5 Stunning Pink Lakes That Take the Breath Away

Pink lakes are a natural wonder and they can be found all around the world. Their special, bubble-gum pink colour makes them stand out from the regular-coloured lakes. There's something inexplicably satisfying in swimming in a lake that's coloured in a bright pink colour! But the question that tickles one’s fancy is what makes these lakes pink?

There's a perfectly logical explanation. A pink lake can be pink due to the presence of algae that produce organic pigments that give off a pink hue or from a very high concentration of salt.

best pink lakes in the world

Read on to learn about the astonishing pink lakes from around the world.

1. Las Salinas de Torrevieja, Spain

This famous pink lake lies on the Mediterranean Sea in a cool localized climate. Its salt content is not as high as in some lakes so the lake is home to several fish species, flamingos and other aquatic birds. It is generally a nice place to visit throughout the whole year, either with a family or as a solo traveler.

However, if you decide to travel alone in Europe, read on about the tips for solo travel in 2020 to avoid any unpleasant surprises and be prepared for everything. It’s a perfect place for a relaxing and pampering holiday experience as the lake has all the therapeutic properties of a natural spa.

You can treat yourself with a revitalizing mud bath and facemask, sunbathe and later rinse off with a soothing swim in the warm lake, with salt added to the complete relaxation.

2. Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

The colour of the Laguna Colorada is owed due to a mixture of red mineral sentiments and algae in the water with a heavy concentration of borax which turns the dark red to a nice pink hue. The lake is quite shallow (maximum depth is nearly five feet) and it is a part of the natural reserve. It is home to beautiful Chilean, Andean, and the endangered James’ flamingos which fit in perfectly with the scenery.

The lake is surrounded by the Andes Mountain range and rocky coast. What makes the lake a great touristic spot is a fact that it's easily accessible and surrounded by several small villages where travelers can spend the night.

3. Lake Hillier, Australia

The unbelievably pink lake Hillier is located at the heart of the island in Western Australia. The colour of the lake water is brightly pink and what’s more, it stays the same colour when scooped into a container. A very special type of algae makes the lake pink and the salt deposits can be found in the water as well as on the coast. Salinity levels in the lake are quite high.

With its vibrant colour, easily noticeable from the sky, the lake has attracted many curious visitors from around the world since its discovery. It is 1,968 feet long and 820 feet wide. For the scenic view of the magnificent lake, it is best to find private jets for hire from Perth, which will allow you to be maximally amazed by this natural wonder as well as to take some insta-worthy photos.

4. Lake Retba, Senegal

Meet the close rival of the Dead Sea, with the 40% salinity level – Lake Retba in Senegal. The lake is very easy to swim in, although, skin protection is advised. When collecting salt, the locals cover their bodies in shea butter to protect their skin. The hue of the lake highly depends on the amount of sunlight shining on the lake.

The best time to visit the lake and enjoy its stunning colour is during its dry season from November to June. During this period the lake is even saltier than the Dead Sea. The lake is located in a peaceful rural area, with plenty of places to stay overnight and experience the lake at different times of say.

The lake’s colour changes so it’s most pink around noon, more of a red-ish in the late afternoon and almost normal looking at the sunrise/sunset.

5. Hutt Lagoon, Australia

Hutt Lagoon’s salinity levels come from the proximity of the Indian Ocean and the presence of particular algae in the lake. It lies on the West Coast and a vast amount of the surface is made up of dry salt due to the high levels of evaporation. The lake is separated from the ocean by a series of barrier-dunes.

The shades of the lake vary from red and purple depending on the time of day, season, and weather. People say that the lake is the most beautiful when it’s mid-morning and at sunset. You can either choose to fly over the lagoon or you can choose to drive through the lagoon for the best experience. You can hire a campervan and go on your road trip as there are numerous reasons why campervans are best for a road trip in Australia.

The world is full of beautiful natural sites we should try to experience. These unique cotton candy-hued lakes are surely an example of the amazing things nature created. And the kind of photos you can take – WOW!
Kalyan Panja

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