Bristol Tour Guide: 8 Tips for Thrifty Travellers

Aside from the prominent cities of London and Paris, the vibrant continent of Europe has a lot more towns that the world should see with their eyes. Nestling in the grounds of England, the city of Bristol is always free to satisfy its visitors’ travel desires at any time of the day.

Bristol is a glimmering place that’s jam-packed with amazing variations of restaurants, fun-filled choices of activities, astounding art collections, eye-popping views, rich culture, interesting history, fascinating pubs, friendly and humbled locals, and a lot more! This city is a fantastic collage of modern Banksy art (his home town) and historic monuments, museums, the first suspension bridge and early industrial sights.

It’s beauty and serene ambiance can touch even the iciest hearts. And if you’re wondering what could convince you more to travel in this lively city, well, you might want to know that Bristol is a great friend to thrifty travelers! But remember that even if you're on a tight-budget, Bristol still assures to feed your travel cravings during your entire stay in the city.

best things to do in Bristol

So, check out these tips and ready yourself for this once in a lifetime Bristol trip on a budget!

1. Get along with the students

If you wouldn’t mind knowing, Bristol is actually a college city for having a huge population of students. And that makes this city home to affordable sandwich stores and restaurants to make it more student-friendly. So, if you want to save a few more pounds, you can get along with the students and go where they go.

They surely know where to find the cheapest foods and drinks in town. And if you want, you can also ask the locals for some recommendations. Don't worry because it works 99.99% of the time - and don’t forget to show them your curviest smile, okay!

2. Check out the best hotel stay alternatives

Of course, you can’t travel far away from home without finding a comfy place to stay. Well, thanks to Bristol for having different choices of accommodation for you to choose from. But since you're a thrifty traveller, you may want to check out the perfect hotel stay alternatives such as a serviced apartment in Bristol Cabot, or cheap hotel accommodation in Bristol city centre.

Though these recommendations are way cheaper than a luxurious stay in one of the hotels in Bristol city centre, it’s guaranteed that you’ll have the cosiest, comfiest, and safe nights while touring Bristol.

3. Try free-of-charge activities in the park

Whether you’re on a tight budget or not, you can still go out and about in Bristol city. And that will only be possible if you’ll let yourself get out of the box and meet some new friends out there in town. Well, if you do not know, this city is literally like one huge park - and that opens an enormous place for you to play and wander around!

So, just imagine what variety of activities you can do here - don’t worry because the activities are free-of-charge. Yes, you definitely read it right. You can enjoy people watching while sitting pretty on the green and freshly mown grass, get sweaty with Frisbee, talk and make friends with the locals, have a picnic, and more!

4. Take a look at the variety of museums

Next on the list something that’s also free. For thrifty travellers like you, don’t hesitate to take a look at the variety of museums available in the city. It’s so nice to think that you can now learn and contemplate about the fascinating history and facts of Bristol city just by visiting its free-of-charge museums. You’re also free to gather for your gram since the museums are exceptionally architectured!

5. Do not order cappuccino with lunch

The whole no cappuccino after 11 is a big pile of crap. Cappuccino is a common snack also in the afternoon, and it’s served whenever you want. With one exception. Cappuccino is perceived as a milk product. You don’t eat cappuccino after a meal because you don’t eat after you have just eaten. If you want a hot drink after your meal order an espresso (or even an espresso macchiato as that tiny dash of milk is just an embellishment), not a cappuccino.

6. Travel light

Travel light but not excessively so, carry protection from all the elements, especially rain, you can’t know for sure when to expect what in a foreign country. Suddenly you’ll realize a 5 Euro umbrella being sold to you for 25 at a world heritage site.

The clothes you are travelling in already count as one outfit. Bring small travel bottles of your essential toiletries. Pack light, and carry clothes that you can layer up and layer down depending on the weather in the country. Also, always check the weather forecast right before flying. You would know if you need more sweaters or more shorts. Never ever wear socks with sandals.

Don't travel with bespoke watches like Rolex, Breitling, etc. Don't travel with gold or silver neck chains, gold or silver earrings with diamonds, or semi-precious stones or other posh jewelry. It just makes you a target. Leave all that at home. Keep your wallet in the front pocket. Risk of losing it reduces. Don’t keep all the cash at same place. Distribute it in 2-3 parts.

Do the same if you have multiple cards. If you lose your bag/purse, you will still have some cash/card left. Try to stay between 3–7 floors if it’s a high rise building. Anything below 3 is easier to climb to and rob, and anything above 7 could be disastrous in the event of a Fire. Most fire fighter ladders extend to around the 8th floor so it’s just a lot easier to be rescued from a window within reach.

7. Do not tip

Never. If you had an outstanding service at your hotel you may offer discreetly a tip (in an envelope), but do not just throw bills around carelessly. In restaurants you may leave a few coins as tip (say, your total is 47.80 euro, you pay with a 50 banknote and leave the rest), but do not make a production of it.

8. Save money by sharing rides

Of course, if you got money-saving hacks for choosing a place to stay, and on how to get affordable foods and drinks, have fun while enjoying free activities, there’s also a tip on how you can cut off your transportation expenses. And it’s very much easier than you thought. By not hesitating to try rideshares, you can save money as fast as lightning.

You might want to know that Uber is way cheaper than taxi cabs. Plus, with Uber rideshares, you can tapper off your transport expenses while getting around the city on a simpler basis.

So, what are your thoughts after reading these overly helpful tips? Can you agree that this is a kind of guide that thrifty travellers must live for?

If you got more money-saving tips, just give us a heads-up and don’t think twice sharing with our readers!
Kalyan Panja