What to Wear in Australia: Ultimate Packing Guide

Are you looking forward to having the best summer getaway in Australia. If you haven't listed Australia in your bucket list this year, then you're clearly missing out. The Land Down Under is not only among the most highly urbanised countries of the world but is also home to tons of natural wonders consisting of beaches, diving sites, wineries and more. Island hopping in Australia will always be one of the best ways to spend the summer.

First you have to change your mindset. Travelling is a different way of life to how things are at home. You do not need to appear in different outfits everyday with matching shoes and jewellery etc! If you are going to be moving around you need a minimum amount of clothes and two pairs of shoes. Depending on season, very low heeled boots or walking shoes such as Skechers and a dressier pair that can also be worn at night.

Nothing tight as at the end of a long day your feet may be swollen and not fit into the glam shoes. You will find that no one knows or cares what you are wearing, no one knows you, you are moving around usually. Travelling is hard work and you need to be comfortable and not worried about how you look -even if you have to wear ugly shoes to ensure you can walk for hours!

No one is going to ask why you have three outfits- seasoned travellers will be doing the same thing. Even if you are on an organised tour. The exception may be if you are on a luxury group vacation and expected to dress up ,or for travelling for work purposes.

When it comes to island hopping in Australia, there are things you need to remember to ensure a fun-filled a trip.

1. Carry Designer Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are very important in daily life since they protect your delicate eyes from a number of elements as well as provide relief to those with eye problems. The best part is that you can still maintain a fashionable look even with them as part of your life and the only way to do this is by matching your eyeglass with your outfit. To avoid finding yourself in a mismatch dilemma, you need to pay attention to some wardrobe tricks.

2. Pay more attention to your accessories

It is very reasonable to match your glasses with your outfit, but then, that is not the only way to achieve a brilliant look. You can always try and blend them with accessories such as scarves, cape, and jewelry. You can also match them with your shoes. This step is always the simplest and the easiest way to make your eyeglass correspond with your outfit.

The biggest mistake you can make is to try and blend your frames with your handbag. At one point during the day you will be forced to drop it, and your frames will end up lacking something to correspond to thus ruining your entire look.

3. Don't get carried away with dark neutrals

People have realized how easy it is to pair dark neutral frames with numerous outfits and they are busy taking advantage of it. This has made them completely lazy fashion-wise. You should always yearn to achieve a chic look by going beyond the obvious. You can always shop for glossy pink, gray or red cat eye glasses from Voogueme.

This is a leading provider of stylish prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. With them, you will be able to brighten up your look and break the monotony while maintaining an admirable style.

4. Use oversized sunglasses with casual outfit

The toughest thing to do when it comes to eyewear is pairing your eyeglass with casual clothes. Most people often end up making a big matching mistake. If you know you will be wearing full casual like a T-shirt and jeans, try oversized sunglasses. These will transform your whole appearance and make you very appealing.

If at all the T-shirt is plain white, try something colorful and sporty to add swag to your look. They will also make you be vibrant something that not just any glasses can achieve.

5. Use the color wheel

The first thing that determines what outfit will go well with certain glasses is color. This is why knowing the color wheel might be the best way to come up with a great blend of the two. The color wheel is designed to enable you to tell what kind of eyeglass color will match with your outfit color. You will know which colors contrast perfectly and which complement each other.

Once you have this sorted out, you can decide to use an analogous matching style where you pick two colors that are close to each other or use the complementary color style to match two completely contrasting colors like blue and orange. This will enable you to match your eyeglass with your outfit without going through huge trouble.

6. Match your personality

The clothes we wear always display a huge statement about your character. You should also go ahead and use the same analogy to pick out your glasses. If you are a vibrant and charming person, you can always go with bright colors. If you are always classy, you can always try something more stunning but laid back like brownline eyeglasses.

This will not only give you an easy time matching your glasses to your outfit, but it will also show your character in detail. The above tips highlight some of the best and easy ways that can help you to match your glasses with your outfit. The tips focus on ensuring that you have the right eyewear for your outfit, be it casual or official while maintaining your character.

To have numerous choices, you will have to get additional frames online and use them to improve your look. By following each tip, you will find yourself making the best eyeglass-outfit matches throughout.

7. Dress For An Adventure With Womens Rash Vests

When island hopping, it's best to wear sun-protective clothing. Wear water-sensible shoes or flip-flops, a light windbreaker on top of your swimwear and sunglasses and a cute hat. Don't forget about womens rash vests! There are lots of womens rash vests that can keep you warm while you're enjoying the crystal clear waters in Australian beaches.

Women's surf rash guards come in different designs. You can get one with long sleeves, or if you like it short, there are tons of women's short sleeve rash vest available in the market. Not all rashies are created equal. We are not only talking about the type of material used or its design. You should not limit yourself on a single rash guard women target since we all have different needs.

8. Make up and toiletries

Take the minimum. Also get some small bottles and containers and fill with just enough for the trip eg shampoo , face cream. Cut your hair brush down to 1 . Hairdryers are always supplied. Buy a small toothpaste tube. And just the minimum make up- most can go in your handbag. A small magnifying mirror that folds or sticks to a window by suction is great for makeup in hotels as the bathrooms are very dark.

Pack a few basic first aid and medicine items. Check any restrictions where you are going, and carry bandaids for blisters etc.

Put some moisturizing face cream on, your face will thank you for it. Have a handy travel cosmetics bag with body mist, wet wipes, sewing kit, painkillers, toothbrush and toothpaste, hand cream and lip balm. Hand cleaner will be handy, too.

9. Choose outfits wisely

Try to choose fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily, and pack wipes in case you spill a coffee. Lay out an outfit for each day and try not to throw in too many pieces. Any season take three pants or skirts or mixture. Unless you are going on a beach holiday shorts are not good as not always considered suitable attire.

Take tops that can be mix and matched with bottoms and washable. No ironing if possible. Something warm - depending on season you may need warm knitwear and coat or padded vest. Definitely invest is a pashmina- lightweight, warm and serves a multitude of purposes and dresses anything up. You can wash out your clothes in the hotel easily and they dry overnight usually.Most places also have laundry facilities or service.

Take underwear for three days. Something to sleep in. No robes slippers etc. Wear a pair and bin it as you go- no washing and weight reducing daily leaving room for purchases made in the holiday place! Carry a lightweight crushproof dress for going out at night that pairs with your pashmina if needed or an evening top that will go with black pants.

If you are taking a practical bag such as a crossbody for day, you can include a very small light purse if you are going to a more formal restaurant. A lightweight suitcase of small to medium size with wheels is enough. Unless you are planning on doing a lot of shopping. In that case pack the medium case inside a larger case for the outward journey and if airline gives you two free bags.

Take some large plastic ziplock bags. Invaluable for damp clothes, swimwear and to keep toiletries from leaking into your clothes. You can fit a bottle of wine in the large ones to bring back in a suitcase without worrying about spilling if it breaks.

10. Travel in comfortable clothes

Jogging's will be great, leggings can be good, too. Have some socks and hoodie at your disposal, it can get really cold on the plane.

Leave all your jewellery at home. Maybe wear one small piece such as a fine chain. Definitely nothing that will draw attention and make you a target for robbery. Also you don’t want to have to worry about keeping your jewellery safe. Some people advise that if you have an engagement ring you turn the stone underneath to avoid attention.

Check your itinerary, plan your activities and you will be able to achieve your summer travel goals by keeping these tips in mind when exploring the breathtaking islands of Australia.
Kalyan Panja