12 Things to Do in Perth in Australia

Perth is one of the iconic cities of Australia in one of the best countries to live in. It is one of the largest and most populous cities in Western Australia. The city was founded in the year of 1829 as a colony of the British Empire. It is the capital of the state of Western Australia. Parliament and Supreme Court of the state is located there. Additionally, you can also find out the Governor of the State' residence there.

Many people book Perth flights for visiting the tourists attractions of the city. No matter the time of the year, you will always hear Perth as an excellent tourist destination. Because, why not? Perth has clean air, is safe, has a low population density with a virtually non-existent unemployment rate.

Plus, its wildlife and untouched natural territories make it one of the best places to go for a day trip - so what's not to love? In the north we can visit the Pinnacles desert, the Ningaloo reef and Monkey Mia where the dolphins almost reach the shore and the Karijini National Park. In the south we find Fremantle, the wine region of Margaret River and Rottnest Island. In the extreme northwest is Kimberley with its abrupt canyons and a beautiful ocean.

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things to do in Perth

Day Trips in Perth

If you're keen on visiting Western Australia anytime soon, it pays to learn about the different tourist spots and the best things to do while taking road trips near Perth.

Why Day Trips in Perth?

Day trips from Rockingham aren't the only popular joy rides tourists and locals alike enjoy in this side Of Western Australia. Don't limit yourself by wandering around the city - we recommended taking the popular day trips in Perth for a vacation well-spent.

Let's now have a look at the tourist attractions in Perth. Here are some of the must-see and must-do activities while exploring Perth.

1. Wander Around Swan River

Swan River is the main river of Perth. There are trails located on the sides of the river. You can walk around the trails. The river looks exceptionally beautiful at different times.

2. Talk with Kangaroos on Heirisson Island

Heirisson Island is situated on the middle of Swan River. It can be easily accessed from the city. On this island, there lives a group of birds and animals. On the day time, they are usually sleeping so you should disturb them. They come out when the temperature is cooler. They come out for the purpose of grazing around. It sounds interesting to look at the kangaroos living in their natural habitat.

3. Spend the time at Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe is a famous beach which is considered as the most beautiful beaches along the West side of Perth. You can do a lot of activities which are related to water. You will do swimming, snorkeling, and surfing along the water. The place is a great chance to do water activities in this exotic location. You can also approach this beach for a picnic.

You can also lay down on the sand and watch the beach waves. It is one of the greatest beaches where you can also get along for spending some marvelous holidays.

4. Shopping in Perth

There is an abundance of shopping options in Perth so if shopping is for you, you are in for a treat. From electric markets right through to stylish malls with boutiques stores; you have it all. The two main places to check out the shopping area downtown in the Murray and Hay street malls where you will find a variety of specialist stores, whether you are just window shopping or are looking to buy something, in particular, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Perth has all of the favorite malls and shopping centers which you want to visit. Names of the two bigger malls are Murray and Hay Street Malls. Myer and David Jones are two main departmental stores from where you can buy each and everything. Approach all of these stores when you have to buy departmental needs.

5. Visit the Bell Tower

Swan Bell Tower is the second largest tower in the world having sixteen bells. It is one of the largest skyscrapers in Western Australia. Martin’s Society of Change Ringers Inc. Members can change or knock the bells. This tower has become an iconic landmark for the state of Western Australia.

6. Travel through the Claisebrook Cove Bridge

It looks very glamorous when you walk through Claisebrook Bridge at the night when lights of the buildings have been set on. It is the time of the night and you have to follow this schedule for watching the marvelous scenery.

7. Walk Around Fremantle

Fremantle is a great place around Perth city. It has both artistic and alternative options for the Australia culture. You can explore more city and find a lot of restaurants and markets where you have stayed in the city. It is a great place to spend time in this location.

8. Discover More Kings' Park

Kings' Park is one of the largest parks in Western Australia. It has many species of plants, fungus, and birds. Many of the people like to spend time in this park. They usually come with their families. Events and festivals are also held in there. Many of the popular avenues are located inside the park like War Memorial, Honor Avenue, Bali Memorial, and many others, etc. Botanic Gardens are located in this area. If you are going to visit Kings Garden then you must visit these gardens.

9. Go Around Leederville

Leederville is a place located north of Perth city. There are two famous streets there which are Vincent and Oxford Street. There is a famous design market which is located in Perth. It has various art collections and posters. It is a very interesting region to explore and you must not miss this golden chance.

10. Visit Caversham Wildlife Park

Caversham Wildlife Park is a park dedicated to animals and birds species. You can interact with them easily. You can feed some of the animals on the risk of your own however it is a great place to visit animals in their natural habitat. On top of that, you'll get a once in a lifetime opportunity to hang out with kangaroos, koalas and wombats in Caversham wildlife park.

Don't neglect the hidden gems of this place, Aboriginal galleries with an impressive view!

11. Walk Around Mundaring Weir

The Mundaring Weir is a popular destination. You can have a glamorous view from the north side. You can also walk around the Maundering Weir. The natural scenery looks of the marvelous views which you can see from the north side.

12. Eating out in Perth

Northbridge is an excellent market place which consists of many shops, cafes and another kind of restaurants. You should be also trying them. There is a lot of delicious food which caters to the need of everyone. If you are a lover of seafood then you can find the greatest options here in this city.

Greenhouse Restaurant is located on St. Georges Terrace. It has kept a standard of cleanliness; vegetables are also grown on the top of the roof. From one end it has covered a major portion of the wall and it looks quite interesting. Administration of the hotel quickly makes everything clean for the service of the customers.

Don't skip the opportunity of exploring this wonderland and start creating your joyride itinerary in Perth.
Kalyan Panja