What are the Most Fun Things to Do in Jaisalmer?

Thinking of planning to travel somewhere exciting this winter? Are you bored of visiting beaches and mountains? Here we are with a new and mysterious vacation idea to refresh your mood. Planning a trip to Rajasthan and Jaisalmer desert would surely give you a new experience but what to do in Jaisalmer? Jaisalmer, popularly known as the golden city of Rajasthan is an enchanting destination.

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Jaisalmer invites you to explore the very beautiful Thar desert in Rajasthan with crimson sandhills and other thrilling adventures in the Jaisalmer fort. Here are some things to see in Jaisalmer after traveling to the hidden places in Jodhpur.

Jaisalmer Desert Camp

Popular as the heart of Thar Desert, the Prince Sam Dunes is the starting point of the desert safari in Jaisalmer. Camping here brings a number of activities like a campfire, traditional food and drinks, stargazing, and much more to enjoy, especially, after sunset.

Camel ride

Camels, also known as the ship of the desert, bring to you a unique way of exploring the desert area. It gives you an experience similar to the roller coaster where you slip and fall in the sand for a memorable ride. Though the camels provide you a limited distance ride, they are still considered to be the prime attraction of people visiting here.

The camel ride also comes with other attractions. It includes a visit to the Kuldhara village, watching the beauty of sunrise and magical sunset, desert wildlife across the oasis. You can either have a two-day Jaisalmer tour package, which includes a night in the desert or a tour of nearly 6 hours.

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Jeep Safari

Yes, if you are looking for a long distance safari in the swift winds of the desert, the jeep safari is an ideal choice. Moving along the glittering sand, the jeeps give you an unforgettable experience filled with thrill. With open tops, the jeeps give you a chance to move towards the unexplored beauty of the sands in the Thar Desert. The jeep safari allows you to visit places like Sam Sand Dunes, Desert National Park, Padholi Sanctuary and much more.

Along with the different types of desert safari attractions, you can also enjoy other key activities. It includes quad biking and dune bashing that is available at Sam Sand Dunes, which is also a key attraction of the Sahara Desert. Also, while spending nights in the desert, enjoying a musical night with the Rajasthani folk dance and folktales comes with a mind-blowing pleasure.

Get amazing feeling camping under the stars in thar desert camp

Jaisalmer brings to you a number of attractions which can be enjoyed according to your interest. However, it is widely visited for the desert camp by the tourists. The Thar Desert gives you an opportunity to live on the land of dreams and enjoy living in tents, with a luxurious touch.

Visit the special Sam Sand Dunes

It is one of the most authentic desert dunes in Rajasthan that has plenty of activities for its travelers. You will find 30 to 60-meter high sand dunes that are amazing to watch and is also the best spot for desert safari on jeep or camels. This spot is one of the best in Rajasthan that has sand dunes spread across 2-3 km. People visiting this place mostly stay in the Jaisalmer Desert camp.

The evening is the best time to visit the Sam Sand Dunes. Here you can watch the sunset and stay there at night and watch the early morning sunrise which is an amazing sight. The best time to visit Sam Sand Dunes is from October to March and book a Rajasthan tour package for a comfortable and safe journey.

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How to reach Sam Sand Dunes from Jaisalmer Railway Station

Jaisalmer railway station is one of the most popular railway stations in Rajasthan. You can reach Jaisalmer railway station if you prefer to travel via rail. The North Western Railway controls and manages the administrative work of Jaisalmer railway station. The station is busy with trains from all parts of the country. It has three platforms with a total of five tracks. The distance between Jaisalmer railway station to Sam sand dunes is 40 Kms.

Best Places to Stay in Jaisalmer

The desert camps in Jaisalmer, are mostly situated beside the main roads near to the Sam Sand Dunes. They are around 45 minutes away from Jaisalmer where you would observe a good crowd of people traveling on camels to have the mesmerizing view of the sunset.

Apart from Sam Sand Dunes, other places that have camping facilities include Khuri and Barna villages that are located at a distance of around an hour in the southwest direction from Jaisalmer. The villages are less developed and crowded that makes it an authentic place to visit.

Some of the places that remain crowded for stargazing in Rajasthan include:

The Serai

Among the top most camp in Jaisalmer, the Serai gives a luxurious experience for camping in the deserts of Jaisalmer. The tents here come with luxurious interiors and exteriors which includes covered sitting room, en-suite bathroom, spacious bedroom, private spa, outdoor pool, lounge tents, dining tents, and much more. The Serai is a perfect place to enjoy stargazing and sunset, as you are given an open sky to enjoy dining there too.

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Damodra Desert Camp

Even though Damodra Desert Camp doesn't come with all the luxuries that the Serai provides with, it is still much popular among the stargazers. The camp comes with ten Swiss tents, that are decorated with every basic requirement. The tent and the surrounding would surely give you a traditional village experience that is surrounded by a peaceful environment. Stargazing here is enjoyed from the terrace or rooftop of the tents.

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Prince Desert Camp

Located beside the Sam Sand Dunes, the Prince Desert Camp is completely decorated with interiors that are truly amazing and luxurious bathrooms too. The tents are well managed, where the people are served with traditional and lavishing dishes. This is the best place apart from the hassles of the city where the stargazers can enjoy the activity with ease.

Are you among the stargazing lovers? Pack your bags to have a memorable experience with a budget travel plan as you move towards Jaisalmer desert. But are you wondering about what to pack for jaisalmer and what to wear in jaisalmer in december? A heavy jacket is a must as being a desert, the temperatures in night are really low.

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