5 Reasons to Choose Fiji as Your Wedding Destination

Congrats on your engagement! You are probably over the moon and are starting to slowly think about all the aspects of organizing a wedding in Fiji. As the preparations start, one of the first topics to discuss is most certainly the location of the wedding. Will it be local or are you planning a destination wedding? If you're leaning more towards the latter, can we suggest Fiji as an option?

Destination weddings have a unique charm for you, your family, and guests. There are many young couples choosing a destination wedding over a conventional banquet hall wedding at your native place. The destination wedding earlier seems to be a costly affair however more and more hotel properties and their in-house event management companies reduced the cost equivalent to a normal wedding.

Sun, sand, and some of the clearest, sparkling blue water you will ever swim in! Fiji has it all! With over 300 islands, its hard to make a decision on what to do or where to go in Fiji. This island nation will provide you with a unique experience that you are sure to remember for the rest of your life. Fiji has so many stunning miles of coastline that surround more than 300 Fijian islands.

A number of them frequently grace various top 10 beaches in the world lists. It’s just impossible to find any nation with a more amazing shoreline! Within the great Pacific Ocean is a conglomerate of twenty volcanic atolls belonging to the Fiji, called the Mamanuca Islands. All of them are of a unique beauty, although the most popular are Malolo Lalai and Malolo.

Mamanuca Islands can only be accessed by small planes or by taking a boat from the port of nearby Denarau. This area is very touristy, so it has all kinds of commercial and lodging services such as restaurants and hotels.

From this same geographical point one can approach the enchanting Yasawa Islands. When one imagines idyllic beaches of white sand with turquoise and transparent waters, an ideal temperature allows to practice diving all year round among coral reefs.

As revealing curiosity in relation to the beauty of this enclave, it is noteworthy that the film Cast Away, starring Tom Hanks, was filmed in this place. Go by barge to one of the atolls that are still uninhabited. Monuriki is one of those islands that are deserted.

Fiji destination wedding

Keep on reading to see just some of the reasons why Fiji is an amazing wedding destination.

1. Escape the everyday world

Choosing Fiji gives you the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and have a relaxing and peaceful wedding day. As soon as you get to this Melanesian country, you will see just how tranquil life is in a private resort without any traffic and tooting horns as you get to enjoy the sounds of water and tropical birds.

In addition to being private and serene, these resorts in Fiji offer the ultimate luxury not only for the wedding day but during your entire stay there, including pools, spas, bars and even personal chefs and butlers.

Seeing as how there are so many islands in Fiji, some of them even uninhabited and others catering for only a limited number of guests, you can be completely secluded from the rest of the world. Getting here is quite an adventure if you stay on a liveaboard boat and also go for an ultimate Fiji liveaboard diving. The scenery and marine life will make the journey worthwhile.

2. Enjoy the gorgeous location and weather

When looking for beautiful scenery and weather, we mostly turn to island destinations such as Bora Bora, Bali, Nassau, Maui or Paradise Island. Fiji is no different, especially when we take into account all the unspoiled parts of this country. The lush rain forests and stunning beaches in Fiji are out there for you and your guests to explore and have a unique adventure.

If you prefer sunbathing, you can do that but there are plenty of activities to enjoy as well, from sea-kayaking tours, surfing and stand-up paddle boarding to dolphin watching and shark feeding in Fiji.

What is important to think about, however, is the timing of your special day. The rainy season in Fiji lasts from November throughout March. So, even though the temperatures in Fiji are not below 25 degree celsius, you would probably like to avoid this period. June to October is the peak tourist season in Fiji.

So for your wedding in Fiji, it might be best to look for a date in April when the weather is pleasant and the prices not as expensive as during peak season.

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3. Let the wedding planners do everything

One of the most stressful things about getting married in Fiji abroad is that you usually have to do so many things in advance and travel back and forth until everything is prepared.

However, professional wedding planners dealing with these types of destinations are well aware of your predicament and are more than happy to be of great service to you by doing absolutely everything they can for you. They will take care of everything from finding a venue, choosing wedding cars for newlyweds, booking the photographers and creating the seating plan. All you have to do is show up and walk down the aisle.

4. Extend your stay and enjoy your honeymoon

Like with all destination weddings, you will get to prolong your stay and enjoy your honeymoon in Fiji as well. This option saves you both time and money that you would need to travel back home and then to the honeymoon destination. Plus, there will surely be less stress as you will not be in a rush.

We already mentioned the variety of activities that you can do in Fiji but if you wander around the islands a bit, you will get to meet the locals and join in the fun. All of the people are very welcoming and lovely – they will all greet you with a smile and wish you happiness and health. Other than the kind locals, you should not skip the food in Fiji under any circumstances.

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5. Your guests will have a great time as well

A destination wedding usually means a smaller number of attendees but if you’re one of those individuals who need only their closest friends and family to be happy, this should not be a problem. Not only will these people be there for you during your big day but they will also get a mini holiday by traveling with you.

A few days of trying out a different cuisine, meeting the locals, taking cruises in Fiji and going on adventures is sure to make this trip something they will remember forever.

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In case you were already considering Fiji for your wedding destination, these reasons hopefully showed you why this is a great decision. Good luck and have fun in Fiji on your special day!
Kalyan Panja