11 Best Wine Regions in the World to Visit

Traveling the world has many amazing perks, from meeting new people and connecting with their cultures to learning about the history of the places we visit and seeing some unique sights along the way. However, one vital aspect of every travel adventure is getting the chance to try the local cuisine and wines. In case you consider yourself a wine lover and/or connoisseur, your choice of wine destination might also depend on the local offer of this delicious beverage.

Fortunately, regardless of the part of the world you decide to visit next, you will have no issues finding an excellent winery where you can try all the local specialties. From Australia through South Africa and Europe all the way to South America, your options are numerous as every wine region in the world has something unique to offer.

best wine regions in the world

Take a look below to get some ideas for your next vacation in few of the best wine regions in the world.

1. Enjoy the views in Stellenbosch, South Africa

If you find yourself going to South Africa, you will not want to miss this gem. There are over 200 producers located in the valley at the foot of the Stellenbosch Mountain. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate they get to enjoy, the wines they produce include excellent syrah, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, sauvignon blanc, riesling and many more.

However, you cannot leave this area without trying their pride and joy – pinotage, a cross between pinot noir and cinsault. The best way to discover all the wines, see the spectacular views and experience the local cuisine is by following some renowned wine routes.

best wine regions in the world

2. Defy the expectation by going to Priorat in Spain

In case you are a big wine fanatic, chances are that you already visited the most famous wine region in Spain, Rioja. However, why not try something else this time by planning a trip to Priorat? Located just a two-hour train ride away from Barcelona, you can easily turn this into a day trip if you are visiting the northeastern part of this gorgeous country.

While simply admiring the scenery of the area can be quite fulfilling, you can also learn more about the history of this place and visit the ruins of the Escaladei Monastery. If you’re up for some climbing, hiking or kayaking, you can visit the village of Siurana as well. Of course, we cannot forget about the main reason why you are here, wine tasting.

This wine region produces some of the best full-bodied reds in the world dominated by the aroma of sun-dried red and black plums, black cherries and cassis.

best wine regions in the world

3. Discover the secret of British Columbia

While most people believe that it is too cold in Canada to grow vines, they have certainly not yet heard about the prosperous wine region of British Columbia. The Okanagan Valley has a mild climate which allows it to grow vines of high quality and produce wines such as pinots, merlots, rieslings, sauvignon blancs and many more.

Besides the fine wine, you will get to enjoy the spectacular location adorned with glacier-scraped lakes, rivers and mountains. There is no lack of fun activities either and finding a local resort to stay at should not be a problem.

best wine regions in the world

4. Relax at Hunter Valley near Sydney

Moving on to the Land Down Under which is one of the world’s top wine producers with its 60+ wine regions. While your choices are various, you should most certainly not skip Hunter Valley. Its proximity to the capital of New South Wales makes it easy to lure both guests and event organizers which means that you can expect some famous performers there as well.

Plus, there is also the annual Hunter Valley Wine & Food Festival which you do not want to miss. Luckily, the selection of Hunter Valley accommodation varies from small cottages and studio apartments to big country houses on vineyard estates so you will have no issue finding the most suitable property to relax at.

In terms of wines, this region is known for its earthy shiraz, semillon that only gets better with age and full-flavored chardonnay, all of which you should try regardless of your favorite type.

best wine regions in the world

5. Reach new heights in Argentina

Yes, we mean literally. The largest wine-producing region in Argentina is unique because of its vineyards that boast the highest altitude in the world. Many of the vineyards in the Mendoza region come with a breathtaking backdrop that is the Andes Mountains. If, by any chance, you get an opportunity to travel to this area in March, you will not want to miss the Grape Harvest Festival.

When it comes to wine, Mendoza is known for its malbec but it also has amazing tempranillo, chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon. This is all thanks to its diverse terroir and microclimates as well as the fact that there are over 300 sunny days during the year. Besides the wine, you will find delicious food and great places to stay.

best wine regions in the world

6. Take a boat tour in Portugal

Another European destination, this time the birthplace of Port – you do not want to skip a visit to Douro Valley in Portugal. In addition to port wine, you will also get to try some excellent red varieties as well as the popular Vinho Verde white wine. This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the oldest in the world.

Due to the area being mountainous, the majority of the vineyards are on terraces, which creates a spectacular view. In case you are staying at one of the hotels in Porto that organize boat tours, you will not want to miss the chance to see these stunning stone-terraces and the accompanying landscape from the river. What is more, this area is also famous for its sustainable tourism and wellness retreats.

best wine regions in the world

7. Explore Piedmont and its capital Turin

Italy is one of the top destinations when it comes to wine with so many wine regions to be proud of. However, Piedmont is one that you must not overlook during your visit to this impressive land. This region is famous for its Barolo and Barbaresco red wines that come from the Nebbiolo grapes that create bold, tannic wines that age well.

While you can enjoy a picnic lunch at some wineries, you can also choose to explore Turin. This city is full of culture and history and you can experience it all by visiting the local museums, going to a Juventus game and having an amazing night in the Murazzi area. Of course, don’t forget to try out the local cuisine.

best wine regions in the world

8. Visit the wine Mecca in France

Just like Italy, France is full of quality wine regions, from Champagne to Burgundy. However, probably the most famous of the French wine regions is Bordeaux which in itself consists of many smaller regions. Seeing as how there are so many gorgeous things to do and see in this area, you should plan your itinerary carefully in order to visit as many attractions as possible.

In addition to museums, various monuments you can see for free and even a visit to Bordeaux’s first brewery, you will have a chance to explore many of the 18th-century estates and chateaus. Every wine lover knows the significance of this region in the history of wines and should visit it at least once in their life – if for nothing else, then to go on a wine tour and try their signature red wines.

best wine regions in the world

9. Kick back at Sonoma County

When it comes to Californian wines, people first think of Napa Valley. However, one region that many individuals choose as a place to visit when they need to unwind with a glass of quality wine is Sonoma. Located near San Francisco, this region offers amazing chardonnay and pinot noir as well as syrah and cabernet.

Keep in mind that there are over 400 wineries in Sonoma which means that you will surely find something that suits your taste, you just need to plan your visit properly. Being as laid-back as it is, you can get high-quality farm-to-table meals, visit the local farmers’ markets and stay in a charming bed and breakfast or a rustic woodland cabin.

10. In the Heart of Yarra Valley

What once upon a time, in the distant 1938 was a small vineyard at Yering Station, today it is a whole wine complex. In fact, there are over 300 vineyards and 160 wineries in Yarra Valley. You will be amazed by the sparkling Chardonnay, aromatic Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Pinot Noir they have to offer.

If you’re a wine lover, you might have a lot of fun asking the locals about their unique land crafting and production practices. Go through a sensory journey of some of Australia's amazing food & wine, whilst listening to stories and music which will immerse your senses even further into the experience.

10. The wine routes of Uruguay

Chile and Argentina often get the most attention when it comes to South American wine. While that attention is deserved, it’s time that a small country to the east gets its due. In Uruguay, winemakers work with the tannat grape to create balanced wines in a stunning environment.

best wine regions in the world

These wine regions in the world are just some that every wine lover and connoisseur must add to their bucket list. Plan your trip properly as all of these wine destinations have so much to offer and you surely don’t want to miss anything.
Kalyan Panja