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Are you first time in Spain or looking for some travel tips for traveling in Spain? Summer is the best time to travel Spain. Plan a trip to Spain as among the best places to travel in Europe, Spain is a country with many facets and multiple faces, consisting of many peculiarities and characteristics, with different identities.

Its coastline consists of sandy beaches. It has a Mediterranean climate that is pleasant throughout the year. It has a warm and welcoming population. Spain has a gastronomy to the taste of the sun. It has contrast between rest and fiesta of the Balearic Islands, and it has lunar landscapes of the Canary Islands.

Is anything ever perfect in this world?

No, never.

If someone believes in the fact that everything is perfect than they are just fooling themselves into oblivion.

Growing up in a perfect home has its merits. You get the best of all, undoubtedly you are spoon fed but then what if you run out of it? Nothing ever lasts. Such is life.

Each thing has its merit and demerit. Nothing can be ever so superficial and yet so serene even when going on holidays. They can turn into a disaster themselves if not planned on properly or if your expectations aren't met.

High expectations lead to high disappointments so before your dreams turn into nightmares get to know about a place before actually visiting it. Each information researched is worth the while.

When it comes to travelling to other destinations you need to keep an open mind with respect to different factors so that high-end dreams never end.

Most people are attracted to European countries, and they have a strong opinion about it too. And why shouldn't they? It's a classic case of retro and holidays infused together. Spain is such an example, right?

Nothing beats the beauty of its iconic beach fronts and the city squares filled with authentic art style designs and performers making their moves know in the late night streets. It's pretty much an interesting way of getting into a holiday destination. Spain as a destination is a world-class holiday spot for all the sun lovers with just the right amount of heat and cosmic weather playing along with each other.

Spain holidays have always been an exciting part for tourists. People love to come here for food and views and what not but they are bound to have a bad experience as well. Many will argue with the facts but hey to each its own right?

Located in the Iberian Peninsula, Spain consists of 17 autonomous regions with diverse cultures, geography, and traditions. It's pretty, considering the view for the travellers and explorers alike who are interested in getting to know the country in a more peculiar way. Let's look into some major pros and cons of visiting Spain.

Crushing into Pros and Cons

Well, Spain is all wonderful and glorious with its best scenic views of beaches and natural perks but moving aside it has some of its not so popular moments as well.

summer holidays in Spain

Let's Talk About Food

Pros: without a doubt, Spain is known for its seasonal array of meals assorted with fruits and vegetables having a great taste. Seafood is popular among travellers. And don't forget the yummilicious cheeses that are more of a Spanish traditional wheel of the eatery.

For each meal, prices are decent enough and there is lots of food to go around with. You can easily go to the supermarket and buy your own fresh groceries and have a meal the way you want it. Cooking a meal with your own flavours can be mouthwatering in a foreign country and it’s a healthy way of travelling too.

Cons: Although the food of every country is enjoyable once you are tasting it for the first time but thrice a meal and you are done with it. It's not easy to get accustomed to the new flavours that easily and you are bound to find it more unappealing the more days pass by. Not all international products are available and you may find it inconvenient in the middle of your visit to Spain.

While some cafes or eateries are just the right prices many would seem to be unreasonably overpriced. How is it possible to taste a simple Spanish omelet for twice the price when you can preferably make it on your own?

summer holidays in Spain

Next, in Line are the Beaches

Pros: Spain is popular for its nudist beaches and over the year's private beach spots had gained popularity. Tourists all over the world enjoy the sunny set of palm induces beaches at Costa Del Sol, Majorca, Fuerteventura, and several other places.

Some beaches are even hidden and hard to find making it more fun and thrilling for the tourists to seek the ways for the cool vibrant underwater reservoir as well. Bars and restaurants are available and you can get yourself a cool drink to enjoy.

Cons: Beach sides are fun but unfortunately overcrowded as well. Summer holidays are prime time for the tourists to come visit Spain and beach is the prime spot that easily filled up. If in need of peaceful shorelines than visiting summer holidays in Spain can cost, you the so-called peace you came for.

You will get bumped into, crazy kids shouting and parents yelling and each of the good spots are easily covered by others so that you can't even find a place to lie down on the cozy sand. That much crowd on the beach is bound to get polluted easily. Trash is everywhere in after hours and it's not such a pretty sight either.

And About the Weather

Pros: Sunshine is heaven isn't it? How many of you actually look forward to the sunny side of Spain? every European does. Even in October, the weather changes. there you have to switch from shorts and tank tops to a full jacket and pants and no one would be the wiser here. Each month is blessed with a different seasonal change and it can be quite appealing too.

Cons: Doesn't sound anything amiss? Well, Spain holidays in summer are supposed to be fun and equally amazing but it's too hot!!! You can be sweating as hard and could easily get skin burned instead of getting a good ol' golden tan on your body you will get skin toned for worse.

Besides staying during the summer holidays is no fun without the air conditioner working at your head properly. And that tends to be quite expensive for some who have a limited budget as the five-star hotels and resorts have the best cooling aids. The low budget hotels often face with failure of their cooling systems.

Doesn't sound much of a holiday when you are all hot and bothered right? But giving a heads up of just a few basic factors was to let you realize that wherever you travel, it comes with all its perils and rewards.

Make your choices in the right direction and keep an open mind, then you are good to go on a vacay in Spain!
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  1. I haven't been to Spain, but I would love to go. Hopefully I can make it this year x


  2. This is a kind reminder that I need to get back to Spain as soon as humanly possible!

  3. I love that you listed both the pros and cons of Spain. For me, everything would be a pro because I've never been there before. LOL!

  4. Great information to take into account before visiting Spain. Interesting that the holidays are supposed to be fun but the weather is too hot.

  5. Spain is one of my dream place to visit someday I will keep this mind!

  6. Wow, Spain looks like such an amazing place for a getaway! I'd love to visit there myself one day, so that I could experience this all first-hand.

  7. My goodness Spain sounds beautiful. I think I would love to be able to travel there sometime.

  8. Spain continues to stay high on my bucket list. These photos are breathtaking! I can't wait to visit here!

  9. Spain is definitely on my bucket list. But summer in Spain just sounds incredible. Between the food and vistas it would all just be awesome.

  10. Spain is really on my travel list, and after reading the blog, you have increased my temptation a lot.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience.

  11. Wow, I would love to visit this place for the holiday. Gives me fun and exciting vibes! Lavern Moore

  12. I love the costa del sol coast but I prefer it in December when it is a little bit less crowded and not so hot. I'm not a fan of the heat!

  13. Thanks for sharing the cons ...those would make anyone visiting Spain to actually prepare well for the same. Anyway, Spain still remains on my bucket list. I wanna visit those beaches and enjoy the food!

  14. I used to live in Spain. We would drive to the countryside mountains, a hill full of white little houses, cobble stones and beautiful people.


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