5 Fun things to do in City of Carrollton, TX

As the twenty-third most populous city in Texas, Carrollton offers just enough activities so that you are never bored while offering some peace and quiet when you decide to retreat and rest in USA. The city of Carrollton has a perfect location, as it is placed right in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Let's just put it like this - if you are a thrill-seeker, you will be able to find many fun things to do in the city of Carrollton, TX.

From kid-friendly activities to great places for singles, we will disclose the best activities that this city has to offer. Bear in mind that this is just our pick! You might happen to like some other activity that isn't on this list. You will just have to go out and explore Carrollton on your own and we promise that it won't be time wasted.

Are you an outdoorsy person? Do you prefer to immerse yourself in culture and festivities? Or is your definition of a perfect day just going out with your kids and enjoying everything the city has to offer? Our list will offer a good option for every person, no matter his/her traits and character.

Here are the top fun things to do in the city of Carrollton in Texas:

1. Elm Fork Nature Preserve

Do you know how beneficial hiking is for your health? And do you know how fun it can be? If you love spending your time outdoors, then a hike down Elm Fork Nature Preserve will be your perfect form of entertainment. Trails are open every day from dawn to dusk and there is no admissions fee.

Bear in mind that this is a place where fauna and flora are protected. So take only pictures and leave behind nothing other than your footprints, as we are all responsible for taking care of nature. Besides that, dress in comfortable clothing and bring refreshments! Just remember to take the packaging back with you when you go.

2. A.W. Perry Homestead Museum

Do you spend your days looking at documentaries about history and historical events? Then you will love taking a walk down the memory lane in A.W. Perry Homestead Museum. This museum offers a glimpse of what life was like at the turn of the 20th Century. With tours taking place Tuesday through Thursday and Saturday, at 11 Am and 1 PM, you have a couple of options to fit a visit to this museum in your busy schedule.

If it turns out these dates don't work for you, you can always schedule a tour by appointment.

Hey, you can even throw a birthday party here or rent it out for the day to take photos for your business while using the scenery as your background. Pack an outfit and get ready to pose. Of course, don't prepare and pack as if you were going on a safari. Otherwise, you risk killing all the fun. And that's the opposite of what these fun things in City of Carrollton, TX should achieve.

3. Historic Downtown Carrollton

The historic downtown Carrollton will not provide you with just one fun activity - it will provide you with a plethora of them. Here, you will find a bundle of restaurants, boutiques, and coffee shops - put simply, you will have everything you could need for a fun and relaxing afternoon.

If your idea of fun is having a nice meal over a glass of wine while chatting with your best friends then look no further. The Historic Downtown Carrollton will be your one-stop-shop for all things fun.

4. The Indian Creek Golf Club

If you are a passionate lover of golf, then we guess you won't even look further. The Indian Creek Golf Club will definitely be a winner for you when it comes to all the fun things to do in the City of Carrollton, TX. With creek and lakes courses at your disposal, you will want to become a member of this club from the very start. The Indian Creek Golf Club specializes in Corporate Outings and it can house as many as 300 people.

Granted, Carrollton may not be one of the top-rated tourist destinations in Texas. But with activities as fun as the ones you can have while spending your day at The Indian Creek Golf Club, the city has a promising future, as well as a potential spot on the list. That's for sure!

5. Special Events

Are you on the constant lookout for fun new activities you could partake in? Then just take a look at Carrollton's special events calendar! It is filled with year-round activities which range from a Cinco de Mayo Celebration to a Swim-in Cinema - that's right, you read that correctly.

You will be surprised how many fun new events the city houses every month, and our suggestion is to work on discovering them all. This way, you'll always be in the loop and will be able to join any events that might interest you.

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Saw something you like within the above-mentioned fun things to do in the City of Carrollton, TX? Then what are you waiting for? Texas weather is perfect almost all year-round. Grab your most comfortable shoes and get ready to conquer the day! And since the day is always better with a couple of good friends, we suggest you call in the troops! Or simply spend some alone time doing what you love most. There is no wrong answer here!
Kalyan Panja