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Bali is undoubtedly on the list of those places that every one of us must visit at least once in our lifetime. The reason behind this ranking is not just the beautiful places, but the amazing things that one can do there. It's not a surprise why Bali is ranked top in the best romantic budget international destination for couples.

It has everything that can entice a couple from the first day of the honeymoon to the last day of the trip. From exotic resorts to enigmatic islands, from luscious greenery to prismatic beaches, this Indonesian island is what honeymoon dreams are equipped off.

best things to do in bali

Here is the list of the 10 best experiences in Bali that will leave you mesmerized.

1. Bali Nightlife

The first and the foremost thing that every one of us must know about Bali is its amazing nightlife. So, the experience that you cannot miss out any cost is the nightlife of Bali. It is most popular for the amazing and the stylish cafes and bars. The awesome experience that it gives to the visitors coming is divine in every way.

There are many Amazing Bali tour packages from India. So, one should assure that there are such places in this package that you should the nightlife fully.

best things to do in bali

2. City Tour of Ubud

The second one on the list is visiting the city of Ubud. If you plan to visit the wonderful Bali island, you cannot leave it without having seen its great pearl. And if it had crossed your mind to commit such a crime, today we will show you the places to visit in Ubud that you cannot miss during your travel in Indonesia.

Ubud is again a very popular place in Bali and is known for its spiritual and artistic appeal that it provides to the tourists. There are a lot of museums here that will tell you about the beautiful history and culture of this place. Continuing north 1 more hour you will reach the Gitgit Waterfall.

Jalan Raya, Jalan Goutama, Jalan Dewi Sita streets are full of beautiful temples, charming corners, beautiful restaurants, craft shops, cafes with a lot of charm. Ubud market is located right in the center of the city. To the west of Ubud (you can do it walking) are the Campuhan rice fields. They are not as impressive as Tegalalang (7 km from Ubud), but they are also beautiful to see.

To the north, 1 hour from Ubud by motorbike is the famous Pura Ulun Danu Temple, a temple that rises above the waters of Lake Bratan (the second largest lake in Bali). In fact almost in all the photographs in Bali travel guides you will see its image.

3. Balinese Dance

Out of everything that you experience in Bali, one thing that you will enjoy the most is the Balinese dance. This is something in which you do not have to do any work. You just need to relax and watch the amazing performances of the artists in Bali and you will definitely get mesmerized after watching it.

4. Art and Crafts in Bali

What is not important to you may be the world for others. Same is the vase with the craftsmen in Bali. The next experience that we are talking about is watching the different artists doing their exquisite work on the island with such basic tools that you could not even think can be used for doing such beautiful artwork. Watching these artists doing their work finely is a very unique experience of its own kind.

5. Canggu City

When we are talking about having the best experiences in Bali, how can we forget the beautiful Canggu city? This place comes in the rank of the trendiest tourist spot of Bali. The beauty of this place is increased by the series of beaches that it has all around it. Also, it has a sun temple around, so those who love to visit temples can come to this place.

Not just this, this place is growing very fast and the reason behind it is the crowd that comes every year. The prominent reason for people coming to this place is that the beaches around it are very beautiful and provide an exceptionally good nightlife to its visitors.

Enjoy the freshness of the morning for jogging or surfing and breakfast with your feet in the sand of the beach of Gado-Gado in Seminyak. It's a mix between Bali and the West. It is a city of manageable size but where the bustle of its shops, bars and restaurants can be overwhelming.

However, the seashore is very nice. There, beach warungs offer Indonesian specialties among Western dishes. At sunset, you can taste a local arak madu sitting under multicolored Balinese umbrellas. The night market is worth it, you can find a lot of bargains.

6. Bali Cuisines

If you know even a little about Bali, then you must know that the food that this place has to offer has some magic in its taste. So, if a person is in Bali he can never say no to the cuisines that are made here locally. One of the most popular dishes that one should not miss at any cost is the roast suckling pig that is called Babi Guling in the local language.

Due to this popularity of the amazing dishes of Bali, you will spot many restaurants and cafes here and there. This clearly means that having a good quality local food is very easy in Bali.

7. Local Culture in Bali

The next experience that we are going to talk about is incredible and one cannot even think about this in their dreams. The thing that we are talking about is living like a local. Yes, you read it right. There are places in Bali where you can feel exactly like home. You will feel like you have been living here for ages.

In spite of taking a hotel and booking that for your stay, you can simply stay in a house. This is possible in Bali that you can live in a house. There are families here who let the visitors live in the rooms that they are not using. So, when in Bali do try a homestay.

best things to do in bali

8. Spas in Bali

Traditional Balinese massage is undoubtedly something that you should try. If you want to enjoy a good Balinese massage, in Ubud you will find many places. Bali is known for many things and one of those is the beautiful and comfortable Spas that it has. So, when you are tired of traveling and want to chill you can come to one of the local Spas and you will definitely enjoy the time.

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best things to do in bali

9. Festivals in Bali

Another important thing that Bali is known for is its festivals. The festivals that are celebrated here are full of colors and involve a lot of activities. You can just grab a coffee and can sit on any roadside café and then enjoy the beautiful sights.

10. Rice Fields in Bali

The last thing that one cannot miss out is visiting the rice fields of Bali. Visiting these fields is important because first, they are amazingly beautiful and second they are far away from the crowd and the monotonous life. Coming to these places will make you realize how beautiful life is when in the lap of nature.

So, these are 10 experiences that you must have on your Bali trip. The things that are mentioned in the article are something that you won’t find everywhere. Therefore, one should make sure that when they are on their Bali trip they should do each of these things.
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