discover hidden myths, taste diverse food and sleep below a sky full of shooting stars and galaxies every night
Make your trip to Shimla more memorable by doing adventurous things. Even machines want some rest so why don't humans? Naturally, you cannot bear continuous work pressure and daily work routine for long. To make itself energetic and stress-free man need some environmental changes.

And when it comes to a calm and beautiful places, the first name appears in mind is Shimla in India. No need to be worried if you are travelling for the first time in India or you are a regular traveller, you will simply love it. Peak time to visit Shimla and Manali is winter, so you should pack some warm clothes and jackets along with yourself.

Though there are lots of historical and amazing cities in India, undoubtedly, Shimla is top of them. Its breathtaking views, sunsets and dawns are second to none. There are so many adventures things you can do here if you don't want to sit and enjoy the fresh air.

Shimla is the Queen of Hills, and it offers a romantic getaway. You will also be able to enjoy utmost peace here if you stay away from crowds. The foods that you will find here include Madra, Dhaam, Sidu, Thukpa, Mash Daal, Chicken Anardana and more.

Among the best places to visit in India in December, Shimla is called the Queen of the North. Shimla is one of the famous hill tour stations which is flocked by many tourists every year from all around the world. This place is surrounded by heavenly snow-capped mountains and green plains. It is 2215 meter above sea level and provides the best climatic condition for the people to visit this place.

If you are a person who loves to visit mountains then Shimla needs to be in your to-do list in India. Shimla used to be the mid-year capital of the British Raj when they ruled India. Now it's the capital of Himachal Pradesh. This town spreads along a mountain edge and is known for its antiquated design and railroad.

This place has been done to death numerous times by travelers and non travelers across. It has become overcrowded and commercial as complained by many fellow travelers. Indeed. But yet strangely there is this charm that is so unique to it that it can be only experienced. Yes it is crowded, commercial, messy congested and so on. But yet, it is so uniquely beautiful!

Things to do in Shimla

Shimla has so many things to entertain its visitors. Following are few of them:

1. Trekking in Shimla

Shimla is spread over a huge territory in various mountain ranges of the Himalayas along with some astounding treks. The best piece of trekking in Shimla is that the alternative options range from simple walks around the forested areas to excessively long, elaborate treks.

To have a simple trek that takes you through the lavish green jungle, a trek to the extremely well known Jakhoo Temple is a magnificent option, which is additionally the highest point in Shimla. Or you can take simple yet energizing treks to Chadwick Falls or Kamna Devi Temple while taking the fresh air in the stunning surroundings of Shimla.

Shimla also brags of some more adventurous treks. The best among those are Snow Line Trek to Chail, Shoghi Trek and Shali Tibba Trek. One gem of a trek that you can take from Shimla is Banjar Valley Trek. One must take these treks on their trip to Shimla to enjoy the genuine magnificence of Shimla, and to know why it is deservingly the capital city of Himachal.

Sanjauli is the main suburb of Shimla. It has many inhabited places nearby like Cemetery road, HB colony, Bhatta Kuffar, Sanjay Van, Dhingu dhar, Shanan, Navbhar, Chaulanti and areas other side of the Sanjauli-Dahli tunnel. Sanjauli is situated just below the Jakhu Hill. Sanjauli has the famous Sanjauli-Dahli tunnel made by British government during that time when Shimla was capital of British India.

The Dorje Drak Monastery, which is of the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, is also very popular and admission is free.

Not exactly a trendy tourist destination, a trip to Narkanda offers a spectacular view of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. Places to visit in Narkanda is Hatu Peak. To discover the Hatu Peak at night, take a tent along with you and camp. The walk is through a mixed forest that covers the whole range of tall conifers of blue pine, cedar, spruce and spruce interspersed with the broadleaf moru. The Hatu Mata temple is located on the top of a long ridge.

The picturesque villages of Kumarsain, Nirmand and Kotgarh can be seen amidst dense forests, apple orchards and terraced fields. You can even see the picturesque villages of Kotgarh, Nimand and Kumarsain from this point! A one-hour walk south-east beyond the Hatu Mata Temple, and then through the forest dominated by oak trees takes you to the grass patches of Jor Bagh. The nearest airport is Jubbarhatti Airport in Shimla.

A bustling little town on the banks of the Pabbar River is Rohru. However, it is the valley near Rohru that is an attractive place. An important place for fishermen who come here for trout fishing, Rohru is a decent destination to get rid of the stress of the hectic week and subdue the beauty of virgin nature. Shikru Devta Temple, Chirgaon, Chanshal, Dodra and Kwar are some of the places you would like to see in Rohru.

Trek the Buran Ghati. Its a single trek that serves up a buffet of all other great treks put together. The starting point of this trek is village Janglik in Rohru. The trek trail comprises of dense forest of oak and pine trees. The sacred Chandranahan Lake is another attraction of this trek. The flowers and herbs are in plenty along the trail.

The beauty of numerous glistening streams of water will keep you amazed. The panoramic view from Buran Pass is one of the best you can get. For the adventurers and sportsmen, treks through the local mountains are recommended, such as through the meadows of Annadale, 5 kilometers from Shimla. Glen, which is further west and is a popular place for picnics and further north to the Wildflower Hall, which was the place of Lord Kitchner's retreat.

Hatkoti is famous for the ancient temple of the Mata Hateswari in the middle of the rice fields on the right bank of the Pabber River. You can reach Chindi on the highway via Mandi and Tattapani and a beautiful Karsog Valley. One can also visit the Mahunag Famous Temple, Mamleshwar Mahadev Temple, Kamaksha Temple Devi, Pangna Killa and Temple and Shikari Devi Temple.

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2. Mountain biking in Shimla

Experience the adventure of Shimla by browsing the list of this amazing and best adventurous games in Shimla and attempt mountain biking in the slopes of the Himalayan mountains and enjoy the task. Get an opportunity to ride through the surprising slopes and valleys and enjoy the cool mountain breeze as well.

Feel the adrenaline rush as you ride through the snowy valley and the peaceful surroundings of nature. Wonder about seeing the oak trees and the snowcapped mountain on this superb mountain biking adventure and witness the astounding touring. In only a couple of days, this stunning activity is a hit among the people. These bikes are intended especially for the off-road and rough tracks so that you feel great while you ride.

3. Skiing in Shimla

Its winter time and winter provoke us for some adventurous sports and when it is for Shimla adventures than nothing can beat skiing. Head out for this as this is a standout amongst other adventurous sports in Shimla and float through the snow as you move and turns while Heli-Skiing.

The best thing about this game is that you will be dropped by a helicopter on the peak and you ski right down in the mountain. The mountain inclines are simply designed for the ski lovers.

Narkanda and Kufri are two of the superb places in Shimla where you can enjoy this energizing sport. It is the dual-threat for the ski lovers where they can appreciate the beauty of nature while skiing.

4. River rafting in Shimla

For the adventure lovers, this sport is nothing less than a heaven, you can never pass up the best opportunity of this exciting and best adventurous games in Shimla. Stream boating is one of the most loved activities in Shimla. The Sutlej River which keeps running at a high pace makes the sport all the more exciting.

Feel the rush as you attempt this extraordinary adventurous sport. One of the renowned river rafting ways is almost at a distance of 12 km which starts from Chamba and finish at Tattapani amid the water of the Sutlej river. Rafting through the forceful and angry River Sutlej for around two hours and feel the adrenaline surge as you overcome the waves.

5. Paragliding in Shimla

What could be more adventurous than paragliding in Shimla's sky? Nothing. You can enjoy the beauty of Shimla by trekking, also by cycling or to some extent by rafting river but by air, in the air and through the air is really what you can say is second to none. Imagine yourself flying in the fresh air of Shimla, for a moment consider yourself as a bird as you are enjoying a birds-eye view of the beautiful valley.

You can get amazing panoramic views, cool breeze, the height of hundreds of feet, snow-covered mountains, valleys and so many other things by a single short. It is recommended if you do not have height phobia, you should try paragliding. This is like swallowing the beauty of Shimla at once. There are both parachute and hand gliding available.

It is sprung on light wind and furthermore needs less space to land also. Kangra valley in Shimla is the centre point of all the gliding activities. For the best treat head out to Bir Billing in Kangra valley which will give you the best time of life. Take off high in the sky and fly like a bird while enjoying the beautiful scenic views of Shimla.

Do you know that Bir Billing is Asia's Highest Paragliding place and also offers best sunset at the landing site? Everyday the sunset shows different colors which are treat for the eyes.

6. Rock climbing in Shimla

Shimla is not only known for its beauty and weather but also loved by all those who like offbeat adventures sports as well. Rock climbing is one of the most loveable adventurous sports people try and enjoy in Shimla. For those who like rock climbing, guys, Shimla is like a heaven for you.

You can see your actual inner adventurous side here. Climbing hills though is not an easy task but who is looking at ease here? There are different levels of rock climbing here in Shimla, go with the one with which you think and feel safe during your adventurous time. It is suggested to hit a try rock climbing at least once during your stay in Shimla.

7. Ice skating in Shimla

It is not only in India but Shimla's ice skating club is famous all over Asia as well. It is Asia's only open-air ice skating spot. I guess this is enough to put this place on your To-Do List. December is the best time to enjoy this amazing sport. During the season the circular road is block for traffic and all you can see there, people enjoying themselves by skating around the rink.

8. Toy Train Ride in Shimla

Though you are not a kid anymore I bet you will love this ride. With average speed, you can enjoy your trip to Shimla by travelling all across the city. Mesmerizing views of stunning valleys and the cool breeze takes you to some other world. To enjoy yourself, even more, it is recommended to ride the famous toy train in India.

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9. Sightseeing in Shimla

The Ridge is the large open space in the heart of the city that presents an excellent view of the mountains. Shimla's landmarks of the neo-Gothic structure of the Christ Church of and the New-Tudor Library building are worth seeing. The old Christ Church, with its superb re-shaded glass windows, is amazing among most prominent places of interest in Shimla.

The Mall is Shimla's main shopping center with restaurants. The joy of theater, which is a reproduction of an old British theater is a center of cultural activities.

A passenger elevator from HPTDC can take the road cart and the Mall. Lakkar bazaar next to the ridge is very popular for its wooden crafts and souvenirs. Kali Bari temple is a few meters from the scandal point near the General Post Office. It is believed that the idol of the goddess Shayamla is enshrined there.

Jakhoo temple offers a panoramic view of the city from an ancient Hanuman Temple. From Ridge Road, near the church you can go on foot or on horseback or by taxi to visit the temple. Another is on Observatory Hill named Viceregal Lodge.

10. Visit Summer Hill

Summer Hill is a magnificent scenic place on Shimla-Kalka railway line that offers shadow walks in a quiet environment. Mahatma Gandhi during his visit to Shimla lived in the elegant Georgian house. Prospect Hill is crowned by a temple dedicated to Kamna Devi. It is 15 minutes walk from Boileauganj on Shimla Bilaspur Road. The hill offers a spectacular view of the area.

11. Photoshoot In Shimla

All the Delhizens will know that Shimla is not just a hill station in Himachal Pradesh, but it's an emotion that they always wanted to explore with someone special. With plenty of activities like camping, trekking, shopping, you must visit Shimla if you are residing near the NCR Region. Located roughly around 340 km from Delhi, couples can drive on a private vehicle to reach Shimla for a relaxing romantic weekend!

  • Enjoy playing a snowball fight at the Ride of Shimla in the evening
  • Take a short hike amidst the dense forest to reach Jakhu Temple and seek blessing from Lord Hanuman

Hire a professional wedding photographer to click your fanciful romantic pictures in Shimla. This activity sounds usual in city life, but in the hilly town where snow bunny mountains smashing greenery is laden as far as your eyes can stretch, a romantic photoshoot with your spouse on Himachal honeymoon will do half of the work!

Other popular tourist attractions in Shimla include the Chadwick Falls. Shimla could be visited at any time of the year, but from December to February, there is snowfall in Shimla that attracts the newlyweds.
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