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You may have just booked a family tour from the USA to Europe for the next vacation. Europe is a place that is endowed with extraordinary natural beauty and is home to different and vibrant landscapes. Beaches, mountains, diverse cultures and people, Europe can offer the best holiday for any family. The very idea of travelling with kids in Europe may not be appealing to some parents.

Do not worry that your Europe tour will be an expensive one. If you have booked a family tour package, then they are to be planned and enjoyed accordingly. Perhaps your kids will show you new ways to make the best of your vacation in Europe. However, knowing a few tips while travelling with kids in Europe would help you have the best possible family holiday in Europe.

Tips for Traveling with Kids in Europe

Here are things to note while traveling with kids. Now that you have already booked your tickets, you can avoid most of the frustration and exhaustion if you keep in mind the following handy tips for travelling with kids in Europe.

1. Pack and travel light

Do not make the mistake of over-packing. In many places in Europe, strollers are not welcome and so it may be better to leave the strollers at home. Ensure that all the important stuff is there (a baby carrier if you need one) and you are not at a loss when you reach your destination in Europe. Carry a list of all the items you are carrying and in which bag they are located.

For this to be hassle-free, ensure that one parent does the entire packing and makes the list.

2. Book your tickets with a family-friendly airlines

Book your Europe tour package from USA with an airline company that understands the need for kid-friendliness and comfort when families travel accompanied by children. From large comfortable seats to storing infant toiletries to offering nanny services in the sky, they offer a host of services.

You can even pre-order your kids' meals. They offer activity packs for the children while on the flight to keep them from bothering you. All kids get to do fun things and to say the least the vacation starts on a truly enjoyable note.

Some of the airline companies offer additional services like fixing up your accommodation, airport transfers, and sightseeing packages at very reasonable rates. This will save from all the hassles of having to do all of this on your own in a new country. Also, it is a good idea to book the entire itinerary on the same airlines as any delay in flight timings of one flight may lead you to miss the connection flight and add up to your woes of troubles.

3. Keep your documents ready

From printing your boarding passes at home before the flight, double-check that your passports are available and are valid for travel to Europe (they should be valid for six months after your trip). If by chance your spouse is not accompanying you for the trip, you must possess a letter of consent on your person. Make sure that you load a copy on a safe and secure Internet location and another set with a family member.

4. Choose the right accommodation

If you are arranging accommodation on your own, think of a house or apartment while keeping in mind your budget. This works out best for long-term holidays. Your travel company may be able to arrange accommodation at a cheaper rate if you book your Europe tour as a package with them. They may offer free breakfast, cheaper sightseeing packages, tour guides to accompany you and, sometimes, even free stay for one night.

5. Light sightseeing

On the day you reach your destination, keep a light routine and finish off all the sleep that is due to you and others. Unpack, relax and explore local sights.

6. Location is of prime importance

Choosing the right location for your holiday with kids in Europe plays a large part in whether it turns out to be a success or not. Switzerland advertises child-friendly holidays for the visitors. Paris and Amsterdam, Rome and Paris offer dedicated locations for entire families. Choose destinations for your Europe tour that will make everyone happy.

Just in case you are visiting more than one country, ensure that you enjoy one place fully well before you move on to the next one. If you have the luxury of a few weeks, then it is best to enjoy a few countries. In this context, allow yourself a little more time than is needed. With kids around, unexpected events are almost sure to happen.

A 12-days’ Europe tour package would be refreshing and would allow you a little more space and time in place of a 6 days’ trip.

7. Cut unnecessary expenditure

Pack a lunch whenever possible; with kids around, food and drinks turn out to be huge expenses. Stock up water, fruits, breakfast items, and snacks so that you end up spending only for lunch or dinner.

Use booked tours to see the different places of tourist interest. It may not be possible for you to cover long distances on foot when the children are around.

8. Schedule time for rest

Getting exhausted and not being able to see what you wanted to can be depressing. Therefore ensure that you set aside time for unwinding and taking rest. This is for the kids too.

9. Prepare in advance

Ensure that you give the children an idea about the place they are going to visit. Books and movies about France or Rome will be helpful. You can even invest in books about these places to make your Europe trip a big hit. Make sure that visits to natural history museums, aquariums, and sound and light art shows that are typical of the land are a part of the travel itinerary. Most of the museums in Europe allow free entry to children.

There are sites such as that keep you informed about local festivals and celebrations in different places. Going through them beforehand can help you to time your visits and ensure that they are children-friendly. Make space for enjoying everything that is offered free to families.


Travelling with children teaches us quite a few things about new cultures and different ways to explore countries. A Europe tour with the children will surely be a fulfilling travel experience for the whole family.

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