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Planet earth is full of weird places. Dare to explore the exciting and puzzling nature and a whole new world of mysteries, lost civilizations, strange phenomena, and paranormal realms will unfold. We all love ghost stories, don’t we? The article will introduce you to some weird and unusual places that are not only great tourist attractions, but they also have the power to mystify and inspire.

Why there are more ghosts in mountains? Well, the population density is very low and ghosts like solitude. Apart from that the people who come here for tourism, if they die here in an accident, their souls could not find the way back to their homes and they get stuck and roam around at the place itself. Same applies for hotels and lakes too.

Many of the desolate lakes are haunted, because the water and energy are contained there. Nothing changes, nothing moves. Please be notified that the purpose of this blog is not to propagate any superstition.

most haunted places in the world

Below are the few worth telling and retelling.

1. Island of the Dolls, Mexico

This creepy island of hanging dolls near Mexico City would be a strange point of interest on your vacation. The owner thought that hundreds of dolls would ward off evil spirits after a little girl drowned there. Also called the La Isla De Las Muñecas, this spine-chilling and inexplicable Island in the marshy canals of Xochimilco is one of the weirdest and scariest tourist attractions.

The Island is dedicated to the tortured soul of a girl child who drowned in the canal water and met with her fate too early. Inquire the local folklore, and they will tell you about the tragic incident of how one of three girls’ who often used to play around the area drowned fatefully. However, the story doesn’t end here.

Don Julian Santana, a loner who dedicated the last 50 years of his life to freeze the haunted spirit of the girl, is also associated with the story. He often used to decorate the island trees with discarded dolls as a gesture to please the distressed spirit. An even scarier turn took place in the story when Don Julian was found dead, in precisely a similar manner as the girl drowned in the canal.

Do visit this Island; it is undoubtedly a surreal tribute, created out of fear and superstition.

2. Gravity Hill, Pennsylvania

Have you ever experienced your car rolling up the hill without placing the gear or putting your foot on the Accelerator? More appropriately, have you ever been to a place that defies gravity. If your answer is no, experience it all at Gravity Hill, Pennsylvania.

Gravitational force does not seem to be existing here, and people freak out when they find any object such as water bottles, balls or their car rolling uphill by itself. While some say it’s nothing more than an illusion, others explained how the fundamental laws of physics get broken here.

3. Kori no Suizokukan, Japan

Also called the Ice aquarium, Kori no Suizokukan is another strange place, especially for those who get lured by marine life. Ice aquarium at the Miyagi Prefecture in Japan is an aquarium with a difference. Although there are more than 450 specimens of fishes and other sealife that are displayed in the aquarium, they are all flash-frozen in a lifelike state.

This means, even though the fishes are dead, they appear to be swimming. Special suits are provided at the aquarium so that you do not get transformed into a freezing exhibit. The area looks like a frozen seafood section in some supermarkets.

4. The Paper House, Rockport

A real house made of paper has been standing erect for over a century now. Astonished? But that’s true. The house was built by Elis F. Stenman, who was a mechanical engineer. He did not only make a house using old newspapers, but he also created furniture that was made of paper.

Stenman started building the house just like any other house that has a timber frame, roofs, etc. but when it came to walls, he thought to do something different. He made walls using a bunch of old newspapers joined together with homemade glue (made using apple peel, flour, and water) and varnish.

In total, he used more than 100,000 publications to constitute the walls of his home. The idea of using newspapers was not only economical; the walls were also well insulated. Do visit this wonder. It is a unique place exemplifying art and hard work.

5. Bokor Mountain Hill, Cambodia

Known as an abandoned ghost town, Bokor Mountain Hill is a unique attraction, and people-driven away with history, adventure, nature, and paranormal activities often come here for visits. Whatever is your reason for coming here, this abandoned site from the past, located approximately 40 km from Kampot has something weird about it.

Remains of a growing Catholic Church, casino, royal residences, hotel rooms, and other buildings are the main features of Bokor Mountain Hill.

Roam around at different sites here, and it will not be tough for you to picture the harsh and turbulent past that the hill station had been through. The area was deserted during World War II.

6. Sedlec Ossuary

Sedlec Ossuary is the church located in Sedlec. The weird part about this church is that it is decorated with more than 40,000 human skeletons arranged artistically to form furnishings and decorations.

7. Door to Hell, Turkmenistan

Door to Hell in the Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan may not be one of the preferred holiday destinations but is undeniably an attraction that is unique as well as weird. Door to Hell has not been there since the beginning. This massive crater was cast open 40 years ago by the mortal man. Seemingly unceasing source of the natural gas casts a portentous glow to the hole.

Dancing flames are visible from miles after the Sunset. Some geological activity in 1971 that involved drilling the earth caused the formation of the crater. Although it was thought that all the natural gas would cease in a few years, it has been more than 40 years since the hole has been burning.

8. Pamukkale, Turkey

Terraced pools in Pamukkale, Turkey are both a weirdly beautiful and strange tourist attraction. It has been there for more than two millennia, but still, the appeal is little known.

The terraces have been formed because of the earthquake that had hit the place thousands of years ago. The quake created a way for powerful hot springs to bring calcium carbonate-rich water to the surface. Eventually, the water evaporated and the chalky material formed terrace-like structures.

9. Begunkodar, India

Begunkodor or Begunkodar is a semi-urban place located in the Purulia district of West Bengal. The place is located at a distance of 48 km from the district headquarter of Purulia town and 8 km from the sub-divisional town of Jhalda. It has good roadways connections with both the towns. Regular bus services are available from Begunkodor to Purulia town and Jhalda town.

So far as the Begunkodor railway station is concerned, it is on the Purulia-Muri line of South-Eastern Railway. The station is between Kotshila Junction station and Jhalda station. The problem started in 1967. Some villagers reported sighting of a ghost of a woman, who had earlier committed suicide. Sometime later, the dead bodies of the Station Master and his family members were found in the railway quarter adjacent to the station building.

The station was closed and the trains stopped making halt at the station due to the rumours of ghosts present at the station. Much later, due to the concerted efforts of the local villagers, the station started functioning as a halt station in August 2009. This means that there is no operating staff at the station.

Presently, around 10 passenger trains stop at the station for a minute and then leave. Ticket-selling is done during the daytime by a contractor who is a local villager. Even now, the villagers and passengers avoid the station after sunset. Although some people of various rational and scientific societies have visited the station and could not find any paranormal activities in the vicinity, the station is known as a haunted station.

10. Kuldhara, India

At 15 km from Jaisalmer, one of the most haunted places in the world watches the relic of the Kuldhara town that disappeared one night without any explanation. As per the mysterious stories from Rajasthan, one night without previous warning the settlers left without anyone knowing where they went. Almost 1500 villagers disappeared among them with some old and many young people. The only legend that is known about this town is that it has a curse! Every person who tries to live here dies in a brutal way.

At present, there are few people who visit this place, and much less those who stay for one night in a town where there is only one curse. For years, the abandoned Kulbhata and the Kuldhara village had the reputation of a haunted place. A few years ago it began to develop as a tourist place and is usually part of the touristic tours of the area.

There are a diversity of opinions about this place. For some it is a waste of time to come here because they are only walls of destroyed houses, although others think it is very interesting to get an idea of how they lived here in the past, visit their pretty well preserved temple and know the mystery of their abandonment.

Local people entertain visitors with music and an effort is being made to increase their popularity. The people who live nearby do not believe in haunted stories or ghost stories, but they have spread this rumor to attract tourists. In Rajasthan, there are numerous abandoned villages where it seems that the ghosts have found a home.

Although the stepwell of Kuldhara village, about 18 km from Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, has water, the stepwell has no sign of life. According to stories from the area, the head of this village had a very beautiful daughter who had gone to Jaisalmer. The Diwan of Jaisalmer Salim Singh was fascinated by the daughter of the Mukhiya and wanted to bring her into his harem.

It is said that the Paliwal Brahmins cursed the village that it would never get settled again. Since then, this village has been deserted. It is said that ghosts and strange sounds come here at night. Therefore a big door has been erected outside the village. In the daytime, people can go from this door to the village and roam the village but at night no one goes to this village.

11. Bhangarh, India

There is a reason why this abandoned city in Rajasthan is termed as the most haunted place in India. The Bhangarh Fort is located on the border of the Sariska reserve in the Aravali range of hills in Alwar District of Rajasthan. This fort is the main attraction of tourism in Rajasthan because of it’s link to the stories of ghosts and spirits. This fort has a Hanuman temple at the entrance of the main gate.

There are two legends associated with this fort that try to explain the story behind the scares of the fort. Initially, the theories were discarded by non believers, but eventually after failing to find any explanation, the archaeological survey of India declared it unsafe to enter after 7:00 pm.

Bhangarh and its ruins are closed to visitors from dusk to dawn. According to one of the horror stories about Bhangarh, Princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh in 1600–1700 AD, who was so beautiful that she had suitors from all around the country. And among her suitors was a magician who excelled in Black magic.

He knew that Princess was out of his reach so he relied on his magic and decided to smitten the princess by fragrance of a perfume manipulated by black magic that would make her fall in love with him. But the princess came to know of it and threw the bottle on a rock that eventually rolled and crushed the magician to death.

Before dying, he cursed the princess and entire palace to death. From that moment onward the palace only witnessed bad fate and eventually got converted into ruins. The locals say that anybody who went inside the fort after sunset never returned. They even claim to hear screams of a lady along with a weird fragrance coming from the fort. This whole palace is just scraps of cement and soil and holds some really dark mysteries inside it.

12. Poveglia, Italy

It is a small island, a few miles away from Venice in Italy. A small canal divides the island into two parts. Though it is very beautiful and appealing, no one goes there and it is counted as one of the scariest places on earth. It is believed to be haunted as few evidences were recorded that clearly supported the belief of its being haunted.

In roman times, this island was used to separate the plague victims of the entire Europe from the healthy ones. All the population of this island had were the victims who died here. This was known as the Black Death and the island became haunted and is strictly prohibited. The island is famous all over the world for its terror and haunted stories.

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