meals may or may not be what you want. You may specify what you want, but be prepared not to get it.

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Kalyan Panja