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Japan is a very unique country. It is quite impressive and so often full of surprises. Even though it is one of the better-known countries around the globe, people tend to know only the bare minimum about this great country. So, if you are about to visit Japan, it would be a great idea to brush up on fun facts about Japan. This way there will be less room for surprises once you arrive at your chosen Japanese destination.

Japan travel tips

Explore Japan on your own and learn all the fun facts about Japan.

1. A vending machine on every corner

Attention all foodies! This will be your favorite out of all fun facts about Japan. To say that vending machines are all over the place in Japan would be an understatement. Japanese people just love them. Believe it or not, there are over 5.5 million machines throughout the country. If you are looking to stay fit while traveling, get ready to be tempted every step of the way.

2. Don't forget to slurp

One of the fun facts about Japan is that you can leave some of your table manners at home. Most likely where you come from, you should remove your elbows from the table and refrain from making unnecessary noises while dining. Well, it is time to slurp away. Not only that it is not considered rude, but it is thought to be a big compliment for the cook when people slurp soup or noodles.

Therefore, feel free to forget your manners during your trip and enjoy the authentic Japanese food.

3. Take a nap during working hours

No, you didn’t misread it. Out of all the fun facts about Japan, this one might be the best fact for those that dream about taking a nap during their workday. Working days are long and tiring. Thus, taking a nap is sometimes necessary and totally acceptable. If you are looking to kick start your career at a place where you can take a nap after lunch, end your search because you have found what you are looking for.

4. Baseball is the number one sport in Japan

This is a very big surprise since sumo is the national sport. Yet, baseball seems to be the dominating sport since the 1830s, when it was introduced to Japanese culture by Americans. There are two leagues that are played in Japan, but international competitions are well known and followed by the Japanese people. You can bank on everybody knowing the Yankees and the Red Socks when you visit Japan.

In Japan, basketball and football are no match for baseball. It is easily the most popular sport in the country.

5. McDonald’s restaurants are everywhere

There are more than 3000 McDonald’s restaurants in Japan. The only country Japan is falling short to is the United States. Still, don’t be fooled. You will not run into many overweight people on the streets. However, eating fast food can be a great way to save money when traveling abroad. So, treat yourself with a juicy burger when in Japan.

6. When in a giving mood, buy fruit

This is a very long and well-kept tradition in Japan. Back in the day, fruit was very expensive, so giving fruit to somebody meant that they were getting a very nice and expensive present. In the meantime, the prices of fruits have changed but this long standing tradition remains. A fruit basket might be the best gift that you can offer somebody in Japan.

7. Japan is made up of 6852 islands

This fun fact about Japan is pretty unbelievable. No wonder Japan is known as the Island Nation. What makes this fact even more interesting is that 97% of the land is made up of only four islands: Shikoku, Kyushu, Honshu, and Hokkaido. Still, we must mention Okinawa, since it is the most beautiful out of all islands.

8. Japan is the land of earthquakes

It might sound unbelievable, but every single year Japan is hit by 1500 earthquakes. The number is alarming, but the reality is very different. Thankfully, almost all earthquakes are minor tremors. Therefore, this is not something that should alarm you to the extent that you decide not to visit this one of a kind country.

9. Crime rates are unbelievably low

Out of all the fun facts about Japan, this one is the most important for those that are looking to move to Japan. Crime rates are the lowest in the world. Most common crimes are stealing an umbrella or taking somebody's unlocked bike on the street. You read it right. People leave unlocked bikes on the street because the trust between people is on such a high level.

10. Run into words that are not translatable

Between all the fun facts about Japan, this one might be the hardest to explain. For instance, in our eyes 'komorebi' might seem like one simple word that should be translated into one other word that has the same meaning. Yet, this isn’t the case. The real meaning is 'sunshine filtering through leaves'. Also, learning Japanese slang can be a bit tricky.

Moving to Japan

Are you looking for a drastic change of scenery? Well if you are, Japan just might be the perfect place for you. Many are taking this big step in hopes of exploring a new culture and making a positive change in their lives. This is especially true for residents of large and overcrowded cities. Maybe it is time to leave NYC and explore the world and experience something new and different.

If moving is too big of a step right away, plan a trip to Japan to see what it can offer. After this trip, you will surely feel like this move should be in your near future.

Unfortunately, we have only scratched the surface. There are many more fun facts about Japan that you are left to discover on your own. So, what are you waiting for? Visit your favorite booking site and experience this marvelous country in person. The best and the most fun facts are those that we find by ourselves.
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