Traveling to Monaco: 8 Things to Expect

Do you know which country is the second-smallest country in the world? Which country is the most densely populated sovereign state in the world? Yes, it is Monaco. Travel to Monaco, the second smallest country in the world just behind the Vatican. It has a privileged location, surrounded by the Alps and the Blue Coast.

If you’re looking for the next travel destination that will make you feel just that, then consider skipping the super congested travel destinations like Rome and Paris. Instead, try going to Monaco for a more self-indulgent travel style if that’s something that you want to do. It is known for its status as a tax haven as well as for its sparkling casino, its tennis open and its famous Circus Festival, added to a family famous for scandals.

Travel is a big part of people’s lives today and has been a significant part of the lives of a variety of animals as well (migration, anyone?). For animals, traveling is for survival reasons, but for humans, there are plenty of reasons we travel. Nowadays, people travel a lot both for business and for pleasure.

There are a lot of philosophical gains to traveling. From broadening your mind to a sense of peace, there’s much to behold for any travel addict. However, there are also physical and mental benefits to travel.

If there’s anything you should do at one point in your life, it’s to travel to countries you’ve never been before and experience things you’ve never had before too. Travel can also lead you to luxurious moments if you’re looking for them.

Why visit Monaco? Monaco, also known as The Principality of Monaco, is a city-state that you can find in Western Europe. Bordered by France on one side and the Mediterranean Sea on the other, it is a small but unique country worth visiting. Monaco is so little, in fact, that it is the second smallest country in the entire world after the Vatican.

Although Monaco is a small country, it doesn’t mean that it has few on offer. Quite the contrary. It has a lot to give for such a little place. One interesting fact to know about Monaco is that around a third of the country’s population are millionaires. If millionaires are traveling and staying in this country, then there’s bound to be something here worth going to for other travelers with a better budget.

Monte Carlo is a very short drive from Nice (you’ll most likely be flying into Nice in the South of France and driving to Monte Carlo, unless of course, you’re flying private) and a really fun destination! It’s a fabulous mix of fun, shopping, gastronomy, casinos, and relaxation! So if you’re looking for a destination that’s like no other, then Monte Carlo is your jam!

Known to be the most expensive and the wealthiest place in the world, Monaco was noted that about 30% of the population was made of millionaires.

If the coastal landscape and hidden glamour of Monaco interest you, then here are few things you might want to look into if you plan on going there.

1. Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is considered by many the capital of the principality, although in reality it is a district of the city-state, which is at the same time the capital.

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most significant sports events in the country, and the Grand Prix itself usually occurs during the end of May. The game is a Formula One motor race that occurs on the Circuit de Monaco. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of celebrities and other famous, wealthy people during this very grand and prestigious event.

Although it’s a grand event, it doesn’t mean you have to dress super fancy to watch the race necessarily. If you’re going to be watching by the grandstands, you can dress casual and not feel under-dressed. A lot of people go there wearing comfortable jeans and a shirt, maybe a sweater if it’s cold out.

You can also watch the Grand Prix at a hotel terrace or any private terrace overlooking the track. In this case, you can dress a little fancier with smart casual clothes.

2. Walking around St Martin Gardens

If you’re looking to see the sights yourself at a comfortable place around Monaco, then you can walk around and be fine. As long as it’s not too hot, you can walk to get from place to place. Be warned because Monaco has a hilly landscape. If push comes to shove, you can always catch the bus and, in some cases, ride a boat too.

You can organize a self-guided tour in Monaco if you want, depending on the sights that you want to see. If this is your plan, then make sure that you plan accordingly and that you take breaks now and then. Walking around Monaco is a simple activity that will let you get around the city at a relatively lower price.

3. Seafood around Monaco-Ville

Given the fact that one side of the country is by the Mediterranean Sea, it makes sense that you should expect fantastic seafood in Monaco. Therefore, if you’re going to be ordering any meals in the country, then anything with seafood would be a safe bet. Any food that is a staple in a Mediterranean diet is also a great choice.

4. Free Fireworks Display in Port Hercules

Aside from the Monaco Grand Prix, the country is also home to the annual International Musical Fireworks Competition. This event usually happens around the end of July or beginning of August. Throughout these weekends, people can experience free fireworks displays that are spectacular and always a delight in the summer.

The great thing about this is that the 20 minutes of fireworks display is free for everyone to behold. Plus, it matches with music too, which is double the fun and delight. If you’re around Monaco during these months, then you should try and catch the free fireworks display that fireworks experts from all over the world are holding for you!

best things to do in Monaco

5. Yachting in La Condamine

Following the coast to the south, Monte Carlo follows the district of La Condamine, built around the port of Hercules, where you will discover the most spectacular yachts you can imagine. Along the promenade you can enjoy an aperitif in one of the terraces of the bars and restaurants of the environment. When you look for leisure, cookie shops or a places to eat in Monaco, you will also find it in La Condamine.

Boats and other water-based activities are always a great way to pass the time when you’re in Monaco. On that note, you should consider getting to the two ports in Monaco. You might also catch the Monaco Yacht Show to behold some of the most luxurious yachts available. Don’t worry. You don’t have to buy a yacht to attend the show itself!

6. Musée océanographique de Monaco

For the traveler it is a fascinating experience from a night in the casino, nightclubs in Monaco to a visit to the excellent Oceanographic Museum.

Rue Princesse Caroline street is pedestrian and is devoted to trade, which will allow you to rest from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the principality.

7. Visit the Prince's Palace of Monaco

In this district is also the Grimaldi palace, official residence of the royal family, built in the early thirteenth century but with many subsequent updates. You can visit the interior with guided tours. Meanwhile, for those who are into flying drones, keep in mind that it is not allowed within the vicinity of the Prince's Palace.

8. Stay at the hotels facing the French Riviera

If you don’t notice this by now, then it’s critical to know that Monaco is not the travel destination for when you’re traveling with a limited budget. The accommodations alone cost $240+ a night for some of the cheapest stays. Therefore, you should have a budget prepared. Otherwise, you might not be able to enjoy anything while you’re in Monaco.

Travel to Monaco and discover the most concentrated luxury and entertainment in the world. Stay at the most exclusive hotels facing the French Riviera, the same ones that celebrities from all over the world attend during the celebration of the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, which turns the peaceful streets of the city ​​in a speed circuit where the most powerful cars in the world run.

This country is undoubtedly a travel destination for those looking to lavish themselves in the glitters and glamour of luxury.

In a country with a poverty rate of zero, Monaco has a lot of exciting and opulent gifts for any traveler who comes around to this small country. If you’ve been looking for a considerable splurge for your travel, then there’s no better place to feel that opulence than in Monaco itself.
Kalyan Panja