15 Best Beaches in Europe for Honeymoon

Are you looking for a honeymoon idea in Europe? There is nothing quite like an idyllic beach for a honeymoon in some of the hottest beaches in Europe. A place to laze, take in the atmosphere and just let time pass you by, and we have put together a list of some of the best honeymoon beaches in Europe in this travel guide.

These top beach destinations in Europe are beautiful and inspiring whether your travel solo in Europe or in honeymoon, ideal for writing your memoirs or just dreamy letters home. The sun has finally started to look up here at home and we are counting the days to the holiday with heat, morning without an alarm clock and salt water in your hair.

Today we highlight destinations with breathtaking beaches that are only worth the trip in itself, on scenic islands like Madeira, Sardinia and Malta. Here you can enjoy the sunshine, comfortable temperatures and fine sandy beaches. Pack a good book, a soft towel and get ready to move to the beach. In the summer, or perhaps even now?

Europe is one of the most favorite places to travel for many people in the world. London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Barcelona, Vienna - all these places are dreams for millions of tourists. Of course, undoubtedly you know that there are many other popular, less popular and almost unknown places in Europe. But are you sure you know how big is Europe and how many more interesting places exist somewhere on its surface?

You will be surprised, unless you are good in geography, or live in some of those places. So, let’s make a journey to the off the beaten path boundaries of Europe, the so-called Old Continent.

For now, though do not worry about that, read our travel blog and just start picturing yourself on these good beach destinations in Europe.

1. Isola Bella, Italy

Take a walk at sunset through the Isola Bella Nature Reserve and see how the sun hides behind the calm waters. The best time to travel to Sicily is in spring.

2. Marina di Alberese, Italy

Marina di Alberese is in the heart of the Maremma National Park. The beach has next to no services (there are a few chemical toilets here and there and, in Summer, a few food trucks on the main road to the beach). It is never too crowded (although in Summer on Saturdays and Sundays it can be pretty packed) because the access is limited. From the village you can get to the beach by car buying a ticket in advance, by bus (the shuttle runs hourly from the village to the beach) or by bike (you can rent in the village, and it takes around 40 minutes to get to the beach). Behind the beach there is a 3 km (around 2 miles) wide maritime pine wood with a ton of natural life. This is separated from the beach proper by a sand dune with a unique natural environment. The park also allows great horseback daytrips. In the area there are a ton of farmstays where you can rent a bedroom or a whole small apartment for a week or for how long you wish to stay. The water and the sand aren’t superclean, but mainly they are dotted with natural waste: pieces of fallen trees from the woods, or seaweed.

3. Camogli, Italy

The beaches in Liguria are a bit on the narrow side and often covered with pebbles, not sand, but this narrow region compressed between the sea and the mountains have some of the most fascinating coastal areas of Italy. Camogli and the nearby towns have brightly colored houses that allowed the fishermen to identify their home even from afar. Being right in front of the town, the beach do not need to have extravagant services: at any moment you can pop into the town for a meal, a drink , or just some rest.

4. Madeira, Portugal

Madeira was named the world's best island, also called Atlantic Botanical Garden. Visit Porto Moniz, known for its natural sea swimming pools and the island's lava beaches, such as Seixal.

5. Es Trenc, Spain

Head towards Es Trenc beach. Find a spot to relax and immerse under the sunny weather. Indeed Mediterranean weather is quite friendly for those seeking a balmy holiday in Spain. The average temperature fluctuates around 20 to 25 Degrees. With nearly 300 days of sunshine, there is indeed plenty of warmth to soak up.

6. Meia Praia, Portugal

Meia Praia is one of the best known beaches in Lagos, in the Algarve. There is also a network of walkways (dune cordon) in the dunes, which allow for walks very close to the sea. If you don't feel like lying on the towel, you can always walk along the water. It has beach bars and restaurants, and dealers to rent sunbeds and umbrellas, activities such as volleyball, beach football, kitesurfing and windsurfing.

7. Zrce Beach, Croatia

The Sonus takes place on the well-known beach of Zrce, which in the last decade has become one of the most famous beaches and visited by tourism in the Mediterranean. During the days of Sonus this beach becomes an incredible setting for fun.

8. Stintino, Italy

The beaches of Stintino, often called the Italian Maldives, are about 50 minutes north of Alghero. Feel the charm in one of the largest Italian islands in the Mediterranean.

9. Mondello Beach, Italy

The beach of soft pale sand and turquoise sea is located close to Palermo. A beach is an ideal place for a family gateway. The place is full of tourists and locals during the summer season; however, a significant portion of the beach is a privately owned one, but some are also available for the public. The place helps you to witness white sands backed by lush green vegetation.

The proximity to the center of Palermo makes Mondello Beach a very popular and easy to navigate beach destination. They have plenty of facilities when it comes to restaurants and shops, but there are also stretches of the beach that anyone looking to escape the crowds can appreciate. The water is amazingly clear and blue, and during the summer months it is almost like swimming in bathwater. It’s hard to find a beach in Sicily that won’t impress most visitors.

10. Barceloneta Beach, Spain

Barcelona also has a central beach, Barceloneta - you can take the metro there at any point during the day. Without leaving the city, you can also sunbathe in La Barceloneta and from there, jump on board a cable car that will take you to the top of Montjuïc. Easily one of the most popular beaches in Barcelona for tourists and locals alike, Barceloneta Beach attracts a loyal fan base with its soft sand, warm water, and fresh fish dishes.

Visit the beach to while away a relaxing day under the gentle sun, the Mediterranean lapping at your sun-dappled toes. Not just for sunbathers, the beach offers facilities for games like volleyball and table tennis to test your athletic prowess, if swimming out to sea isn't enough.

11. Playa de La Malagueta, Spain

Sand sculptures are one of the best past times on the beach, don't you agree? What if I say that grilled fish on skewers is perfect for your cravings at the beach? Like the rest of beachy vibes of Costa Del Sol, this beach is a great fun spot for all group ages alike. Malagueta is a prime choice for all travellers for its easy viability and obviously, the climate is suitable for all.

12. Perivolos, Greece

Names such as Perivolos, Red Beach, Pori with its harbor and colorful houses are names that should not be forgotten. The center square of Fira and the beaches of Kamari, Perivolos and Perissa are the liveliest and most fashionable places.

13. Navagio Beach, Greece

Navagio Beach is probably one of the most famous best beaches in Europe to honeymoon and most photographed beach in Greece. It is certainly one of the country's most picturesque. Surrounded by spectacular limestone cliffs in total seclusion, Navagio beach is only reachable by boat. This adds to the mystique, as do its alternative names of Shipwreck Cove and Smugglers Cove.

It is a must-visit European beach honeymoon destination if you are in Zakynthos or close by. The best views are from above, but the best place to relax is on the beautiful white sand and in the crystal-clear waters. The best time to go to Greece is June to September. It has got its nickname as Shipwreck Beach as a ship ran aground here in the 1980s. The remains are still lying on the sands. It was originally known as Agios Georgios.

Navagio is a secluded cove located on the northwest shore of Zakynthos Island and is regarded as the most spectacular beach in Greece. It is also one of the most photographed sites and is featured regularly in travel magazines. In 2018, this was named as the world’s best beach in a poll by over 1,000 professionals and travel journalists.

The beach is surrounded by turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea and steep cliffs. The beach is only accessible by boat.

14. Balos Beach, Greece

Do not forget to visit the Balos beach, considered the most beautiful beach in Greece, or the Samariá Gorge, the largest in Europe. Balos is known for its turquoise water. The grand view from the shoreline is the thing that tourists desire for. The area of Balos tidal pond is between the little Cape Tigani and the Cape Gramvousa. Balos shoreline is a blend of white and blue turquoise water and gleaming white sand.

The shoreline offers pink sand beaches formed because of shells. The magnificence of the shoreline can be enjoyed as the ocean is shallow with warm waters. It has a length of 16 kilometers and an altitude of 1200 meters and can be visited from mid-April to the end of October. It will delight lovers of nature and hiking. The island is well known to most people, but nevertheless renewed constantly. The food still tastes authentic Greek, due to booming of several family hotels.

15. Cap Ferrat, France

Located a few kilometers from Nice, Cannes, Monaco or Italy, the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat peninsula is an oasis in the heart of the French Riviera and has more than 300 days of sunshine per year. Located in the heart of the town, Cros Dei Pin is one of the largest beaches on the peninsula. Very easy access, which is next to the yacht club and has a playground and a beach volleyball court.

Pointe Saint-Hospice is undoubtedly the most pristine beach on the peninsula.

Visit any or all of these best beaches in Europe for the best European honeymoon and they will imprint themselves on your memory for a lifetime!
Kalyan Panja