6 Top Romantic Places to visit in Australia

Australia is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Its nature, architecture, and cultural heritage offer various destinations you can go to for a romantic break. Whether you want to have an active couple’s getaway, or just dine every night on a private tropical beach, this continent has it all.

best places to visit in Australia

So, here are top romantic places in Australia perfect to spend time with your special someone.

1. Color of love near Esperance

Although Lake Hillier doesn’t offer any accommodations, that doesn’t stop thousands of couples to come and visit this pink attraction. Accessible only by small plane, helicopter, or boat, this saline lake in Western Australia is one of the favorite romantic destinations on the continent. As one of the most famous pink lakes in the world, it’s often used to say ‘I do’ or as a proposal spot.

Since it’s located on Middle Island, you can stop by to see the colony of Little Penguins, the smallest of its species on the planet. Cape Le Grand National Park is just a few miles away from Lake Hillier, and Blue Haven Beach nearby is perfect to take a swim in the ocean. The town of Esperance is a good place to stay while exploring the area and even see some of its attractions, like Stonehenge and Whale Tail.

2. Naturally romantic sights of Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Make sure you visit the Great Barrier Reef. It's a spectacle unlike any other. One of the most iconic instagrammed places to visit in Australia is none other than the Great Barrier Reef, and the reef itself is bigger than the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Netherlands combined. Being the largest coral reef system in the world, it is also home to some of the most incredible sea life in the world.

This is a simply stunning place to be and a thrilling place for water sports and activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling. Book a diving tour and explore the ocean depths of this, one of the seven of the Earth's natural wonders. The turquoise waters teem with over 15,000 varieties of tropical fish, from the bright orange Clown Fish (say hello to Nemo) to the once seen and never forgotten Parrotfish.

Pretty boys indeed! If you don't have the courage to scuba dive, you can still take a glass-bottomed boat, and see the beauty of the ocean from a dry distance. Either way, many incredible wonders await you at the bottom of the sea. You should find the time to go diving if you can. Getting up and close to some of the stunning creatures that live there will really put things into perspective.

You will definitely want to protect beautiful natural places such as this once you see it for yourself. All in all, this is definitely one of the most mesmerising destinations that should be in the Australian bucket list.

The Great Barrier Reef is full of romantic sights that many couples simply can't resist to see. One of those is the Heart Reef perfectly visible from the air. Flying over this naturally-formed heart-shaped reef is a favorite way to pop the question and some have even exchanged the vows.

Those wanting to enjoy the ultimate romantic luxury can stay at one of the local resorts, like on Lizard Island.

3. Sunrises in Cairns

The town of Palm Cove is also nearby with its great sunrises and relaxing atmosphere far away from the urban fuss. If you want to have a feel of the Australian rainforest, The Daintree is close to the Great Barrier Reef and you can turn it all into a private adventure. Staying in Cairns will give you access to a lot of activities for couples like snorkeling in the Reef or cruising around its most memorable islands.

4. Urban romance in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most amazing cities in the world and a fine example of a successful fusion of cultures. If you are more a person for an urban romance, you will easily find an ideal place to dine and even propose in the city. With Royal Botanic Gardens in the heart of the city, you won’t have any problem enjoying rich and flourishing nature among the tall buildings.

5. Day trip to Blue Mountains

The best thing about Sydney is that it’s close to many destinations perfect for a day-trip. Rising above Sydney and located within a World Heritage Site, the Blue Mountains of Australia offer a very distinct perspective than busy city life. Apart from the scenic beauty of the place, top attractions you can enjoy here include day spas, shopping markets, golf courses, dining areas, and galleries among several other things.

For trekkers, there are bushwalking trails like the Three Sisters at Echo Point. The massive and spectacular Blue Mountains obtain their name after the stunning blue tinge they display from a distance. Blue Mountains National Park is a lovely hiking spot, and Manly Beach will give you more privacy than popular Bondi. Before you finish you’ll have splashed your way through several creeks, cowered under huge sandstone walls and overhangs, and stared in awe at magnificent waterfalls.

Hawkesbury River Cruise will take you on one of the most beautiful rivers in Australia stopping by small villages full of heritage architecture and farmers’ markets.

6. Low-key romance in Adelaide

The South Australian state library is in North Terrace. It has a lot of history in itself but just as importantly the North Terrace boulevard is considered to be one of the best streetscapes in Australia with the Museum, Art Gallery and University on the same city block. Government House is to the West with 19th century architecture.

Adelaide Hills is full of European charm and the old-world architecture accompanied by numerous wineries in the area. As a wonderful spot for couples who want to spend time completely dedicated to one another, this is often a favorite low-key destination for those seeking ultimate privacy.

Couples come here for anniversaries and Valentine’s Day with flower delivery from Adelaide straight to their rooms and candlelight dinners on the balcony. Thorngrove Manor is one of the most romantic accommodations to stay here with antique settings and baroque architecture. Since the area is also one of the oldest wine-producing regions, you will enjoy some of the finest wines, like Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

7. A romantic wine getaway to New South Wales

Usually visited for being one of the best wine regions in the world, Hunter Valley is also a favorite couple destination as a getaway, but also as a wedding venue. The lush greenery of the vineyards, lavender fields, and exquisite cuisine turned this area into one of the most wanted Australian couple’s retreats. Many estates, like Spicers Vineyards, offer wine and dine experience with nestling around a fire for stargazing.

During the day, Hunter Valley has a lot of places you can have a romantic picnic, like the banks of Paterson River. Hot air balloon rides are the most beautiful in the afternoon when the sun is slowly setting behind the horizon, leaving shades of orange and pink over the landscapes. Hunter Valley Gardens will dazzle you with its many waterfalls, murals, and artistry so it's no wonder many couples get engaged in this 14-hectare space.

8. Heaven for couples in Byron Bay

Byron Bay is the ultimate destination for couples who want to enjoy luxury and privacy together. This coastal town is full of beaches, resorts, spas, and diving sites — perfect to relax and hide from the world for a while. Byron Bay is known for its bohemian and relaxed lifestyle and its beaches. Next on the route to Cape Byron enjoy beautiful views of the ocean and if you go between June and November you can spot humpback whales.

If you intend to come here between June and November you are in for quite a sight. That’s when humpback whales migrate and you can watch them splash in the ocean from the Captain Cook Lookout. When you get tired of spending time in the five-star resorts, you can catch some sun and swim on the Clarkes Beach or a more secluded Tallow Beach.

Those looking for a more active holiday can go hiking in the surrounding rainforests and to the Cape Byron Lighthouse, located a few miles outside of town.

All in all

It’s hard to choose one destination when Australia is full of romantic places. Maybe the best strategy is to stay in one place and then go on day-trips from there to see it all. Or, you can pick one spot and have your romantic holiday just there. Whatever you decide, Australia promises a great romance for those looking to celebrate love and strengthen their bond.
Kalyan Panja

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