8 Best Island Destinations in Thailand

Thailand is a culturally rich and diverse country in Far East Asia. It comprises mainland Thailand and more than 1400 islands in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Siam. The islands of this country are considered some of the most popular tourist spots in the world. They have beautiful beaches, great atmosphere, full party and nightlife scene. But they are also known for offering infinite opportunities of spiritual exploration, relaxation, and recreation. You can enjoy the luxury of private and less crowded beaches at the resorts of some of these islands.

Just imagine a hammock swinging between two palm trees with a gentle sea breeze flowing, and the white sand merging with the clean sea at the shore, the feeling of bliss is out of the world. But each island is quite different from the other. They are rich in their own features, and you have an infinite number to choose from. Following is a list of 8 best island destinations in Thailand, choose your island to visit with respect to the occasion and your own preference. Whether you want to enjoy some time with your loved one privately, or party till dawn, eat local foods at the shore or getting snappy.

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8 Best Island Destinations in Thailand

With that stated, let us get started with our list.

Koh Lipe

A settlement of sea wanderers, Koh Lipe is an island in the Adang-Rawi Archipelago in the Southwest of Thailand. A small island outside Tarutao National Park, you can practically walk around this whole place in an hour or two. Development of any building is prohibited by law, and tourists are warned not to take part in any activity that hurts the ecology of this beautiful place. The beaches have plenty of accommodation in the form of huts and bungalows. If you want a beach experience with your beloved, with a little extra privacy, this is the place to come.

Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta comprises of different islands off the shoreline of Krabi province, Thailand. There are multiple beaches in these islands and the best one is situated on the biggest island known as Ko Lanta Yai. This place is full of tourists all year around. It is also a great place to do some snorkeling and scuba diving. Observe the coral reefs and sea kingdom from the depths of the sea, and if you are lucky you may come across some ray fishes and even whales. There are also the odds and ends of an ancient rainforest as well as plant life. The accommodation is also ample there. You can find bungalows as well as huts to stay.

Koh Tarutao

This island is a part of 51 islands that have its place in the Tarutao National Marine Park archipelago in southwest Thailand. This island offers unspoiled and silent atmosphere to all the visitors, and they can easily relax in this environment without worrying about anything. There are multiple huts and bungalows that can be leased for your stay. You can also enjoy mountains and jungles. This island is a home to large turtles. So try to observe without disturbing them with your presence.

Koh Phangan

Located in the abyss of Thailand, between the islands of Ko Tao and Ko Samui, Ko Phangan is famous for its nightlife and composed parties. It is mostly visited by backpacking community, who want to merge themselves with natural beauty. This island is full of thick rainforests and white sand beaches. There are also beautiful Buddhist temples that we recommend you to visit.

Each year, a Full Moon Party is organized on this island. If you are flexible with the dates, we suggest you visit it in those days.


Phuket is a province in Thailand. The capital city is also named Phuket. It is spread over a large island along with several smaller islands on the west coast of Thailand. Phuket is the most visited destination after Bangkok. It features countless resorts and beaches along with hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, and accommodation for tourists. You can also visit historical museums, monuments and other significant places that are all over Phuket.

Koh Phi Phi

A small archipelago in the Krabi province in southern Thailand, this place is truly amazing. Ko Phi Phi is the biggest island, with most of the inhabitants living here. Most of the architecture is new on this island as it was severely hit by December 2004 tsunami. However, this place is a must for anyone to visit as it possesses truly natural beauty beyond anyone's imagination. There is plenty of accommodation on the island for everyone to stay, and there are always plenty of beaches to wander.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui has everything a tourist wants. It is perfect for backpackers as well as it provides luxury and private accommodation for couples who want a little privacy. With cheap huts and bungalows available, it has some of the best beaches in the world.

Koh Chang

Unlike other big sister islands of Phuket and Koh Samui, Koh Chang is a smaller island which is mostly unscathed from the tourists. This park is great for trekking and a great hub to other surrounding small islands. With passing time, its popularity is increasing and more local and foreign tourists are visiting it. Enjoy amazing cuisines of this island and make the most of your vacations.


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This post makes me think of the saying "we live in a small world after all" which I believe is the opposite. There are places I learn about every day reading others blogs. So many places I would love to visit.

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Not a place I have ever visited, but I can imagine going there :)

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You make Thailand sound so amazing. It's never been on my bucket list before but this definitely makes me want to visit now!

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Hoping to visit Thailand soon :)

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