4 Best Beaches in Costa Del Sol, Spain

Costa del Sol is the tropical coast where lies the small seaside resort of Nerja. The old fishing village is a picturesque sight of small white houses, narrow streets and cozy atmosphere. Rent a car and visit nearby villages and one of Europe's longest cave system. This is one of the world's most famous sunny coastlines. Here on the Costa del Sol sun coast you will find legendary tourist destinations such as Fuengirola, Marbella, Torremolinos and Malaga.

Did you ever wonder how many beaches are there in the world? Com'on let's think about it for a while. Philippines has more than 7000 beaches! Yeah, now you can let your imagination run wild about the uncountable beach shores. We always want to travel to a beach side because it's the second love our life if not being the first one but it's never too late to choose among the wish list of beaches around the world.

You have unlimited choices for 365 days a year and all you need is to choose where your heart and cash can lead you. These beach talks remind me of some good times spent in Spain and the beautiful seashores that it's famous for. With its diversity in its land forms besides the vast cultural heritage, Spain is a must visit for once in a lifetime.

Why spend all your weekends or holidays on a cozy couch when you can Netflix your way into a beach and enjoy a series of golden sands? Pretty amazing right? Try some of it and you will love every second of it.

Watch more sunsets than Netflix this year.
Or do both!

Simply known as Coast of the Sun, Costa Del Sol region in the south of Spain in Andalusia offers a vastness of the sunny beaches and one of the most exclusive holidays getaways you can ever wish for. The coasts are warm all year round, closer to Gibraltar, this place attracts tourists from all over the world and why not visit it for its genuine attractiveness and hang out with the crowds and feel blissful in the glory of Spanish sun?

Costa del Sol is one of the most visited destinations in Spain for honeymoon. The Mediterranean coastline runs from La Linea de la Concepcion (Gibraltar) to the municipality of Nerja on the border of the province of Malaga with the province of Granada. It is a display of cities and urbanizations with picturesque villages and historic centers through 185 kilometers that alternate beaches of varied shapes, sizes and styles.

Costa del Sol has plenty of more than desirable destinations for exceptional holidays. One of them, without a doubt, is Fuengirola with more than eight kilometers of beach and a historical center full of life any day of the year. Another attraction of its beaches is the proximity they have with other places of interest such as the Sohail Castle.

Go ahead and cross the Puente de la Armada Española and access the maritime promenade, the largest in Spain. To rest from the bustle of the city, we recommend visiting the Parque de España or even the Bioparc of Fuengirola. And as for gastronomy, the espetos and fried pescaito cannot be missed. For desserts, try the Fuengirola cakes, made with flour, cinnamon, butter, sugar and orange.

The unbeatable formula that equally appeals to tourists of different nationalities especially from France, Germany, England and Nordic countries is the combination of excellent weather (sun almost 300 days a year), with beaches and mountain scenery next to a huge offer of services in an urban spot that practically extends without interruptions throughout those 185 kilometers.

You don't want to miss it out if you get the chance. Here are the best beaches in Costa Del Sol.

best beaches in costa del sol Spain

1. Burriana Beach

Costa Del Sol is not only one coastline but consisting of a number of beaches. The most famous one among tourists is Burriana Beach in Nerja with its golden sand and the little restaurants and beach bars.

Favourable Climate

For all Europeans, milder climates are of priority when deciding for a holiday. The difference in climate ranges can enhance your experience in travelling to other countries. Sunny dimes, getting a good tan and cool waters are code words for your beach holiday in Spain.

If there's a heaven for me, it's attached to a beach!

Favourite Interests

Sea kayaking. If you are a sea lover and a sports lover this experience is on top of your list too. kayaking can be of extreme difficulty or it can be a medium level of difficulty but the most important is that it's all fun! Besides satisfying your wild cravings for a crazy day at beachside your hunger will be at its peak and you can enjoy delicious mouthwatering seafood afterward and fill up your bellies.

2. Playa Malapesquera

It's not only the sunny side of beaches you need to enjoy a little bit extra tan body? Hmm, not so sure about that are we? Well, stay in the coolness of palm trees at Playa Malapesquera in Benalmadena. The large green fields are definitely a win-win for a travel enthusiast who wants all things combined together in a one-holiday getaway.

This place is great for volleyball fun and other water sports too. If you are looking for a cheap holiday in Spain you will enjoy a short weekend here undoubtedly.

4. Maro beach

Again we come back to the ultimate water fun this season. Doesn't matter if it's summer or winter the cool water is perfect for the kayaking season this year and years to come forward. Maro beach will make you lose yourself in the snorkeling experience. Underwater diving couldn’t be more fun in tranquil water and fishing fun is just around the corner.

Gray is Not Spooky: You might think gray areas are meant to hide things away from the public eye. But let me tell you that’s not the case here.

You can find me where the music meets the ocean

5. Playa El Cañuelo beach

This beach in Torremolinos just have the right amount of populated beach for a quiet fun time at the beach. Sand is not as golden as the rest of the beaches comparatively but the view makes up for the lack of vibrancy in colors. Quieter than other beaches it relatively is a peaceful beach and welcomes to your travelling senses. Honeymooners this is your beach choice for the year!

Besides the beach fun, there's a whole other side to Costa Del Sol, that if you miss might be considered a crime in my dictionary. Aqua theme parks, bicycling, running tracks, beach bars, dolphin watching and petting and so much more is there that impossibly attracts you to come to visit the beautiful Costas. The towns and cobbled streets are a straight giveaway too for a summer packed fun holiday in Spain.

Food is just to die for! Travelling to Spain counts the gastronomical experience a whole another journey that is enjoyed by many and have no doubt, you will love every minute. You can make a bad choice too but that just adds to your ledger of experience of your holidays in Spain.

And no doubt beauty is in the eye of the wanderer itself. So see it all for yourself.
Kalyan Panja