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A few months ago a study was released that talked about millennials choose their vacation destination based on how Instagram worthy a destination is. So forget about price or practicality, it is all about how good the place looks. And if there was anywhere to fit that criteria, then it is going to be a place like Australia. With some unique wildlife, world-famous landmarks, and stunning weather, it is easy to see why Australia is the most instagram worthy destination and would make a great choice. But where are the most photographed places in Australia? Here are some of the top offbeat Australian cities that will make your Instagram followers green with envy.

Most Instagram Worthy Places In Australia

Bondi Beach, New South Wales

While there are plenty of stunning beaches in Australia, Bondi Beach is one of the most famous. With great waves for surfing, white sands, and bright blue sea, it is easy to see why it would make a great spot for the 'gram.

Sydney Opera House

Among the instagram worthy places in Sydney the iconic Sydney Opera House building set in the Sydney harbor makes for a great picture. People will instantly know where you are, and it can look amazing set alongside the backdrop of stunning blue sky.

Hervey Bay, Sunshine Coast

While not a place that is world-famous, it is a great spot to go if you are after some great images. The sea is stunning, and there is even a chance that you could spot some whales if you charter a boat out of the bay. Pretty epic, right?

Sydney Harbor

Sydney as a city is a really pretty one, with all of sights to see and striking buildings. But it really is a good looking city. Even more so if you decide to hop on a boat to see the city, and take some pictures.

South Bank, Brisbane

Naturally, being an island, even though it is a very large island, there are lots of places to get great images that feature water. And the South Bank in Brisbane isn't any different. With a view of the city, the sea, and a large ferris wheel, it is ticking all of the boxes for Instagram.

National Gallery, Victoria

It is not just about the beaches, right? The National Gallery in Victoria is a great spot for some unique and quirky images, as you take images, of images. There are some really funky and modern pieces of art in the gallery, and you could get creative with how you capture them.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Has it even been a trip to Australia if there hasn't been any wildlife involved? Australia is full of amazing and pretty unique wildlife, so it makes sense to capture some of it for your photographs. The wildlife sanctuary in Currumbin, Queensland, is a great spot to find koalas and see other native wildlife in their natural habitat.

Ayers Rock

Found in the northern territory of the country, this is a place like no other. Your images will pop with the striking colors of the red rock formation, the earth around it, and the blue sky setting the picture off.

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