Top 5 places to visit in Kufri, Himachal Pradesh

Kufri is the best place to do different activities like horse riding, skiing, and hiking as well as enjoy nature in the Himalayan Nature Park. Kufri is home to the oldest ski slopes in Himachal Pradesh. Its gentle slopes are perfect for skiing and receive skiers from all over the world. Nearby areas like Fagu as well as Theog all get heavy snowfall in wintertime.

Himachal is breathtakingly beautiful. It's a tourist paradise especially for mountains and trekking lovers and continues to be the largest holiday destination because of the beautiful offbeat places in Himachal Pradesh. There are many offbeat places as well which are untouched, unexplored and have fewer visitors. These places can provide a soul-satisfying calm and natural travel experience. Let the Himalayan mountain ranges at Kufri be your only photo backdrops.

A holiday in Himachal must be on your bucket list because of so many reasons. Himachal Pradesh is blessed with admiring snow-clad peaks, lush pine forests, splashing rivers, and zigzag roads. Various hill stations in Himachal Pradesh constantly have a holiday-like environment while its culture and heritage emit their own charisma to the people. Its topography offers vast opportunities to involve in an enormous range of adventurous sports.

Himachal Pradesh, the North Indian state, is popular for its alpine forests walking trails, and brisk snow peaks. The massive array of hill stations and the mystical beauty of Himachal Pradesh can make your vacations a wonderful one. Anybody who visits Himachal Pradesh defines it as a land full of beautiful landscapes stretching in every direction with a blanket of snow-capped mountains. Also known as ‘The Land of Snow’ Himachal Pradesh is famous for its beautiful scenarios and hill stations. The top places in Himachal Pradesh make it a tourist hotspot.

Things to do in Kufri

Kufri has so many places to visit to entertain its visitors. Following are few of them:

1. Himalayan Nature Park

If you want to see the Himalayan flora and fauna, then there is no better place than the Himalayan Nature Park. It is also known as Kufri National Park. It is spread more than 90 hectares of land and houses a wide cluster of Himalayan animals. You can spot panthers, woofing deer, hangals, brown bears and musk deer.

Alongside animal spotting, you can also make some dazzling memories getting pictures clicked in the beautiful scenery. Truly, the view from this national park is amazing and you will without a doubt have a great time here. Bring home some image recollections of the national park as well as the snow-capped mountains that are perfectly visible from this national park.

You can go to the national park, take a ticket and start exploring the fauna. Plus, you can also go trekking inside this park. There are some guided and free treks, so you can pursue one and go trekking. Just sign up for the trek and go ahead. Even camping is allowed here. If you are intending to get more adventurous, have a fabulous fun filled camping inside the national park.

No big surprise, it is among the best places to see in Kufri.

2. Kufri Fun World

Welcome to the world's highest amusement park. It is situated at an elevation of 2800 meters over the ocean level. Offering stand-out experience, it is a carnival with a view. Indeed, as you appreciate those fun rides, remember to take photos of the snow loaded mountains. The view is appealing from the amusement park.

If you are visiting Kufri with kids, you should consider setting off to the Kufri Fun world as it is one of the significant vacation spots. While you value the picturesque beauty, the kids will have a great time enjoying the numerous rides of the amusement park.

This park has the world's highest go-kart track. So, this place is fun for kids as well as adults can have tons of fun at go-karting. As this is probably the best spot to see in Kufri, you should not miss it. This entertainment mecca is a good place for children and adults. Besides, it also houses a restaurant where you can enjoy some bundled and yummy bites. It is a complete amusement and fun spot to be.

3. Mahasu Peak

This is the highest peak of Kufri, and you should visit it to get an unforgettable experience. You can also see incredible views of the Kedarnath and Badrinath ranges of the mountains from here. There is the choice of going for horse riding or trekking to the Mahasu peak too.

Both the experiences are similarly fun and bold. If you are okay with climbing, you will also find thick Deodar forests. This will be a tiring experience, so plan for it remembering this. The other way is to go for a horse riding experience. It is a sloppy road and you can explore it best with a horse ride experience.

You can also go skiing in the Mahasu ridge zone. It is believed that it is a perfect spot for beginners who are anxious to ski but are aware of the pains. The track is marginally smooth for skiing, which is the reason it is viewed as perfect for beginners but keep in mind that you should go skiing in December and January.

When you arrive at the peak, you should also visit the Nag Devta temple (the snake god temple). A visit to this peak will be an all encompassing encounter. You can enjoy some religious and adventurous exercises. The Mahasu peak is unquestionably the best place to see in Kufri.

4. Indira Tourist Park

You can club your visit to this park with the Himalayan National Park. Subsequent to investigating the rich fauna and flora, you should come to see the tourist park and invest some energy in isolation. You should simply come here for relaxation too.

There are horse and yak rides that you can explore. It is a fun experience for children and grown-ups. Else, you can go to the cafes at the park and enjoy some mouth-watering snacks.

Furthermore, there is also a videogame parlour, frozen yoghurt parlour and a bar. Thus, you can explore these choices according to your taste and make some unforgettable memories. It is an extraordinary place offering an incredible mood, great food and coffee.

5. Fagu

6 km near Kufri is Fagu. This charming little hill station will make you forget the ways of the world. Taking a stroll through the deciduous forest of the area is pure bliss, to say the least. The name Fagu is believed to be derived from the word Fog! It is usually covered in fog and snow which adds to the scintillating views and tranquility of the place with a variety of flora and fauna.

It is an ideal outing place during summers. But if you happen to be here during winters, go skiing. Skiing in Fagu during winters is a magical and a delightful experience that one must not miss out on! Yes, Fagu is one more choice for skiing fans and it snows vigorously here. If you want to see nature clearly, visit Fagu when it remains blanketed in snow for a long time in December and January. In addition, skiing will be fun when it snows all around.

Alongside the best snowfall and skiing experience, you can also go for a short and fun trekking experience in Fagu. From Fagu to Chharabra, you can go trekking for 3 km. It can be a perfect alternative for beginners who wish to check out trekking. Then again, you can go for a horse or yak ride to Chharabra.

The short trek journey will be fun and obviously the view is stunning. When visiting Kufri, you can plan this short outing as well. It doesn't see such a large number of vacationers and is henceforth similarly immaculate and delightful.

At the point when you plan a journey to Kufri, think about covering the above spots. It is an interesting and impeccable hill station for a short journey close to the national capital. You can essentially visit and make some nice memories. On the other hand, the view of the snow-capped mountains is sufficient to keep you upbeat and make you feel restored.

Best of all, it doesn't snow much in Shimla. If you are one of those wanting to see snowfall near Shimla, you simply need to drive another 45 minutes.

Additionally, if it snows and you get stranded in Kufri, you don't need to stress as local people will be there to help. If you are driving in your vehicle, you can take the assistance of a neighbourhood driver to reach Shimla. For anything else, there are jeeps that ply on the routes which you can use.

Indeed, even the snow cutter service is speedy, so you won't be stranded for long. You will just return with recollections of that first snowflake, the main snowfall and the snowman. The minute it quits snowing, go explore this slope town. There are numerous fun places and interesting spots to see in Kufri.

Plus, if you have time, you can plan trips to Narkanda, Chail, Manali and see all the astonishing places to visit in Himachal Pradesh.
Kalyan Panja